Sorely King

January 23, 2008
By Nazli Seda gokdereli, Istanbul, ZZ

Before the earth there was a huge,bulky planet which

planet's name was Sonely.The people who lives in Sonely were an

unusual kind of people, they were all was had a brillant

beauty and clever than other people but at the same time

they are very obstinate.So they weren't ordinary.They

were more powerful than us.They had a fascinating,and

clever king but the king always promised something and

then he didn't keep his promises

When he goes to his castle from town, he was always

fishes for compliments.So people have to say good things

to him, if they don't cruel king always bragging

then starts to punish the Sonely's people.People thought

about having a new king,especially Richard thought, but

they weren't bold enough to refuse king's ideas.Richard

decided to explain his ideas about king while public was

watching him.

'I can give an arm and leg to rescue fom his

oppressive,restrictive rules and absurd ideas with his

stupid acts!'

King heard Richards ideas and claims but he didn't do

anything bad to him,it was suprising for king to do

nothing.But Richard didn't altered his ideas and he didn't

consider king's ideas and strict rules and went to speak

with the king sarcastically and started to ignore him.

The arrogant king felt insulted.He started to reply to


"How can you say something like this, don't you know my

restrictive rules!Don't be obstinate and shut up now!

Remember I am your mind blowing king.So don't make me

care someone as slight as you.The resolution wouldn't be

good for you because I wouldn't hesitate to kill you."

After king stopped to rambling, Richard thought that it

didn't work out and he have to find another resolution to

rescue everbody from the king to liberate their

freedom.Then he went to the witch of the Sorely after he

came up with a plan and took a liquid from the witch which

makes people fall asleep for 8 years.Richard took it to the

king and claimed;

"If you drink it you will be more powerfull than before and

people who don't like your rules and hate you will change

their ideas and they became rspectful to you.I want to give

it to you because I'm regretful cause of my unneccessary


Pure king assumed what he explained was true,and the

king drank it effortlessly when Richard was feeling subtle

but at the same time laughing!

Sonely planet had a legend king who was name was

Richard,who isn't out to lunch like old king.Sorely people

lived happily and peaceful since big earthquake..

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