February 29, 2012
By Breonna_Quinn BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Breonna_Quinn BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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It was a late sunny afternoon. Rose and Marcus were at the football game. Marcus was on the field, as a quarterback, as Rose sat lonely in the bleachers, trying not to be noticed. Rose hated being friendly and talking to others. She would only talk to Marcus. She said that’s the only person she fills comfortable talking to.

It was fourth quarter, two minutes left. The Braves, Marcus’s team, were down by two points. Marcus was running and got open, when the ball landed in his arms. He tucked it in his underarm and ran for the touchdown. When he stopped, he heard people shouting, yelling his name, clapping and getting excited. When Marcus looked at the score-board, he saw he has made a touchdown. There were now only thirty-seconds left of the game. It was thirty-four to thirty, Braves won. Thirty seconds left of the game and they started goofing around, tackling people, dropping the ball and just having fun. They knew the game was over and they had won so they just wanted to have a little fun.

So when the game was over Marcus went to the locker room, showered and got dressed. When he walked out to look for Rose, she was nowhere to be found. He looked everywhere, asked a few of his buddies if they've seen her. Nobody even knew she came to football games. He saw her at the playground, on the swings. He ran over to her. “What are you doing over here, Babe?” asked Marcus.
“I wanted to swing,” replied Rose
“OK. Did you see us win?”
“No, but congrats!”
“Why didn’t you see? Weren’t you there?”
“For a few minutes, but then I got lonely and came over here.”
Marcus wanted a girlfriend that will be on the bleachers, cheering him on, yelling his name. He wanted to look up in the bleachers every game and see her beautiful face. Rose wasn't that type of girlfriend.

Marcus kind of got angry because Rose always wonders off. “ Well, if you aren’t going to watch my games then there’s no point of you even bother coming!” Marcus said angrily. Rose didn't reply, she just looked up at him and rolled her eyes. That didn't bother Marcus too much though.

The next day at school, every girl was surrounding Marcus’s locker. Giggling and congratulating him for winning the game. Marcus was the most popular kid in the school, actually in town. Everybody knew Marcus Crawford.

When Marcus went home, Rose called him, it was very unusual. Rose never called Marcus, for anything. Marcus didn't know what to think, but he was excited that she was calling him. “Hello.” answered Marcus
“Hey Babe!” said Rose
“What’s up baby?”
“Nothing, just thinking about you”
I don't know what was so funny about that, but it made Marcus and Rose laugh.
“Well, that's sweet.”
“I know, but I was mad at you today”
“Why? What did I do now?”
“The girls, hanging around you all day. I didn't like
It. i had a funny feeling. I was kind of...um...jealous.”
“Jealous? Don't be jealous baby, I’m all yours, I promise. Those girls, I don't even know half of them. You got to deal with the fact that I'm a popular football player. That's how it is, and that how it’s always going to be.”
“Whatever, you are being such a jerk to me. You’re always a jerk, it’s unbelievable. It feels like you don't love or even like me anymore.”
They sat in silence for a few minutes.
“Well, I'm going to get off here..Um, i got homework to do!”
“You never do homework, you liar. But I guess you don't want to talk to your girlfriend. Bye Marcus!”

They hung up the phone. Rose felt hurt. She didn't know what to do. Marcus treats her so badly that Marcus doesn't recognize, but Rose loves Marcus so much. When they argue she throws stuff at the wall or punches mirrors or will cut herself. Rose is psycho and Rose will admit it. She wants Marcus to her own and never wants to him to ever be happy with anyone just her.

The next day when Rose and Marcus sat with each other at lunch, Marcus saw a new girl. She was skinny, about 5'6, she was a cheerleader and a volleyball player, long blonde hair, light green eyes, and her outfit was adorable. She was the new kid in school and already had half of the popular kids around her. Marcus was checking the new girl out in slow motion. Rose slapped him because she saw him starring.

“Why did you do that?” said Marcus
“Because you were staring at that ugly new girl!” Rose said angrily.
“You get so jealous when you see me starring at other girls, and by the way she is pretty, she’s just perfect, she’s my dream girl. I mean...Uh never mind. Forget it.”
“Did u seriously just say that, you've never told me that before, fine Marcus, if you want to be with the new girl then I'm done with you!” Rose grabbed her tray and stormed off. Everybody that was sitting with Marcus just looked at Marcus with a weird look. “Wow bro. About time you and that weird chick break up!” says Jordan.
I don't care; I got my eyes on the new chick!” Marcus replied
“The new chick, you mean Angela!?” Jordan asked.
“ Angela! Yea, that's the hot babe”

Marcus got up from his seat, left his tray where it was and went over to Angela.
She knew he was coming so she started to fix her hair and make sure she had nothing nasty on her face. “Hey Angela!” Marcus said
“Um, do I know you?” Angela asked
“Are you serious? Everybody knows me; I'm the quarterback on the football team.

Everybody knows me, I'm the popular kid.”

Angela couldn't stop smiling while Marcus was talking.
Marcus took a pen and Angela's notebook from Angela and wrote his name and number down and walked away with a smile. Everybody around Angela just started smiling and congratulating her. She didn't know why it was a big deal she got Marcus number. But she recognized how popular and cute Marcus was and why everybody will be jealous of her.

That night when Marcus went home he was looking over the play-book for the next game tomorrow. He couldn't stop thinking about Angela. His phone rang he thought it would be Rose again calling her being mad at him for what happened during lunch. He answered it and it was Angela calling. They talked on the phone for two hours, telling each other about their selves. Before they got off the phone Angela asked Marcus if he would date her. He kind of thought how much it would hurt Rose, but then again, Marcus didn't care, he said yes. He then asked her if she would be at his football game tomorrow night. She said yes because she is a cheerleader.

Marcus went to school and kissed Angela against the lockers and Rose walked past and saw Angela and Marcus holding hands, she looked like she wanted to kill Angela. Marcus told Angela to ignore her that Rose isn't anything but drama.

The night of the football game Rose came to see if Angela would be there. She couldn't find Angela, and then saw her in the cheer-leading pyramid.
Rose got so jealous of Angela. Rose told Angela after that game that Marcus was hers and that Angela needs to back off or she would get seriously hurt. Angela ignored her and walked away. When Angela met up with Marcus, Angela told him what Rose had said. It made Marcus mad because Rose is the one that broke up with him and she is trying to break Marcus and Angela up. Marcus doesn’t know how to handle it; he just keeps telling Angela to calm down and to let it go that she won’t lose him.

Marcus really thinks he is in love, every day during class he has Angela on his mind all class that he isn't able to pay attention anymore. At football games he can’t stop starring at Angela cheering for him. He doesn’t know what to do because he has never been in love, he's always been the type to date and break up with them a few days or weeks later. With this relationship he has never even thought of the “ifs” in their relationship. If she cheats, if she moves, if she breaks up with him, Marcus hasn't thought of things like that and he don't want to. He wants to keep the positive things on mind.

Marcus was up till three am texting Angela, she sent him a few photos so he could set her as his wall paper, something he has never done with a girlfriend, and his wall paper has always been him in his football uniform and his helmet in his hand.

Rose kept calling Marcus threatening him, Marcus just wanted to let Angela handle it, but he didn't want Angela to get suspended or in big trouble, like getting kicked off the teams.

When Rose finally stopped calling, he called Angela and told her everything that Rose had said.
“Can you just block that chick’s number? She is going to break us up, and I don't want to lose you.” Said Angela.
“I will block her number if that's what it takes, but I promise baby girl you won’t lose Me.!” he replied sweetly
They talked for a few more minutes but Angela had to get off because she has a volleyball game she had to attend to the next evening.

Rose can't get the point that Marcus is done with her. He has moved on to someone else, someone better. So, Rose will do her best to get Marcus back.
She has tried to stab Angela in the hall ways. She has tried to fight Angela to get her in trouble. She has tried to put drugs in Angela's book bag so she could get expelled. Well Rose failed at all of those, Angela told the teacher that Rose had a knife in school, Angela told the principal that Rose is trying to fight her Angela told the teachers that Rose set the whole drug in the book bag. They made Angela take a drug test and officers went over to Angela's house to talk to parents and check a few things out.

Angela hasn't told Marcus anything that Rose had tried to do to her. She doesn’t want Marcus to get highly upset and get himself in trouble. So, the cops found out everything that had happened, and they took Rose to a mental home for three years. Mental homes help everything that is wrong with you, obsessions, suicide, family problems, and anything else you need help with.

So, Rose went there and Marcus and Angela are still dating, they've been dating for two years and five months now. They are in the same collage and are happily dating and talking about the future. Marcus is still in football, he wants to be in the NFL and Angela is still a volleyball player and a basketball player. She says she wants to be on the Dallas Mavericks, and Marcus can be on the Dallas Cowboys football team.

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