Late at Night

March 3, 2012
I open my eyes and know that I am no longer asleep in my bed. It is very late at night, (or very early in the morning; depends on how you view the world I guess.) And he is outside riding his bike.

I stop and look at my reflection in a puddle; I am not myself anymore, but my exact opposite. Before, I was a girl with blonde hair and a face dappled with tiny orange freckles. Now, I am a boy with short, dark hair and tanned spotless skin. This is my perfect disguise.

“God d*mn!” His voice forces me to take my eyes off my new reflection and see what the matter is. His bike is on the ground; he picked up the bike’s left pedal off the ground, “you stupid piece of f***ing cr*p!” He curses at the bike and kicks into the street.

“Need any help sir?” I step out of the darkness and offer to him.

“Uh, thanks man,” he puts down the pedal and looks at me. “But there probably isn’t much you can do.”

I know he is right, but I still try to get information out of him. “Maybe I can,” I say, attempting to use a kind voice. “Where are you headed?”

I can tell he is confused, because he can see that I don’t have a car to drive him anywhere, but he still answers. “I’m going down towards Cactus to visit my girlfriend.”

I try to hide my jealously, for when I dated him he never visited me this late at night/ early in the morning. “Isn’t a little late for that?” I ask him, “Do her parents know you’re coming over at this hour?”

“Of course they do,” I can tell by the way he teases up that he’s lying.

“All right then.” I say with a sigh. I pick up his bike, broken pedal and all. “I’ll carry this for you until we get to your girlfriend’s house.”

He thinks this is rather strange, and well, I don’t blame him. But, he keeps walking and I follow him until we pass the Food Mart, which meant we were half way to her house.

I feel myself losing strength, and that’s why I stop. I look down at my hands and stand up noticing my usual girlish figure. I had lost my disguise.

Just my luck, he turns around and sees me. He calls my name in question, not believing what had happened over the past half hour or so. I look up hearing my name and nod.

Of course he runs over to me and asks what I am doing, and I look up and ask him the question I have been dying to ask, “Are you using her?”

He shrugs and continues walking. “You told me I was yours forever!” I remind him.

Then he turns around and I looks me dead in the eye, “why are you such a child?!?” I study his teary eyes, he misses me. He’s using her to get over me. “Can’t you get over anything?”

I only stare at him as he continues to yell at me, “I had to help you get over the boy before me; but how am I supposed to help you get over me?”

And I guess that’s the thing, I have no clue. Everything around me starts to fade away. I suddenly see a blurry image of him and his girlfriend picnicking on a grassy hill. And behind them are me and my perfect guy.

I wake up and I’m not in the dark carrying a broken bike or picnicking in the sun. I am in bed. It is either very late at night or very early in the morning. I think about calling him and telling him about my strange dream, but I hesitate remembering that he’s not mine anymore.

But it doesn’t really matter, does it?

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