April 8, 2008
By Jessica Jones, Brunswick, GA

In the world of Sanyo, a war had broken out between the Knights of Sanyo and its enemies the Barmaids. As the war raged on, it was known that it would never really end. Though the actual war has ended, it still rages on. The Barmaids still want to gain control over Sanyo. There queen, Emilia, was focused on nothing but that. She wanted the world to bow down to her feet; and the people of Sanyo to serve her. However, her dream never seemed to be coming true. A group of teens had been chosen to fulfill the legendary team, the Soaring Eagles. With this group of teens in the way, Emilia had no chance. Until she learned about one of the crew member’s secrets, then she saw a light in her plan. This secret could help her gain the world of Sanyo. The best part was, the only person that knew about her secret, was the secret holder and the queen herself. The girl had not even told her team mates about this secret of hers. The secret that could kill them and destroy the world of Sanyo forever. With the queen thinking of a new plan, Christina had no clue what so ever that her secret was about to be revealed to the world. If she didn’t fight this secret, the end of the world was near.

Christina was sitting with her team mates, Aero, Piper, Ames, Elis, and her pet wander Racquet. Christina was basically the leader of the group. She was different from the others by the powers she had received when she was little. She could communicate by thought, and could get into others minds, but only if her powers where strong enough. However, she had a secret power that she hoped would never be revealed. Her co-leader, Aero, knew of her powers, at least all but one. He was the best in chrome fighting, which are the swords they used that were powered by special crystals. Piper also knew of her powers, minus one. She was the specialist in crystals and how to use them. She knew everything about rocks and crystals. Ames was the archery specialist; he could get a bulls eye from 200 yards away. Then Elis was the strongest one of the group. He could break through any type of metal with ease. Now they did not know of her powers, which Chris liked. She didn’t want the whole team to think of her as a freak, so two people where good for her. Then Racquet can fly any ship or motor-wing vehicle with no problem. Even though he knew of Chris’s secret, he couldn’t tell anyone anyways. He is an animal, so he can’t speak human. Sitting at the table, Piper rolled out the map of Sanyo.
“I have been told that Emilia,” Piper said, “may be changing her plans.”
She pushed back her long, brown hair behind her ear, as the team looked at the map. “Now, it was said that instead of heading west, she may be heading south.” Christina explained. Elis looked at her in worry,
“Aren’t we in the area of her new plans?” he questioned. Piper slightly giggled and stopped when Christina looked at her.
“What?” Piper wondered.
“This isn’t a laughing matter,” Aero said, “and you know it.”
Piper got aggravated and Christina could see it on her face.
“Guys, please, can we move on?” Christina said. Piper looked at her and nodded in agreement.
“We don’t need this right now Piper and you know it.” Christina thought to Piper.
Jumping a little Piper thought back,
“I know but, it is just--,” Piper hesitated “I am trying to stay happy instead of worried.”
“I promise that you will not need to worry about yourself. We got your back.” Christina thought.
“I am not worried about me,” Piper thought, as she looked up at Christina.
“I am worrying about the queen’s cousin.”
Christina looked at her for a moment. She understood her worries about the queen’s cousin. For the queen’s cousin, was her. She was the only surviving family member of the queen’s that hadn’t been killed by Emilia. Emilia had killed her family in fear, for she thought her throne could be taken by them. Part of the queen’s family had been Christina’s mother and father, who had escaped but, had never been seen or heard from ever again. This had happened only years ago, and ever since Christina escaped, the only thing queen wanted was her; next to control of Sanyo.
“Ok team,” Aero said, “our mission today is to find the Barmaids and find out what they are up too.”
“I don’t think we are going to get any information Chris.” Elis said.
“Now why is that?” Christina asked.
“Well,” Elis explained, “if they are moving our way, don’t you think we should prepare for a possible battle? Not to be mean, but ever since Emilia found out you survived Chris, she has always been after you. Don’t you think she may be after you now?”
Aero and Piper look at each other, and then at Chris. They knew that would be the best thing.
“Ok, I think he is right.” Christina said. “Tomorrow, we will stock up the guns and the chrome swords. This way we will be prepared. However for now, it is time to relax.”
Christina started to get up and head for the door, when Piper exclaimed,
“Wait! There is one other thing.”
“And what would that be?” Aero said with a smile.
“In just two days,” Piper explained, “someone will be turning 15.”
If anyone at that moment had looked at Chris, they would have seen her happy face turn to horror.
“Now, who is this special person Piper?” Aero questioned with a smile. Giggling, Piper answered, “Christina!”
They all looked at her and smiled. Christina smiled back but, she felt as though the fakeness of it was obvious. They all clapped and cheered while little Racquet jumped into her lap and looked at her with a huge grin.
“Thanks guys,” she giggled, “but I really don’t want a party this year.”
“Why not Chris?” Piper giggled, “Your finally turning 15! You should be happy.”
“I am happy,” Chris said, “it’s just that—“
“You don’t feel old do you?” Ames joked.
“Of course not Ames,” Christina answered, “It is just that, I don’t want it to come.”
“What why?!” Aero questioned.
“I can’t tell you.” She replied.
“Come on, tell us.” Elis said.
“NO!” Christina snapped, “I can’t tell you!”
There was silence, she said sorry and took off to her room.
“You should check on her.” Aero said to Piper.
“We both should.” Piper replied.
“Why don’t you guys start making dinner, will be back soon.” Aero told Elis, Ames and Racquet. Piper and Aero headed to Christina’s room while Ames, Elis and Racquet headed to the kitchen to start dinner. Mean while in Barmaid’s castle, Emilia was talking to her servant about her new plan.
“The ships are ready your majesty.” The servant said.
“Excellent,” Emilia replied, “tell the men to travel south until they see them. When they do, tell them they must not destroy the air-ship but, capture its leader. Tell them to do whatever it takes to get her, but they must not kill anyone.”
“Why not your majesty?” the servant puzzled.
“Because,” Emilia answered, “I want her friends to see her secret exposed. So, bring her to me. You only have two days, including today. At best you should reach her tonight. If not, morning will be as good. Contact me if you run into any problems.”
“Yes madam.” The servant bowed and left.
“I shall be seeing you soon,” Emilia smirked, “dear cousin.”

There was a knock at Christina’s door.
“Come in.” she yelled as she wiped away a tear. She looked up and saw Piper and Aero walking inside.
“You ok?” Piper answered.
“Yay,” Chris said, “I’m fine.”
“You don’t seem ok.” Aero said.
“What is bothering you?” Piper asked.
“I don’t know if I can tell you.” Chris said, “I’m afraid that you’ll look at me differently.”
“It can’t be as bad as being Emilia’s cousin.” Piper giggled.
“At least that can’t kill you.” Christina whispered.
“What?” Aero said. Chris knew he must have heard her.
“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” Chris asked.
“Promise.” Piper and Aero answered.
“Well since we are not alone, I might as well tell you in thought.” Chris said.
Then, Chris began.
“When I was little,” Chris explained, “a witch casted a spell on me.”
“What type of spell?” Piper asked in thought.
“Shhhh let her finish.” Aero exclaimed in thought and motioned silence.
“She told me that on my 15th birthday,” Chris continued, “as soon as the clock strikes twelve, announcing the knew day has come, something will happen. An evil side of me will control everything I can do, and control me as well. This evil power, this think I am cursed with, can destroy the world of Sanyo, forever.”
Piper and Aero stared blankly at Chris. She explained in thought, “That is why I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want you to be around when it happens. I could kill all of you, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if it happened. Please, I need your help.” Chris spoke aloud. A tear streamed down her face.
“I’ve been fighting this for years now,” she said, “I fear I won’t be able to hold it back.”
“What do you need help with?” Aero asked.
“You know how Emilia is sending her Barmaids our way?” Chris asked.
They both nodded in agreement.
“I don’t think it is coincidence, I think she knows my secret and is coming for me.”
Piper gasped, “If Emilia got you, then—“
“Let’s not think about that right now.” Aero butted in.
“He’s right,” Chris agreed, wiping away her tears.
“Let me get Racquet to get you a tissue and hot cocoa.” Piper said.
“Ok.” Chris sniffled.
“Racquet!” Piper yelled.
“What should we do about the Barmaids?” Aero asked.
“Well, we should stock up on ammo and then hide at night since we are unarmed.” Chris suggested.
“Good idea.” Aero said.
“Racquet!” Piper screamed again, “Where is he?”
“Probably got held up in the kitchen.” Chris answered.
“I highly doubt that.” Aero said.
At that moment, the door flew open. There was Racquet, but he wasn’t alone. There in the door way, holding helpless Racquet was a Barmaid.
“Looks like you need some assistants.” The man said.
From his point of view, it looked like Chris was lost in thought. However, before he knew it, Aero and Piper has reached under the bed and grabbed a chrome sword. They lit them up, and knocked him down in less in a second. As this was happening, Chris was grabbing her own chrome sword and preparing herself. One by one, Barmaids came in but where knocked down in less than a minute. Then, Crusher walked threw the door, smiling from ear to ear.

Crusher was Emilia’s best Barmaid fighter. It was said that he once took down 100 men alone. But, that was only a myth. When he walked in, Chris knew it would take a miracle to win. Piper went first, and aimed her chrome sword and prepared for battle. At first she was doing well, until Crusher took her by surprised and knocked her to the ground, knocking her out. Then, Chris came into Crusher’s sight and Chris prepared for the worst. They started to fight, the blocked and swung at each other. Then, Chris’s sword was knocked out her hand and was hit so hard, she flew to the other side of the room. “You’re worthless,” Crusher said as he raised her up and threw her once again. “Your weak,” he threw her once more. This time, when Chris tried to get up, she collapsed and passed out. “Now,” Crusher said as he raised his sword, “You’re through.”
But before he could hit her, he was blocked by Aero. They started at it. Swinging left, right, up and down; blocking almost the same way as well. Then, Aero was caught off guard and was knocked to the ground. The last thing he saw was Crusher picking up Christina, and carrying her out the door. Then, Aero closed his eyes and collapsed to the ground.

Christina woke up in what seemed like a dungeon. She tried to move, but her hands and feet were chained together. Then, the door opened, and there stood her cousin.
“Hello dearest cousin.” Emilia sad with an evil smile.
“Emilia.” Christina said with an angry face.
“Hope you’re comfy, you are going to be here for a while.” Emilia smirked.
“Where are my friends?” Chris exclaimed.
“You have only about 6 hours until your birthday,” Emilia said, “we should prepare for a celebration.”
“What did you do to them?”
“We will need cake, drinks—“
“Oh,” Emilia smirked, “your friends are on there
air-ship, safe and sound. They are only about 8 hours away. Looks like they won’t be able to safe their friend.”
“You don’t know my friends,” Chris said, “They’ll make it.”
“That my cousin,” Emilia said, “is what I am hoping.”
Christina was shocked and horrified. As Emilia left, the plan came to her. She took her not only for her power, but to destroy her friends. This way no one would be able to stop her form ruling Sanyo. At that very moment, the team could see the castle and were preparing to sneak inside when an incoming message appeared on screen. It was Emilia announcing to not just them, but to every ship her plan. In only a few moments, the world would be at her command. Her weapon, she said was Christina. She showed the team’s helpless leader laying there unable to move. She explained that in a few moments, she would be unstoppable. The only thing they could do, was to surrender before terror was released into the world.

By this time, the team was heading toward the dungeons, and found the room that Christina was in.
“You guys,” Christina said as they came threw the door, “you shouldn’t be here!”
“Why not?” Ames asked.
“Because,” a voice said behind them, “it is five minutes to midnight.”
Before they knew it, they were tied and hanging in the room with Christina and Emilia.
“Well what do you know?” Emilia said, “One minute till minute till midnight and one minute till Sanyo will be mine.”
“Aero, Piper” Christina thought to them, “as soon as the clock strikes midnight, you must get out of here. Leave me, save yourselves. There is no need to save me.”
“We are your friends Chris.” Piper thought.
“We are staying no matter what happens, and we will stop this evil thing from destroying the world.” Aero thought.
“If you have to, kill me, what ever you have to do to stop the evil. Just make sure you stay safe.” Chris thought quickly.
“We won’t fight it, you will.” Aero said.
“And you will win. You are strong Chris you will definitely defeat it. Just think about us and the good times you had.” Piper said.
As she said this the clock struck, 11:59, one minute till midnight.
Christina could feel the evil swelling into her body and in her brain. Her memories started to disappear, the time when Ames ate all the ice cream, and when Elis accidentally hit her with an arrow. They were all fading, and in a fast race.
“You will win Chris! We know you will! We will be here to help you!” Piper thought.
“Remember, we will always be here for you.” Aero exclaimed in thought.
“I—I—“Christina tried to think.
Then, the clock struck midnight. Christina’s body sat still. She opened her eyes; her eyes were now a fiery orange. She looked at Emilia, and Emilia ordered the chains to be removed. Chris stood, and looked at what used to be her friends at the wall. Emilia whispered something into her ear, and she started towards them. She pointed at Aero, and the guards untied him. Christina grabbed Aero and lifted him up into the air. She prepared to hit him with full powerful force.
“Christina, if you are in there wake up! Remember the time Racquet was turned pink?” Aero thought.
Christina’s hand slightly went down, and her eyes seemed to be turning back to her regular dark blue.
“Remember yourself Chris, remember who you really are.” Aero thought frantically.
“Aero, I think its working.” Aero heard in his head.
But then, her eyes went back to fiery orange and her fist went back up. Then, something seemed to be happening. It was later written in history that it was a fight between the evil and bad side of Chris. At first, the bad side was winning, however good prevailed.
“NO! You must not win! I will rule this world not you!” an evil voice exclaimed from Chris.
“No. You will not control the world, you will not control me and you will not control any one else.” Chris said in her regular voice.
“No!” the evil voice yelled once more.
She laid on the table she was chained to and then it happened. A dark abject seemed to be coming out of Chris from her stomach. When it came completely out, a dark figure of Chris appeared. Chris sat up and looked at the window that was behind her.
“You fool; I will just come back in again and control you once more.” Evil Chris said.
Chris grabbed the curtain and said, “You will control me or anyone again.” She puffed.
She pulled down the curtain with her last bit of strength and the darkness disappeared. The last thing Chris saw was Aero grabbing her and carrying her out of the room, and then she fainted.

Chris awoke in her room with Piper, Aero, Ames, Elis and Racquet at her bedside. Surrounded by flowers and her friends she smiled. She explained everything to Ames and Elis who felt the same way Piper and Aero did. Chris was happy to see them again and to know that her secret was finally over. Her life felt at ease for the first time ever. That evil thing inside of her head was finally gone and would never be coming back. Smiling at her team, she thought to herself, “One secret down, one more to go.”

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