A Dark and Stormy Night

February 5, 2008
By Ryan Andrada, Visalia, CA

I was sitting in my room when I picked up my wine glass and took a big gulp. I had lost track of time. I had started drinking around 7 P.M. but now I figured that it had to be well past midnight. It was a dark and stormy night in the middle of April which was very peculiar because we hadn’t had a night like this since January. Then all of a sudden I heard a sharp screeching noise from the forest out of my window. I looked out of the window to maybe catch a glimpse of what made the eerie noise but I had no luck. I took another sip of my wine and then realized that I had no more left. I would have to go outside and into the cellar where I stored my wine. I proceeded to go outside through the front door but when I was about to touch the cellar door I heard another sharp noise come from the forest which was located about a good ten feet in front of me. I panicked I grabbed the cellar door and thrusted it open. I quickly closed the doors behind me and took a deep breath. Inside the cellar the air was musty and there was hardly any light at all. The only light that light up the room was a very small light that was located in the very center of the room. When I reached the wine shelf I grabbed a bag and began stuffing bottles of wine into the bag. I had put thirteen bottles and was on my out of the grimy old cellar. When I climbed out I took one look at the forest in front of me and took off running full speed back into my house. I then went into my house and stored the bottles that I had collected into my pantry. After putting eleven bottles in I, realized that I must have dropped two on my way inside because the bag was empty. I was about to open the black bottle of wine when I was interrupted by several high pitched screams. I took a look out my window and saw one of the bottles of wine by the cellar but I could not see the other bottle. I opened my front door and went outside. I quickly picked up my first bottle and then proceeded to look for the second one. I then spotted it right on the outside of the forest. Without thinking, I walked over to it picked it up and then looked up into the forest. Right then I saw two pairs of gleaming eyes staring at me. I quickly dropped the wine and ran inside my house. I locked the door and took off running upstairs. On my way up there I kept hitting walls and running into doors, that is how I knew that I was drunk. I locked myself into the bathroom and waited. I heard the two intruders knock over the front door and enter my house. I could hear them thrashing about downstairs opening doors and knocking over things. Then it got silent, I thought maybe they had fled, but no they hadn’t. I then heard their footsteps coming up the stairs. They were opening doors and then when they got to my door they stopped. I heard them whispering. Then the door knob moved, they were trying to get inside. They knew that I was in the room; they began to knock over the door again. About five minutes later they had succeeded in knocking over the door. I then faced two villains both armed with knives (one was bloody) and all that I remembered was that I blacked out. Now that I’m in heaven, when I look back on the crime I now realize all the things that they could have done to me. I knew that I was lucky that I didn’t have to feel the pain.

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