Lincoln Heights High

January 12, 2008
By Lauren Combs, East Marion, NY

Chapter one:

"Marlee.... Marlee O' Keefe report to the the Principal's office." A cool female voice announced over the loudspeakers.

So here I am. Sitting in the tweed brown metal chair. The material scratching my bare legs. Because for the record, I'm wearing a micro-miniskirt and for the record I thought somebody had noticed this and possibly I had violated the dress code.

"Marlee, nice to see you." Principal Hoffman says. Nice to see you. Where was the old Hoffman? Usually, he just stalked the hallways scowling and looking for new meat to capture for violating some school rule. I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat.

My parents stared back at me. My dad(his usual fidgety self) broke the silence. "Um.... Principle Hoffman would like to tell you some good news." Okay, so it's not bad news like Hoffman blaming me for anything.

"Oh, please, call me Rusty." Rusty gushes. "We have a foreign exchange program. Every year, we pick the best honor roll student throw them in a hat and randomly choose. Congratulations, Marlee, not only are your grades outstanding,but you were chosen. The whole program is like this. A student from Lincoln Heights comes to our school for six weeks and you go to their school for six weeks. It's about making connections, learning what it's like to be taught there. What do you say, Mrs. O' Keefe?'

"Okay." I say my usual awkward self in front of strange oldie principals.
"You'll do it?" Rusty's eyes light up like gold.

"Sure." I say .

Despite eveything dull in my life, this piece of info is exciting. "Allright I'll call Principal Gladys Mackintosh right away." Rusty grins showing off jagged yellow teeth. I do my best not to cringe. I'm sorry but moldy teeth are not attractive, or acceptable.
"Marlee, you're excused from classes the rest of the day." Rusty adds while quickly searching the directory for Lincoln Heights's number.

I smile fakely. I have no idea what I am going to do for the remainder of seven hours.

"Marlee, I'm so proud of you." Mom whispers while Rusty chats on the phone.

"Thanks." I take a look at this school. The walls are ancient, paint is peeling everywhere. The cafeteria food tastes like mildew. Art class has old crusty paint that dried out back in the 80's. All of the faculty and staff are extremely bland. It will be good to get out of this musty school district.

"Everything is arranged." Rusty chirps hanging up the phone. "Tommorow morning, a bus will arrive at your address, and transport you to Lincoln Heights."

I nod politely. "You may go now." Rusty says. I sling my silver Jansport backpack over my shoulder and exit the office. My parents wave bye and tell me more praising comments. Great, just what I need.

I head upstairs to my fire-engine red locker. Paint is chipping. I can see the plain metal, underneath. I twist the combination, store unwanted textbooks inside, and suddenly am face to face with my best friend, Serina Gobster.

"Hey, I can't believe you are doing that awesome transfer student thing." Serina smiles.

"Yeah, I'm pretty psyched. I'd do anything to get away from this dreadful school." I roll my eyes.

Serina laughs. "Well, tell me how it is. I hope the new kid is a boy." (Of course, my friend is boy obsessed.)

"Uh-huh. Well I'm going downstairs." I start down the hall. Serina says bye and heads to English.

Relief floods through me. The cafeteria is still open. I walk through, grab a water,and escape to an abandoned lunch bench. Students like me get special privledges. For example, getting items off the menu for free. Being allowed to skip certain classes. Going outside.

"Hello." Mrs. Gondolia, the plump spanish teacher slides down next to me.

"I've heard about that wonderful program you're participating in." Mrs. Gondolia says.

"Yes, apparently everybody knows."
I sigh.

"It's a good thing though. I used to do something like that back at my highschool in Mexico. I was your age." She sips her coffee.

Soon, I get up. There's not much to enjoy right now. I can't hang out with my close friends , they're all in classes. At 2:45 p.m, my parents arrive in the SUV, drive me home, insisting I eat dinner, take a shower, then get an early start on bed. Which I do.

Chapter Two:

The bus comes at 6:30 a.m in the morning. It's no ordinary bus just to say. It's sleek and red, long and rectangular. Entitled across below the wide bus windows read: Lincoln Heights High. I could hardly wait to begin my journey. The seats are abandoned, I choose the back. Students begin piling in as the bus enters wealthy neighborhoods.

We pass towering oak, magnolia, fir, and elm trees, elegant fountains, manicured lawns, rich gardens, clunky hummers kidney-shaped pools, hot tubs, and much more.

Lincoln Heights high is constructed out of glass and steel. I see myself reflected in it. I notice upperclassmen gawking at me. My locker is on the eighth floor. I take an elevator.

The lockers are solid gold and silver. They must be worth a fortune I think to myself. There is one locker that is black marble. It dazzles. A girl with a curtain of white blonde hair leans against it, flirting with a freshmen. She's got her manicured hand in the back of his Levi pocket. Whoa. Now's she lip-locked with him. Her eyes widen when she catches me staring. She pulls away from him suddenly. She adjusts her wrinkled polo shirt and slings her hott pink prada bag over one shoulder.

She strides confidently over to me. She stops. A posse assembles next to her at once. "Jade. Can you set this newbie up a seat for lunch? Let's see what table does she belong at... She pauses and scrolls her finger down a map with an outline of the cafeteria. "Oh, that's right. You're now officially a weirdo. Congrats." This girl I've learned is Saby, says. Her friends cackle.

She smiles cheerily and Jade thrusts a copy of the seating arrangement to me.

"I will not tolerate you insulting me. You don't even know me. I'm not classified as whatever category you believe I'm under. I'm my own self and that's all that matters." I twirl my locker combination. I take out my German textbook for languages and head to the elevator.

I have to go to the twelth floor, which blows. My previous school only had three basic floors. Lincoln is huge.

Saby looks shocked at what I just said. Her face is stark white and she's talking in hushed tones with her clique.

I press the glowing elevator button. Ding. I step in. The floor is checkered in here. The elevator is wide and has a speaker system. Coldplay wafts out. I float away to the peaceful music, forgetting Saby ever existed.

Chapter Three:

It's sweltering hot here in Sacremento, California. I'm glad that each class room has air-conditioning. Or else I think I'd die of heat stroke.

I sigh. School ends at the last of seventh period. Right at the moment it is lunch. Fourth period. Then I have music and art, science and technology and english. I have language, mathematics, and hisory for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd period.

I sit of course at a vacant table. It is long and narrow and ivory. I drum my fingers on the surface. I'm not so much hungry. Though there are food kiosks scattered in every direction.

I feel a deep pang in my chest. I don't belong here and just by looking around my surroundings everyone makes it clear.

They are not intimidated by the new girl. They have no desire to communicate with me. They either quietly consume their meals or stare.

Their eyes are glued and I have the sudden urge to pry them off. I rake my fingers through my fiery red hair and wish I didn't stand out so much.

"Hey." A boy slides on the bench close to me. He grins. His eyes are pleasant. A soothing tropical blue that calm my nerves. His hair is chocolate brown and wavy.

"Um, hi." I mumble. I've never been good with boys. It's not in my natural instinct to ever flirt with them, let alone carry a conversation.

"I'm Hunter Hutch. I find it pretty cool we have a new transfer student. Those things never really happen much. The boy you're replacing was kind of quiet. His name was Casper. He tryed to act invisble. You know like hiding in the shadows of other people."

"Yeah. I do that sometimes."

"Me too. I want to just escape from certain people. So, how long are you staying here?"

"Six to eight weeks."


"What grade are you in?"

"I'm a freshmen. What about you?"
"Oh, I'm only in eighth grade." I say.

Uh-oh. Here we go again I think. Saby struts over to Hunter. Her face is shocked when she sees me near him.

"Sweetheart. I missed you. You didn't wait at my locker like you were supposed to." Saby says in a fake syrupy voice. She hops on to Hunter's lap nonchalantly.

I can't take this anymore. I feel terrible for Hunter. He's got no clue that Saby is cheating on him with that other boy. The one she was macking lip with this morning.

"Well, sorry. I wasn't up to going to Starbucks. I'm sick of frappuccinos and lattes and those sweeet sticky pastries." Hunter explains to Saby about him not showing up at her locker before.

"Whatever. Anyway more on the matter of my party. Are you going?"

Hunter smacks his head like he forgot. "Yeah, I am."

"Great. I can't believe I'll be fourteen. The party is going to be off the hook. I'm holding it at Skylin Beach. That's a few miles away from here. The weather is supposed to be perfect . So nothing will get wrecked outdoors. This is positively fabulous!" Saby squeals.

"Yep." Hunter nods boredly.

"See you later. I'm going to chill with the girls." Saby gets off his lap. She tosses her curtain of ivory blonde hair and heads over to the A-list table.

"You know what annoys me?"


"People like Saby. Not having a care in the world. The whole time she acted like you weren't even there. She could have invited you too."

"That's because Saby is an inconsiderate snob." A girl with teal tortoiseshell glasses intrudes our conversation.

She continues: "To her you're nothing. If you'e not a jewel like her and her crew that is. They are called Jewels because they have glitz and glamor. They are the It girls. The center of attention here. I'm Agatha Griffin by the way." Agatha turns to me, shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you. I still don't get it though. At my school things don't revolve around a pack of rich girls who own the latest gadgets or makeup. Or even have a drool-worthy boyfriend. Why people can't get along here is beyond me."

"You're right. I wish people were more like you, Marlee. The universe would be a better place." Hunter says touching my hand gently(which sends a shiver up my spine.)

"Thanks. I guess." My face splits into a semi smile.

"Totally. No matter what though the natural order of the social pool will never change." A girl with short spiky blonde hair joins Agatha.

"Hey, Alec." Hunter waves to her.

"What's up, Hunter?" Alec replies.

"Eh, nothing much."

"Nothing much with me either too. Except that Ruby cheated off me in Mathematics. She didn't understand that one alegebra problem and she just peered at my test for a second and scribbled down the answer." Alec says irritated.

"Cheaters are the worst." Agatha says bitterly.

"If they studied they wouldn't have any problems." Hunter agrees.

Within a few minutes we're all talking about cheaters and liars. Our chat ends briefly by the sound of the final bell.

I collect my stuff and race to the elevator. Hunter follows me and tucks something in my backpack.
"What is it?"

"You'll see." Hunter gives me a mysterious grin and dashes ahead . Man, boys are weird.

Chapter 4:

The music and arts room is domed and located on top of Lincoln Height's roof. It's pretty amazing because when you look through the clear glass you notice the beautiful piercing blue sky .

There are a variety of activities in here. The music portion is at the begining of the period.

Basically we get together with a partner and create a piece of music using any instruments we want. It's very fun.

I have a quiet girl name Erika for my partner. She shyly beats on an African drum while I strum a sleek ebony black electric guitar.I love this. I feel like I'm some really famous rockstar. Points are awarded for the best music.

Of course my guitar skills are excellent unfortunately though Erika is too timid and makes sounds on the drum hollowly. So we get half credit, which isn't that bad.

Next is art. Art is creative. We splash vibrant colors across canvasses or make our own masterpieces. I take a bit of clay and start molding a pot. Tommorow I will paint it, put it the kiln, and then eventually get it back soon.

During sixth period is science and technology. My class and I experiement with types of chemicals and observe its reactions. We create inventions and test them.

After that it's English. Our teacher is Mrs. Frost. She teaches us about old dead writers and discusses the meaning of books. That's boring. No doubt about it.

The days ceases. My parents insist on picking me up. I wait outside for a bit.

I have nothing to occupy my time(because I finished my homework) I pull out the thing Hunter gave me.

It's a foxglove purple envelope. Inside is a glitzy lilac card. It reads: "You are cordially invited to Saby's sweet fourteen party. It is at Skylin Beach. It is an outdoor theme. Girls- wear your bikinis. Boys-wear your trunks. See you there! You know you love me, Saby "

This is unbelivable. I can't contemplate why Hunter would think I could crash Saby's party when I'm not invited.

There's a note at the bottom: "Hey there, Marlee. I'm Hunter's friend Rubin. This is a replica of the invitation I recieved from Saby.
Want to go as my date? Please. P.S: You can reach me at this number 449-6325 or confront me about it in history.
Bye for now, Rubin.

Oh gosh. I imagine me at the party and Hunter instantly comes to my mind. I flp open my cell and wait for a ring.


"Hi, Rubin. It's me. Marlee. I would love to be your date for the party." I say.

"Hey. That's cool. The party is tommorow night. Friday."

"Wow, that's quick."

"Yeah, Saby wanted to get it out of the way. Listen, I gotta go."

"Bye then!"

"Good-bye. I'll have my dad give you a ride with me. What are your directions? And the party is at five thirty."

I give him my directions and shut off my phone. A seafoam green escalade cruises up into the parking lot.

A girl sporting oversized white Gucci sunglasses clomps out in straw Prada wedges. Scary. She looks like Saby's identical twin. An older version of course though.

"Saby!" This girl snaps. Saby comes flying out of the front door of the school.

"Blaire. I'm sorry to keep you waiting.I was just handing out invitations and-" Saby is cut off by Blaire(her sister).

"I don't care about your lame birthday party. I care about getting that seaweed facial at the salon. You're wasting my time. Get in the car."

Saby pouts and opens the passenger side door. Blaire guns the engine. A latest Nelly Furtado hit streams out of the windows. They dissappear in a cloud of hazy smoke. Alas, my parents arrive.

"How was it?" Mom ponders.

"I've had quite a day." I collapse exhausted in the back of the SUV,blocking out everything and just drifting away in sleep. I think I deserve that much afterall.

Chapter Five:

A broad strip of pink sunset is splashed across the sky. I am sitting in history class bored out of my mind. I doodle funny pictures of three bald men in the margin of my notebook for reasons I don't know why. I'm a random person.

Mr. Schuyler drones on in his reedy voice about politics and campaign races.

I eventually feel like I'm going to doze off whe something jabs me sharply in the rib.

"What?" I whisper.

"I'm Rubin." Rubin is gorgeous. His eyes are a powerful locust green that jolt my senses. His hair is spiky and jet black. Wow. He has a lip-ring(I'm ok with body jewelry.)

"Hi. Rubin. What. Do. You. Want?" I say each word slowly and quietly. If it's anything I don't want to get caught by Mr.S.

"Just to say how pretty you are."

"Aww, that's sweet. Flirt with me more later. Not now." I hiss.

Rubin starts laughing.

"Rubin, is something funny?" Mr. Schulyer cranes his head in Rubin's direction.

"No, sir." Rubin salutes him like a soldier general, which I find hysterical.

Mr.Schulyer shrugs and resumes his lesson.

As class lets out, Rubin grabs my arm.

"You're all set for tonight, right?" A solemn expression is plastered to his face.

"Definately." I toss Rubin a grin.

"Fantastic." Rubin hugs me.

"Tchau!" Rubin says good-bye in Portugese. I'm impressed.

Lunch is interesting today.Saby is talking in a loud obnoxious tone about her "Bash of the Year."

"Only exclusive guests are allowed entrance. Because you know if just anyone shows up it cramps style." Saby says boldly. Her friends murmur in agreement.

"Tell me how the party goes."Agatha pleads

"Sure. No problem." I take a sip of iced tea and a bit of my roast beef sandwich on a poppy-seed roll.


A pair of hands block my vision.

"Guess who?"

"Hmmm... I'm thinking he has a piercing."

"Wrong! I'm not Rubin. Aww, forget it. It's me. Hunter."

"Gee, thanks for giving yourself away." I chuckle.

Saby gives me a venomous look. "Marlee! Come here for a sec!" Saby hands me a slip of paper.

This is what it says:

"Stay away from my boyfriend. Or else you'll face dire consequences. I'll DESTROY you. Do you hear, Marlee?"

Yours truly,

Saby Jewel

I crumple the paper up into a ball, and toss it into the stainless steel trash can.

"What's up?" Hunter questions me concerned.

"Nothing." I shrug and walk out of the cafeteria.

The worst scenerio unfolds before my eyes. The paper didn't land in the garbage it's on the floor. Hunter unravels it, straightning out the crumpled edges. He observes it for a few moments. Anger flares in his eyes .

Hunter marches over to Saby. The cafeteria is filled with the sounds of Hunter and Saby screaming at each other.

"How could you do that to Marlee? Threatening her and saying you'll destroy her. I am ashamed that my own girlfriend feels superior by hurting other people. Especially a new student. She didn't even harm you in any way. You're such a cold-hearted monster.Saby, we're over!" Hunter storms out the door, streaming past me in a flash.

I crash against the wall, struggling to breathe. All my fault echoes in my head. My mind whirs.

"You okay?" Hunter is situated on the stairwell. He hugs his knees.

"No. You don't understand. I should have thrown that out. I'm such an idiot. I didn't want to maim your relationship with Saby." I confess.

Hunter strides over to me. He kneels onto the ground, where I am, and cups my chin.

"It was an accident. I saw the note all balled up and was curious. Don't worry about it. On the plus side, I'm really glad you're going to the party. It will be nice. Right?" He squeezes my hand.

"Yup." Is all that manages to escape my lips.

"Cool. Catch you later." Hunter dissappears from view and leaves me feeling like I can float off the face of the planet.

Chapter 6

Skylin Beach is far more marvelous than I expected. There is a zigzagging line of people waiting to be administered into Saby's party.

I'm wearing a mint green egyptian cotton sundress and clear flip-flops with huge daisies in the middle.

Rubin has on retro gunmetal gray aviator sunglasses. He wears tropical orange palm tree trunks and a modest mouse shirt that shows his muscles rippling through. On a scale from one to ten rating hott boys, Rubin is a million.

"When you spot those massive beefy security guys flash your inviation." Rubin instructs me.

I nod.

A half hour later(it takes that long) I shove the invitation in a grizzly looking security guy's face and he waves me and Rubin through.

The sand is a pure white. The water glitters. It's chrystal blue and looks promising. A DJ is spinning discs on a large platform located on the patio of the charming beach house, where a glowing rainbow dance floor is installed .

People bob their heads to the music and bodies sway together. Saby is on a platinum throne. She's got a shimmery ruby encrusted crown on her head as if she's royalty. Rubin drags me down the shoreline.

"What are we doing?"

"Going swimming. Isn't that what a beach party is for? C'mon, I know you know that Marlee. You are going to grow bored watching Queen Sabrina Jewel reigning over everything ."

I sigh. He's right. Rubin tosses off his shirt and kicks off his checkered VANS. He rips the sunglasses from his face.

Awkwardly, I take off my dress. I'm in my gold bikini now. Rubin glares at me in such a serious way. I wade through the water. Graceful ripples form on the surface as I start immersing myself.

I pop up back for air after I'm underwater for a few seconds or so.

I scan the distance and notice Rubin sprawled on a humongous steely gray rock. I paddle forward and join him.
Rubin helps me up. I lay down on the other side of him. I stare at the cotton candy pink sky, my head tilted upwards.

Rubin kisses me on the lips. I return that tender kiss . I feel no regret. My heart beat is racing. Rubin laces his fingers through mine.

"I like you. And I barely know you." I say.

"You've been at our school for two days. I like you very much. I don't think it's too fast yet. There's a void though. Hunter... he has a crush on you."

"H-how do you know?" I stammer. Goose pimples prickle my skin.

"If you're silent for a bit you'll hear."

"Good evening. My name is Hunter Hutch. My band and I, the Silver Scorpions, are playing a special song tonight. For a special girl. This one's for you, Marlee." A voice errupts through the atmosphere, emmitting from a microphone.

"Eyes of a thousand diamonds

Such a vibrant lime green.

I feel secure around you.

And I never wanna let you go.

Cause' the truth is Marlee,

you're the only one for me."

Hunter belts out the first few bars of the song.

"No." I choke.

"You don't like him?" Rubin raises an eye brow.

"I- I don't know." I croak.

"This is a weight upon my shoulders. There's you... and then there's Hunter. You guys are friends, what wlll happen?" My mind begins to reel like crazy.

"Nothing. It's honestly in your control. I'm mellow no matter what. I've learned to deal with these kind of things."

"How's you have an idea he was playing here tonight?"

"Hunter gave me his gig schedule. He's always psyched with his band premiering places."

"I'm going to go ." I say.


"You're not bothered by that?"

"Naw. You do what you got to do."

I slide off the rock and swim to the shore. I'm sopping wet. I retreive my towel from my plaid tote bag. I wrap it around my shivering self. Beads of salt water cascade down my face.

The "Marlee" song ends with the wail of the guitar stinging the air. Hunter bows to the audience shouting : "Peace!"

Once I'm fully dry I throw my dress back on and slip into my flip-flops. I walk through the crowd of people.

I wait in the parking lot. "Hey, Dad. Can you come get me?" I say to my dad on my cell.

"Sure." Dad sounds genuinely surprised by how early I'm leaving.

He doesn't arrive in the nick of time though. Saby does. She smirks evily at me. "Leaving? Poor baby. Scared to face the real world."

"Not really. I have two guys that like me. That's not half bad. Whereas you just flirt with boys and tease them. They don't really like you that. They're a part of your game. You use them to rise higher on the brink of popularity. My advice is to be yourself. Not superficial, Sabrina." I say, adrenaline surging through me.
Saby is speechless. She huffs and prances down the trail back to her party with her group.

I wish it would rain. Then the rain would wash away my troubles. I think wildly. Suddenly, as if my prayers are answered it starts pouring. Through the hazy sheets I make out the outline of Hunter.

"I'm sorry. I apologize for crushing on you when you're in this position."

"I forgive you. It's a lot to handle. I am new at Lincoln Heights. It might take some time to adjust to everything. In the long run, I'll make it. I like you back, Hunter. Let's be friends temporarily. I want to get to know you better before I consider any relationship."

Icy hail drills through my skin like razors. I want to tell him the truth. That I'm in love with Rubin. It's impossible.

"I see." His voice cracks.

Lights flash. My parents. My dad honks the horn. I know it's time to depart. I give Hunter a wave good-bye, until I realize he's gone.

On the way home, I notice him sulking. His shoulders are drooped. His face blank. Oh dear. What have I done?

Chapter seven

School is a drag on Monday. I snore through language class. Mrs. Havagnooga points at the dusty chalk board with her nails that resemble daggers. "What does that say?"

"Today is a breezy day." I mumble.


I lean back in my desk chair. Hunter passes me a note:

Marlee. I sorted things out with Saby. We're together again.

Good for you.
I scribble back, frankly puzzled.

Well at least I'm happy. Doesn't that matter?

In my view, no way. I didn't say I hated you. You're acting like things were never linked between us. When they were. I liked you; you liked me.

I'm over you. You're a forgotten memory.

What's that supposed to mean? Now, you're being a jerk. I thought you were friendly. You remind me of Saby's clone.
P.S: And it's creeping me out. Because Saby is ruthless.

I'm not being a jerk. I'm stating my opinon.

Whatever. I don't care anymore! That's stating my opinon. Good-bye and good riddance Hunter.

Tears are lashing furiously down my cheeks. My eyes are swollen and red.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I raise my hand, asking Mrs. Havagnooga for permission.

"Yes. Write out pass." I write out my pass and scrurry out of the room like a frightened mouse. I lock myself in a stall. I flush the toilet numerous times, just so others can't hear me bawling my eyes out.

Chapter Eight

I've been at Lincoln Heights High for two weeks. For these weeks, Hunter and I have avoided each other. Mainly, because of the notes, the party, and our feelings blending together.

I've gotten loads of support from Agatha and Alec. I earned a new friend name Blake. She's British and has straight white teeth, siberian husky blue eyes, and curly dirty-blonde hair.

"We'll have oodles of fun together. Don't fret about that bothersome boy. Tell me more about this Rubin." Blake will say tsking.

Blake will look spellbound so I weave my story further and she interrupts with "Oh, that's romantic!" or her common "Wow, how lovely!".

Eventually I get worn out from this energetic Brit girl so I wander aimlessly outside one lunch day.

The sky is the color of an itchy gray wooly mammoth sweater. I take out my ipod and blast my tunes nonchalantly.

"You know I never meant those words I said. It was pretty tragic really. I didn't hook back up with Saby. She's giving me the icy shoulder nowadays." Hunter emerges from a corner.

"I shouldn't ignore you. I was wrong to do that.You're an extraordinary person. My emotions were all scattered in different directions. I thought about it some. I decided I liked you in the sense of being a friend. Don't lose faith. You are sure to find your dream girl. Afterall, there are plenty of fish thriving in the sea of love." I stare directly into Hunter's eyes.

"Yeah, I am. You're a wise girl, Marlee. You'll go far in life."

"Thank-you. I have to get something taken care of."


"A certain boy."

"Oh. Rubin?"

I don't answer Hunter as I enter the school searching for Rubin. Rubin is splayed on the plush beige rug in the library reading a book about Great American rock bands.

"Hi." I remove Rubin's ear buds(he's listening to his ipod too. I want him to pay attention.


"I'm ready."

"For...?" Rubin looks widely curious. He is adorable.

"For being your girlfriend."
Rubin smirks knowingly. I wonder how he assumed I would come to him sooner or later.

"I accept you as my girlfriend, Marlina O'Keefe. On one condition..."

Oh no. "That you stay here at Lincoln Heights permanently. I don't want my love so far away from me." Rubin adds.

"You'll see." I grin slyly. This time it's me being mysterious with a guy.

Chapter 9

Dear Principal Hoffman, I've learned a great deal attending Lincoln Heights High. I am writing this letter to inform you that I won't be returning to Brooks High. I am continuing my studies here. As you know Lincoln Heights is a very prodigious school distract. Passing courses will not be a problem for me because I am very brilliant. I think what I love most about Lincoln Heights is that each day is about as unpredictable as the next. I can never figure out what will happen next. The classes I take are very creative. I've got awesome friends here and I'm blissful. Thanks so much for this wonderful experience.

Warm Regards,

Marlina O'Keefe

I sent Hoffman that letter and sprayed it with lavender febreze. It left a linger of peace and tranquilty in his path.

I am now officially Rubin's girlfriend now. I'm so blessed to have parents like mine. They're letting me stay.

Agatha, Alec, and wacky old Blake and I all spend as much girl time as ever together.

Hunter is for the record Alec's boyfriend they have more than just a friendship in common. Haha.

I feel cleansed. Rejuvenated. I have a feeling of satisfaction washing over me.

I can't wait till next year. I'm anticipating the new experience and nobody not even Sabrina Jewel is going to get in the way. I'm in control.

I'm propped on the roof of Lincoln Heights High now staring at the starry inky black sky with Rubin. I kiss him fiercly. I secretly smile. I never thought this moment would come.

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This is really good... at least I liked it. I also liked how she didn't fall in love with the jock this time. The only thing I would say is that she says 'this will not be a problem for me because I am very brilliant'... eh. That's a bit showoffy. Anyway, loved it!

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