School and Valentine's Day

February 24, 2008
By Megan Schommer, Winchester, KY

First Period

A tall brunette boy with green eyes passes a note to the blonde girl with to much makeup sitting next to him. Wonder what pathetic line he used.
She reads his tiny folded up letter and smiles at him. She scribbles something back to him and he grins.
The rest of the period they shuffle the note back and forth and make google eyes at each other.
I watch all this with disgust and tap my pencil.

The bell rings and I take my time getting my things. I dread what waits for me in the halls.
On my way out I see the note, all crumpled up on the floor. I snort. There just has to be some sort of irony here.

"Be mine?"

Thats all I could read before I threw it away, snarling.

In The Hallway

Hundreds of people with pink, red, and white bags, full of heart shaped boxes of chocolate swinging from their wrists, fill the hallways. I sigh as couples exchange gifts and saliva.

Second Period

Finnaly, I make it to class were I hope I'll be free of the "happy" couples. I sling my messenger back over the back of my chair and try my best to pay attention.

I can't. My eyes are glued to the bright red bag decorated in pink hearts. I glower at it and its pale pink tissue paper. Its owner keeps glancing at me, she must think I'm staring at her.

Third Period

Again I try to make sense of the teacher's babbling, but I'm distracted. A short girl with red pigtails enters the room, parading a bouque of yellow roses. She bounces to her seat where all her friends admire over her treasure.
I put in my earphones, though I'm not supposed to, but I'm in no mood to care.

Fourth Period

"Oh look what Robbie gave me!" A blue eyed girl squeals. She hands her friend a pink cards that reads Happy Valentine's Day.
"That is so-o cute! I wish Blake would have gotten me something like this." she pouts.
"What did you get?"
"Just these." She pulls a box of those stupid chalk-flavored hearts out of her purse.
"Oh. I'm sorry."
"It's ok. I was thinking about dumping him anyway."

Again, irony? I turn my head away from them and burry my face into a book.

Fifth Period

I take my seat in the back next to Devon. She nods her head toward the girl three desks away from us. A giant heart-shaped balloon wiggles in the air above her. We both groan and look away. I'm glad I'm not alone in my anti-Valentine's Day feelings.

Sixth Period

"So, since its Valentine's Day I thought it would be cute to write a poem to someone you love."
"Joy" I mutter to myself.
I grab a red piece of construction paper and stare at it for a half hour.
Sure I could have come up with some stupid overly cliche crap but I didn't.

Seventh Period

Only one last class to get through and I'll be rid of their plastic hearts,chocolate, and pointless cards. I lay my head down on my desk and watch the clock.

A burst of noise makes me turn my head. A girl with short brown hair takes a seat next to me. Three fake roses poke out of her purse. She turns around to the girl behind her and points at her plastic carnations. They giggle and dive into a conversation about their boyfriends.
"You'll never guess what he said to me!"
"He handed them to me and said 'I'll love you until these roses die.' Isn't that so romantic?"
"Oh my god that is!"

I growl and look away, but the roses seem to stare at me.
Only a little while longer. I tell myself.

The bell rings and I sling my bag over my shoulder and get on the bus as fast as I can. Finnaly its over.
At least until next year.

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