It was a Hot Day

February 27, 2008
By Luis A. Ibarra Rangel, Mountain Home, ID

It was a hot spring day close to summer. I was sittin thinking abot my life i never had a mom but i have a grandma and she was the only one who actualy really cared. Now its been two years since she died. My lifes changed drasticaly, I have been loved and its not there anymore. I always think and dream that she is there. now that i am eighteen everthing has changed.
I just talked to the girl that I have had a huge thing for her, I hope that she likes me but I dont think I have a chance. Through out my life I have been expected to act a certain way. My life was not good, I had made alot of mistakes in my life but i am willing to change for this girl. I would do anything for this girl.
I did not expect someone to come in my life and show me all that love and than well i opend up and then i guess i just fell hard in love. Something unexpected happend and as i was trying to do everything right seemed that I was donig everything wrong. I dont want to live like this fo the rest of my life. I have anger problems and now I am showing my anger problems. Now iam I think iam pushing her away. I dont want to push her away, I want to be with her for the rest of my life. And make her my wife.

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