Demon Cat Goes Night-Night

April 10, 2012
By Logan_Elizabeth28 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
Logan_Elizabeth28 BRONZE, Willard, Ohio
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Hiya! I’m Gohana, kind of a weird name huh? Well, my dad is the greatest dad in the world. I have known my dad since I was 6. How I met my dad was I was going to town with my mom when this man with blonde, curly hair walked by me oddly. My mom asked if I saw the man that walked by, I simply said “Yes mom”. She looked at me and smiled. I ask her why she asked me that question, she said that man was my father. Then I saw the man turn back around and reach out to hug me. Just a year ago, I found out my dad was a mythical god from Ancient Greece. His name is Apollo, the god of music, poetry, oracles, plague, sun, medicine, light, and knowledge. If I had a description like that, mine would be “Gohana, Demi-God of not keeping her mouth closed for more than 2 minutes”

My dad is the smart and musical type, which is one thing that runs in the family. The day I found out my dad was a god, he gave me gifts that would help me for the rest of my life. To enhance my musical side, my dad gave me a flute in which he called “Muter”. Muter had magical powers, which is why dad designed it to look like a pen in order to keep it out of hands from evil. To improve my knowledge, my dad gave an encyclopedia named “Wordie”. My dad and I live in Willard, Ohio, the City of Blossoms. My dad proved to be right about one thing, I would have to use my gifts one day and that day was a week ago. The following is the story on how I had to use these powers. The story begins like this.

The date was October 3rd, 2011, I had just got out of school, the time was 2:30 pm. Some of you may ask, aren’t gods supposed to live on Mount Olympus? You, my dear friend would be correct. Mount Olympus was at first on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Well, some nimrod decided to travel up to the 600th floor and, lets just say he is now a stone statue in Central Park. Now, thanks to him, Mount Olympus is located in the Middle School teachers lounge, Zeus is even my Principal…..Yippee. Since I lived with my mom, I walked home everyday. As a weekly routine, if we needed anything for the house, I would walk to Missler’s IGA to get what we needed. Some days I would walk to the Woodbine park and hang out with my dad. We would talk about school, sports, and other life situation. When he leaves, I would sit on the park bench and just soak up the sun, which was all I did that day. Now this is where my gifts come into play.

I was sitting on the bench, when I heard some type of “meow“. I looked all around me, and that’s when I saw a black cat. I picked up the cat and said “Awe, aren’t you the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” As I began petting him , he started to meow again and that’s when I looked down at him. To my surprise, the cats eyes were bigger than watermelons! I pushed him off my lap and jumped to my feet. Once I got to my feet, the cat got on his hind legs and pulled out a small knife. He gave me a look as if I was something delicious to eat. The cat then stated “Lord Hades is mad at you, you Half-Blood.”. Now that we know he works for Hades, we will call him demon cat. I asked him why he said what he said, He answers back with “Hades said you took his Helm of Darkness, his almighty weapon of choice, where is it, I’m here to retrieve it…” The demon cat added to his statement “If I do not see my master’s Helm in my hands in one minute, you will be sent to the master’s relm and be sentenced to death”

I gave him a look as if he was a crazy. The demon cat then declared a battle. I reached down into my backpack to retrieve my first weapon of choice, “Wordie“. “Ha! You think that pitiful book is going to work against me, you are terribly wrong.” I opened “Wordie” up and started saying words I could barley remember at the moment. I noticed none of those words were working on the demon cat. He started laughing out of control, then jumped on my head and started clawing my face, that dang cat left marks on my face that are still visible today. As soon as I got a good grip on the cats sides, I pulled him off my face and threw him like a football. That bought me some time to think of another plan that might save my butt. Then, in the back of my mind, I hear a “ding!” I reached down into my pocket and pulled out my “pen”. Demon cat looks at me and laughs, “That things not going to work either! It’s just a stupid pen.” Oh, was he wrong.

As soon as I pulled “Muter” out of my pocket, the demon cat’s eyes looked like they popped right out of his head. I put “Muter” up to my mouth and prayed to the gods that this would work. I then started to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. When I stopped playing, I looked down to see that the violent demon cat, had fallen asleep to the sound of my lovely weapon, “Muter“. As I started to walk away, I heard “You think you can get off that easy, Half-Blood?” I turned back around, walked towards the cat and pulled out “Wordie“. “What do you think that is going to do to me? It didn’t work the first time around, why do you think it will work this time?” He says. I placed “Wordie” over top of my head, and said “Tell your master, that I have no idea what he’s talking about, but he should check with Ares.” Before he could say anything else, I hit him in the head with “Wordie“ and then placed him back into my backpack. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked to my house. Now, my dear friend, you decide if my gifts came to good use and helped me in a time a need. I think they did.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a project for when teacher made us read "Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thieft" She told us if we had a Greek God or Goddess as a parent, Who would you choose. She made us write it into a story, to make it amusing. I Got a perfect score on this. Lol Bazinga!!

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on Apr. 15 2012 at 4:38 pm
_ella_herondale BRONZE, San Diego, California
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This was good. I liked how it was similar but not too similar to the Percy Jackson series. Good Job

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