The Bleakin

February 24, 2012
By E.Cesar BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
E.Cesar BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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"If you want to know whats on the road ahead ask those coming back"

It walks and creeps in the sewers of east Muulina, dragging sewage and feces with each step of its webbed duck feet. Teeth somewhat mirror that of a broken piano; missing every third piece. Its narrowly pointed head separates at the top into two sharp edges. This two pronged beast, heads for a feast of brides, and damsels amidst the summer heat. Its eyes protrude out its head like a snail when it sees some flesh to devour; so every night of mid, people cringe and cower as the Bleakin Shrieks.
It has one head, three arms and four stout feet. Is 7 feet tall, Is 3 feet wide, The earth trembles in its meet. And whom ever may see the Bleakin's swoon, before they are devoured; Will leave a trail of excrement, two eye balls, and a corpse to scour. And oh how the Bleakin loves to take its time; ripping through red flesh and ligaments when its time to dine. So next Time you walk at night, on the streets of east Muulina, Count your hours rite or become the Bleakins Dinner.

The author's comments:
a writing prompt in the forums about monsters

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