May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

upon a time, there was a girl named Winnie. She had green eyes and long, dark golden hair. She lived with her mother and brother, who were both very loving and protective. They were a very close family. Where Winnie lived, everyone had the power to control one of the four elements: Air, water, earth, and fire. Winnie’s element was earth, though she was not very good at it.

Winnie had two best friends, named Mason and Lenny. Lenny was her nickname, because she hated her full name of Lenobia. Lenny’s element was fire, which matched her bright red hair and fiery personality. She had brown eyes, and never took things seriously. She was sarcastic and tough, but she was very loyal and loving at heart. Mason had blue eyes and soft, brown hair. His element was water, and he was very caring and warm. Winnie and Mason loved each other very much, but neither of them knew about the others’ feelings. But Lenny did, she saw it every day.

Winnie would never forget the day they met. Lenny and Mason had already been friends. Winnie was walking home from school, desperately trying to make a flower grow. For some reason, she was not as strong in her element as she should have been. All of a sudden, a couple of kids that had been bullying Winnie for years, Rowan and Jade, ran up and knocked her over. They called her a freak, and said she would never be able to control her element, and that she didn’t belong in this world. Just then Lenny and Mason came over, helped her up, and chased away the bullies. They had instantly become friends.

Eleven years had passed, they were all eighteen, and still best friends. Winnie still hadn’t gotten the hang of her element yet, but Jade and Rowan had moved away, leaving no one to torment Winnie. And, much to Winnie’s delight, Mason had been spending a lot of time with her, helping her learn more about control. Things were good, except for the fact that Lenny was always trying new ways to get the other two together. She never succeeded.

One day, when the three were hanging out underneath a big willow tree goofing off, they got some troubling news. Jade was back in town. Winnie was a little worried, but her friends assured her it would be okay. She trusted them.

A few minutes later, they saw smoke billowing out of the trees about a mile away, right where Winnie’s house should be. They immediately started running towards it. When they got there, what they found was horrifying. Winnie’s brother was passed out in the yard, with a huge cut on his forehead. And then, someone walked out of the burning house, perfect and not a scratch or burn anywhere. It was Jade.

“I told you there was no room for freaks in this world!” She yelled.

The second she heard the screaming that could only be her mother inside, Winnie rushed inside, completely ignoring her named being screamed by Mason. She looked around, but her mother was nowhere to be seen. Then she remembered that her mother usually took naps around that time of day, and rushed to her room. As she passed a window, she saw Lenny trying to control the fire, Mason trying to put it out with water, and Jade laughing. Winnie was so angry. She reached her mother’s room, grabbed her, and dragged her outside to lay next to her brother. Thankfully, they were both still alive.

But soon, Lenny thought to herself, Jade would not be. Winnie screamed in rage, and started running towards Jade. She knocked her to the ground, raised her hands, but it was not her fists that hit Jade’s face. It was tree branches. Winnie was growing entire trees around them, and making the branches attack Jade. All with her element.

In the end, it was only Mason that could get through to Winnie. He pulled her off Jade, who was pretty severely beat up, and put his hands on each side of her face. He locked eyes with her and stared until she calmed down. He told her he loved her, and then they all, with Winnie’s now conscious family, walked away from Jade and the burning house, never looking back.

The End.

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