5 Feet Away

January 5, 2012
By shyshy2233 GOLD, Mojave, California
shyshy2233 GOLD, Mojave, California
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this could always be worse<3

Your 5 feet away
5 feet i cant walk
meaning you cant hold me, protect me, touch me
All my life things have been like this
right there, close enough to see i just cant reach
So now i got all this spare time.
i pace back and forth not knowing what to think or do.
what should i say and what should i think.
Mind so jumbled , so bad to the point im paralized.
I cant move so i lay motionless
not knowing,,
running all these past images through my mind.
Not knowing or thinking 5 feet,,
just 5 feet could keep me from so much
save me so much,
5 feet determines so much

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