A Little Bit of Confidence

February 28, 2012
By Allyson Garrett BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Allyson Garrett BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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It all started in eighth grade. The day she, Addison Johnson, lost one of the worst things that she could have for a short period of time. Trust and reliance, self-assurance and boldness, a state of trust or intimacy, it was confidence and friendship.

Have you ever dreaded the day that you have a game for any sport in the world, but for some odd reason, it was your favorite sport? If you answered yes while reading that question, you will relate to this all the way to the end. If you answered no, listen the story and realize that you are probably very lucky.

Addison Johnson, a 14 year old who loved sports, friends and family, and church, and most of all, the sport of basketball. In fact, it was her favorite! She had started for the four years of her elementary and middle school career, but then came the worst basketball year of her life, eighth grade.

Addison had many friends on the team. This included Miranda Smith, Emily Brown, and Shelby Wells. Yes, all starters for the 8th grade team. They all together made up the star-point guard, the best penetration and driving guard, and the tallest post. With the rolls of starting, it created many tight friendships between the team. The FOUR girls became very close and were never separated until August of 2003.

“Hey Addison, I heard there is a new girl moving in. I think her name is Makayla,” Miranda stated.

“Yeah, and she plays basketball, AS A WING! That's my spot. She better be sorry she is moving to OUR town!” Addison mumbled disgusted.

“Come on Addison! I think she could really become one of our close friends and help our team a little more than before,” urged Emily.

“ Whatever.” Addison answered with a face that could kill. She knew Makayla. They had been friends before at a church youth meeting. And yes, she was a very good basketball player! Addison knew she was good, but also knew that Makayla was better. I'm sure that you know the feeling you get when someone says something true, but your natural reaction is to disagree, just because it is something you just don't want to hear or agree with. Well, that was Addison’s reaction. She would regret it for a long time!

BANG! Her words hit her like a bullet being shot out of a gun right into her chest! Her face turned red and she walked away. Tomorrow is try outs and she knew she better be ready!

Tryouts were here and Addison came in with no confidence that she would take the team. Soon to find out that she did, along with Makayla was not the result she had wanted.

The next day at lunch, Makayla came in, looked for Addison, saw her, and sprang off her feet into a complete run towards her. She tackled her and gave her a BIG hug! “I missed you Addi!” exclaimed Makayla.

“I missed you, too! Umm...guys....this is Makayla, who made the team. We met at a church thing. Sorry I forgot to tell you,” said Addison shyly and a bit embarrassed. Everyone smiled. They greeted Makayla and took her around the school, but telling Addison to stay with their trays so they don't get in trouble.

Feeling a little left out, Addison just ignored it. She stayed and watched the trays as she was told. She didn't pay attention to the groups “leaving her out,” but she did after the first basketball game.

The starters for the team were all the same. Except for one little detail, Makayla went in for Addison. Quickly, her confidence level went down, ZOOMM! Every game, going down more, and more. Addison had tried to get into the group again, but it just wasn't working.

Addison then realized her friends were all mad from when she had lied about not knowing Makayla. She approached them with all of her will, and said, “I am so sorry for lying. I know it wasn't right, but it was a reaction. I should have told you. Makayla, I am sorry for not having the best welcome. Emily, Shelby, Miranda, I'm sorry, Please forgive me!”

With a few moments of blank looks, Emily piped up and said, “ Addison, we forgive you, but let’s have confidence about our friendships and out on the basketball floor. Deal!?”

“Deal!” chimed in all the other four girls.

“Just remember, you don't have to start to be good. You have to have confidence that you can be good, and that you can start, and you will be!” Shelby said with a smile.

Miranda then comes in with a, “Friends on 3! 1,2,3!” All together, all five girls smiled and joined in with a, “FRIENDS!”

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