A Little Boy

January 4, 2008
By Zahra Mohammed, Sacramento, CA

There was a little boy who was very gullible and easily afraid of things. One day, he heard someone knocking at the front door.
“Who is it?” the boy asked.
No one answered. They just kept knocking. Then all of a sudden the door banged open and the boy screamed at what he saw out there. He saw a very ancient old woman, with green stuff in her teeth and a long purple tongue was sticking out. She had only two strands of hair and it was tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a green dress with fungus on the outside of it. Then she started to laugh and very evil laugh.
The boy was frightened.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“Nothing!” said the old lady.
“Then get out of here,” said the boy.
“No! I will stay here forever and you will never get rid of me that easily!” said the old lady. Her breath was so stinky that the boy had to hold his breath while she was talking. She only had a few teeth in her mouth and it looked scary to the little boy. The old lady suddenly fell down holding her stomach, and the boy was worried.
“Are you okay?” asked the boy.
“Shut up,” said the old lady, while still holding her stomach.
After about five minutes she got up again and pretended nothing had happened. The boy was suddenly scared and he shouted, “Mom! Dad! Help!”
No one answered him, and he realized they were not at home. The old lady laughed and said in her creaky voice,
“See, everyone hates you. Now I will be your mother forever.”
“No!,” said the boy. “What did you do with my parents?”
“They’re gone, and you will never see them again,” said the old lady.
“Why? I didn’t do anything,” he said.
“Enough talking, now go to bed!” she screamed.

The boy had no choice but to obey her. So he went off to his room and laid down on his bed to sleep, but he couldn’t. He kept thinking about what the old lady said, and he suddenly had an idea. He stayed in his bed until he was sure the old lady was asleep, then he slowly got up and opened the door in his room. He walked out to the kitchen and pulled out a knife from the cupboard. He held it tightly in his hand and tiptoed to his parents’ room, because he was sure the old lady was sleeping in there. He opened the door slowly and saw his older brother Sam, sleeping in there!
“Oh my God! What happened to the old lady?” the boy screamed.
Sam woke up and saw his little brother standing there really angry. Then Sam started to laugh and couldn’t stop.
“The look on your face was so funny! You really thought it was an evil witch?” Sam said, laughing. “ Man, it was so easy scaring you!”
“You mean, you were the old lady?! What happened to Mom and Dad?” the boy asked furiously, with the knife still clutched in his hand.
“They went to a late night conference dummy! I can’t believe you fell for it,” Sam said breathless with laughter. “I actually laughed myself to sleep!”
“Then what happened to you back there, with you holding your stomach like that?” the boy asked.
“Oh, I couldn’t keep my laughter in much longer and had to hide my face from you,” Sam explained. Then he suddenly eyed the knife in the little boy’s hand and said grinning, “You weren’t actually going to kill me with that, were you?”
“Just shut up and leave me alone!” the boy screamed.
He couldn’t believe he fell for that dumb trick of his brother’s. The old lady looked so real, and his brother couldn’t possibly look like that, but his brother was good with disguises so it was probably easy for him. Sam probably took that green old dress from the attic and put on a mask he bought from some store. He stalked out of the room and went to bed fuming, then after a while he started giggling with relief and at his own stupidity for not recognizing his brother and that moldy old dress that belonged to his great aunt.

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