NYC...1st Time Visit

February 15, 2008
By Amanpreet Kaur, Germantown, MD

My father is gone, away with the wind. Probably on his way to heaven right now. “Tinker Bells” , he used to call me. Now, I’m just Bella, plain 13-year old Bella, stuck in Springville, London. If I had a mom, I would probably still be a someone, but since I don’t have one, I’m just plain Bella. Stuck in the present.

I jumped from the sofa to the ground. Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t realized that someone was ringing the doorbell. Probably some neighbor, I thought. Opening the door, I was shocked, it was that government person that I saw on T.V.

“ Hello, I am Mr. Richard from the government. I would like to tell you that you don’t have any relatives in London, so the government has decided that you shall go to the Londons’ Ladies’ Orphanage. Your father has left you a very large amount of money which is enough to pay for The Luxury Room. Also, with that, you will receive proper education.”

“ Can’t I stay here?” I asked.

“ I’m sorry, but no. You are too young and we believe you are not mature enough to stay alone. Besides, we have decided to put the money that we receive selling this house in your bank account. Thank you & Good-Bye.”

I slammed the door in his face. This was it! I had had enough. This was getting out of hand; I was NOT A CHILD! They were not going to sell this house & they CAN’T make me go to the stupid orphanage. I knew exactly what I was going to do, RUN AWAY!

First things First, I needed to make a list of things I needed to do.

List of things 2-do 2-day.
Get tickets to NYC for tomorrow -1sr class.
Travel kit
Go to bank
Get credit card payments to be paid automatically
Get extra on hand cash
Buy a purse
Buy pretty new clothes- ha-ha
Get some sleep- I really need some- ha-ha

Now that I had the list, I needed to finish all the things on it! I wonder how long it would take to finish them.

Finally, I’m done and SO TIRED! I only had one thing to do, Sleep. Then, I would be done with my work. After, I would wake up at 7:00 a.m. and go to the airport. My flight was at 11:00 a.m. and I would arrive the day after at 6:00 a.m. From that, I would go to the hotel shift which would take me to the hotel, where I had unlimited stay, hopefully. So…now…SLEEP!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!!!! “Who’s there?” I screamed! Oh. It was just my alarm clock, how stupid of me. Today, I realized after awhile, was the big day! Big emotions FELL on me. Sadness, Nervousness, anger, happiness, excitement, and suddenly, something hit me hard! I was going to miss my BFFL ( best friend for life), Kathy, SO MUCH! OMG! I needed to call her. Quickly dialing her number, I thought of what to say.

“Hello?” It was her. My mind went blank. What was I going to say to her? I couldn’t think.

“Um…Kathy? This is Bella. I’m sorry about this but I’ll miss you so much & I’ll always be your friend, but I’m sorry…BYE!” The words rushed out of my mouth without thinking about what I was saying. I wonder if she even understood what I was saying. To her, it probably sounded like, “umkuthytisisbellaimsurryboutdisbutillmisusomuchandilulweysbeurfrendbatimsurryBYE!”

“What are you talking about?”

“BYE!” I shouted without thinking again. She was probably very hurt.

“Huh?” She really sounded like she was utterly confused.

I hung up. I couldn’t take hurting her anymore. I had never hurt her so much in all of the years of our friendship as I just did in those 2 minutes. I felt like I was going to burst. My eyes filled up with crystal , damp tears. I felt one rolling down my cheek. Out of nowhere, there was storm of tears gushing out unstoppably!

Once my storm came to a halt, I checked the clock. 7:30! I needed to be out of here by 8:30 ,so I could be at my flight on time. Rushing on brushing my teeth, a quick shower, and I was down the stairs, ready with my tickets in hand, suitcase in the other and my purse on my shoulder. It held my cell phone, my credit card & about $500 in cash. Wow.

Out the door, “ Taxi!” I screamed! “Take me to the London airport!” I said to the driver as soon as I sat in.

We were there. “ How much?” I asked. “I only have money in dollars.

“Huh? Well…then…$25.”

“Here!” I threw the money at him. He took my suitcase out and handed it to me. “Thanks!”

My flight! I checked my watch, “9:00!” I accidentally said out loud. I half ran to my terminal. “ Boarding starts in 1 ½ hours. “

“We’re going to start boarding now!” The lady announced after awhile. OMG! I gave her my passport and ticket. She checked it and then gave me it back. My seat was one of the very first ones. Sitting down, I tried to relax. I had forgotten the fact that I had never rode in a plane before. “How stupid of me!“ I thought to myself. My eyes closed once again and I lost track of everything.

“We have arrived at JFK airport!” Wow, we were already here? Rush! Rush! Rush! The next shuttle would leave at 6:30. Right now, it was 6:20. GROWL! Oh, shut up stomach, I thought. 10 min! Rush! Rush! Rush! Like OMG, is that what life was about? If it was, then I’d be dead in a RUSH! “Ha-ha.” I said sarcastically to myself.

“THE NEW YORK CITY HOTEL!” The speaker announced.

“Thank you,” I said to the driver in a rush, handing him $5 as a tip.

“Yes? How may I help you?” The desk lady asked.

“ I need a luxury suite room for unlimited stay, I will pay at the end of my stay & I would like lunch & dinner included, Please. I got a deal with my ticket. Here.” I showed her my ticket. “See?”

“Oh! Room#101! Got straight, turn right & you’ll see your room.”


Opening the door to the room, I heard a phone ring. It was the one in my room. Picking it up, I heard a familiar voice. Panic built inside of me. IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL! HOW’D THEY FIND ME?

“We know where you are and we’re coming to GET YOU!” His voice sounded SO SCARY! I THOUGHT I WAS IN A NIGHTMARE.

“NO! You can’t!”

“Oh, yes we can!” Then, the line went dead, he had hung up. HOW SCARY!

OMG1 So, they knew where I was. How? Well…I guess it’s time to move, TO ANOTHER HOTEL!

I ran down to the lady.

“I’m checking out!”

“Already?” Her tone was that of a surprised one. I wonder why. Ha-ha. Sarcasm.

“Yes. How much?”

“ Um…your bill is $0. We only count per day. So…you can leave.”

“ Oh. Thank you very much.” She probably thought it was supposed to be some kind of weird joke. I miss you daddy. Don’t I say the most random things at the most random times?

Taking all my stuff, I left. “ TAXI!” I screamed! I was probably going to lose my voice soon.

One stopped. “ Um…yeah? Whatdayawant?”

“Can you take me to any hotel that’s about 10 miles away?”

“I only know one. It’s where the Richie peoples go. I don’t think you no rich person.
It’s the Dream Hotel. $396 per night.”

“Lets’ go!”

“Sure, no prob with me.” We got there in about 10 min.

“How much?” I asked him.

“ Um…$20.65!”

“ Here!” I threw the money at him. Not exactly but I was in a rush, so…yah.

“Would you like a room?” This time the person at the desk was a man.

“ Yes, please. 1 night. Thanks.”

“Here you go.” He gave me my key and the directions.

“Thanks.” I rushed away. “ Finally, I can relax.” Lying on the bed, I thought about all that had happened. My fathers’ death, my 1st ride on a plane, The New York Taxi Experience, The New York Hotel, The phone call, and now, a lil’ relaxation at The Dream Hotel. My eyes closed without my permission. I checked the time only last time, 8:30 A.M.

When I woke up, the first thing my eyes saw was the time. 5:30! How long had I slept? Oops! I heard the same familiar voice from the phone outside of my door. This totally meant I was having a nightmare. No, I wasn’t! This was like SO real to be fake. I went to door and opened it VERY slowly. No, what I saw was what I would see in a nightmare. Nowhere else. Nope, this was so real. OMG! My BFFL, Kat, was there!

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t let you go.” she said in a quiet voice.

“That’s k. I understand. Like, totally!” I explained, not mad at all.

‘You are coming with us, Ms. Bella,” The officer ordered to me sharply.

“NO, I’M NOT!” I replied in the same tone, “But I will, on one condition,” This time, I said it more calmer and slyly.

“Which is?????”

“ I don’t have to go to the Lady’s whatever thingy, and I get to stay in my house.” I wasn’t asking too much. Was I?

“I have a condition, also. You let us hire a caretaker. Is that fine?” To me, it sounded fair enough.

“ Sure?” I asked. It was fine, “As long as it’s not a mean one. Is that fair?”

“Sure? So, it’s settled.”

“Yup!” Out of nowhere, I started running around the room without caring about who was there. Out of nowhere, again, I started screaming. Kat joined me. “Yaaaaaaaah!” we both screamed.

The two men looked at us like we were wild monkeys. Ha-ha. This time, it wasn’t sarcasm.

We rode to the airport in a limousine. The man already had tickets for us to go back. Once in London, I went straight to my house. “It’s good to be home, isn’t it?” I asked myself.

The woman that was my caretaker was already there. She was the pretty model type. She told me her name was Lisa, so me and Lisa lived together. And, like a fairytale adventure, we lived happily ever after. ‘cept for the fact that we weren’t a princess who defeated the evil witch. It was the happily ever after of your average girl defeating a evil government man who besides defeating the evil man, also got a fairy-god mother named Lisa. Ha-ha. I learned a lesson from my lil’ adventure, life doesn’t rush you, you make life rush.

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