January 18, 2008
By brian Rohrbaugh, Palm Desert, CA

I am so tired this plane ride is taking so long. I just found out that I am going to Germany instead of France. They said that they need about 30,000 more people in Germany to fight in the army. I am really scared on this plane. They gave everybody a newspaper and on the front page it says how many people have died since the war started. The last time I was on a plane was when we were heading out to Ship Island to teach dogs to find and attack the Japanese and the Germans. Chik and Cobra are sitting next to me they are both sleeping. Major Parish said that some of the dogs that we have been training are going to be at the air base that we are landing at. I kind of hope that Kooch will be there. I really never got to say good-bye.
As we got closer to Germany we had P-51 Mustangs fly with us as an escort. That really made me nervous and a little frightened. Chik said those planes are for no reason but I think it is for protection. I have been hearing about planes getting shot down from German troops.

Once the plane was one the ground everyone got out and listened for their name to be called. As my name was being called another plane landed, a much smaller one? Once everyone was at their post everyone left accept my group. We were told that we had a special job. Once the smaller plane came to a stop they took out a crate. It was filled with dogs. I knew then that we were going to do something with the dogs. First, because most of the people in my group were from Ship Island and the other reason was the other people were from dog training places around the world.

When they were taking the dogs out I saw a German Sheppard it looked a lot like Kooch. When the people were telling us our jobs we also got assigned dogs. My dog was the German Sheppard. I asked the major what his name was he said Kooch. I was really happy that I could work with Kooch again and that Chik and Cobra got to work with him. We had dogs to help us catch the Germans and help us find their weapon supplies. After getting our objectives we got to spend some time with our dogs.

“Hey Eddy get your group and get in that truck over there.” As we were on the tuck almost everyone got a letter from home I got one it said: Dear, Eddy
Everything here at home is good, life is getting back to normal your dad can now sell boats to Japanese people. He just sold a boat for 10,000 dollars he is so happy. He said that once you get home we are going to spend a family vacation in some town called Palm Spring it is California. I can’t wait to see you. The whole family misses you.


Boom what was that? “ We are under attack.” I jumped out of my seat grabbed Kooch and my gun. As I looked at the truck it was in pieces. At first I thought I was the only person who survived, but then I heard voices and saw my whole team except Cobra. At that moment, I thought he was dead but then I saw him in a tree hiding. Then we heard something coming towards us. I looked and saw a German tank then another one. It was a German convoy. Boom Boom the tanks were firing at us. All of the shells were missing but then one hit really close to us and Kooch got hit and died. Major Parish told us to get in position and start firing at the Germans.

As the Germans were getting closer I loaded my gun the first shot I took hit a from a German solider. Chik released his dog when one German solider came from behind his dog and started to run towards the German. The German solider was aiming at the dog but the Chik shot him.

Out of no where a German plane flew by and dropped a bomb it missed. Then we heard a lot of planes. I got really scared but as they flew by I noticed that they were P-51 Mustangs I was so happy they started to drop a lot of bombs. As I looked at the tanks I noticed all of them were on fire. I screamed with joy.

After it was all over I went over to Kooch’s body and put a flower on him that I found on the grassy area. Then Major Parish came over to us and said that we are going home. I was really happy. I can’t wait to come home and see my family and go to Palm Springs.

As we were boarding the plane to leave Germany the P-51’s were grouping up to escort us out of German airspace. That got me scared I really don’t get why we need so much protection form the Germans. I was told that this plane is going to stop in New York, then Texas, and then Honolulu.

As we were about to land Chik and Cobra came over to me and gave me a picture of Kooch. I thanked them and told them it meant a lot to me that they would do that.

Once I got out of the plane my whole family was there. I was so happy to see them again. As we were driving to our house I saw a German Sheppard. I started to cry and my mom asked why I was crying and I said I am crying because I worked with a German Sheppard while I was fighting over in Germany and he died. “Well we got a surprise for you.” My mom said when we got home. It was a baby German Sheppard I was so happy to own a dog that reminded me of Kooch. I named my dog Koochy to honor Kooch.

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