April 1, 2008
By Megan McDaniel, East Earl, PA

She never says anything. Nothing. Personally, I think she's a mute and she's never even dated anyone and she's already eighteen! Can you believe it?

OMG! Yesterday, I saw her standing in the lunch-line. Did you see her pants? I swear if they were any tighter.... Ha Ha Ha! I really think she needs to consider upgrading(Can anyone say, "plus size").

Man, do I have some news for you. You'll never guess what I heard. Someone asked her to the homecoming dance and she turned him down. I can't believe it. She's so weird, and ugly too. What made her think that she was in a position to turn anyone down? Honestly, I don't know why he even bothered. She's sooooooo strange. I mean, what a freak!

The other day... you remember that girl I told you about don't you? Well, anyway... she came up to me today and actually attempted to hold a conversation with me. I just ignored her and pretended I couldn't hear what she was saying. When she finally gave up I turned around and looked at her. I said, " Sorry, I couldn't hear you." Then, I walked away really quickly and looked back one time to make absolutely sure that freak hadn't followed me.

I hear crying. It sounds like it's coming from right outside the girls bathroom. Jake will you wait for me?

Sure, Kate. I'll wait for you.

Thanks, Jake.

Jess...what's wrong? Have you been crying in the girl's bathroom again. Your mascara's looks as though it's been running.

She's been talking about me again Kate.

You mean Sharon? Awww... Jess....I know she can be nasty, but just try and ignore her.

I'm not sure if I can Kate.

Hey Jess, do you want to come to my house tonight for a sleepover? We can consume mass quantities of junk food, watch chick flicks, and stay up all night! By morning you'll be so tired and full of junk food, that you won't even be able to remember who, "What's -her- faces" name is anymore."

Okay, Okay, that sounds like fun Kate. I'll be there! Kate?

Yes, Jess?

What would I ever do without you?

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