Dear schoolmates

March 2, 2012
Dear school mates,

          Are you proud of yourselves? Do feel accomplished when you make other's hearts carry so much pain? Do you know what's it like to know who you are and be beaten down because of it? Have you ever, even once in your life, felt like you weren't loved? If so then why do you treat others that way as well? We're only in fourth grade and you are so mean. I just don't get it.
        Truthfully I do not understand hatred. I don't see why we have to hurt others to feel good about ourselves. I don't think it's fair, and they say life isn't fair, but it should be. Life should be a haven for your soul. It should be never ending happiness and fun. But you made my life and my best friend's life a jail of pain. So how do you feel? Do you feel accomplished? Ashamed? Or do you not have any kindness in you hearts to put towards anyone who isn't exactly like you?
       Your newest victim,

Dear school mates,
        It's been four years since I last wrote you in fourth grade and guess what, I truly despise you. I was raised to love my enemies but I can't find anyway to even like you. You bullied and harassed her so much, just because she wasn't like you.
    You called her a whore but did you know that her father abused her?  You called her emo but did you know her mother committed suicide when she was just a baby?  You called her antisocial but did you know that her only friend in the entire world was me, because she was shy and worried that she would get hurt by people like you again? You couldn't even begin to understand the pain she felt, the sadness. I hope your happy. Because then it gives me an excuse to hate you. 
        Yours truly,

Dear school mates,
         So are you happy? Are you happy that you pushed the sweetest person alive to suicide? Yes, I'm talking about you. And, yes, it was you who pushed her off that balcony. Maybe not physically but you might as well have. I go away for two days and you completely rip her apart. Why couldn't you just leave her alone?
         Before she jumped she called me. Did you know that? Did you know that she had been accepted into the college of her dreams? I doubt it, and guess what, she told me everything that you had done, and had, had people do, to her. It truly disgusts me. You called her so many hateful things, that I just want to know one thing. What did she ever do to you? What did she do to you that made you hate her so much that you bullied her to the breaking point? I would truly like to know.
      I think you know by now,

Dear Cassidy,
         Please do not despair. I'm happy where I am now. I truly miss you and you were like a sister to me, but he showed me your future. He showed me all the wonderful things you'll do for people like me, and the wonderful life you lead because of it. Even though I should forgive them also, I myself, can find no way to. The way they treated me was horrible and unkind. But please do not do anything rash, like I know you might. They will feel guilt, they will feel sadness and they will have to live with the scar I placed on them all their lives.
              You should live the dreams we used to talk about over ice cream at the park. Do all the things you've always wanted. Help people like you've always wanted. Now you have a goal. Do you know what your goal is? Come on guess. It's our modo, Cassidy. Carpe diem, seize the day. But guess what else. Your true goal is to do what I didn't. Embrace the pain, brush off the hatred, and just keep on living.
      With my deepest wishes for you, your best friend,

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Epiclyawesome said...
Mar. 12, 2012 at 5:56 pm
I'm really sorry about your friend. It's horrible that people can make one feel so unloved and hated, that they take away their life. You did an excellent job capturing her emotions. GREAT job :)
Purplefeary134 replied...
Mar. 13, 2012 at 7:16 pm
Aw thanks epicly
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