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December 28, 2011
By Zoeista SILVER, Grand Junction, Colorado
Zoeista SILVER, Grand Junction, Colorado
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"Im not bad im just drawin that way"

Mom, i Mom, is that you? It is! Well mom I’ve been here for awhile, I’m lost… At least I think so, this place it looks so familiar, but all the pictures they’re blank and the people here they’re faces are smudges. I can here you talking to the doctors I haven’t been keeping track of how long I’ve been here, but I guess they have they say I’ve been here for a few weeks.

Mom where are they? In the pictures they’re four spaces not two, who were they? Maybe if you talked a little louder, you and the doctor talk in such a hush, or at least that’s what it sounds I can’t hear much over the beeping I think they’re machines I can’t see anything.
Mom is that true? It’s not a dream? I’m in a coma how did this happen? I fell like if I don’t find out I’ll be lost here forever. As weeks turn into months it’s getting darker, the people with the smudge faces they all are starting to disappear. Some of them are starting to be cleaeerlike Auntie Emma, she’s here, and she doesn’t talk much… was she always like that?
Mom the beeping got louder and there’s a cold tingle running down my back, things are really dark here now. In here I found a few more things nothing that important, but they’re still pieces. I found three cars parked in the middle of the street, one blue Mustang, one white minivan, one green with a license plant that have the name Jenna4 on it, inside there is a picture of a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes hugging and older women with the same blue eyes and blonde hair. It looks so familiar. Mom is that me and you? Is my name Jennifer?
Mom, I heard what the doctor was saying to you. Life support, are you going to talk me off it? Mom I’m lost, but I will find my way back I just need more time!
I can see them now! In that picture, I remember them, dads caring green eyes and graying black hair, Joshua his crocked smile, I used to call him the alien, because of his Brown eyes and hair. Mom I fell you brushing my hair away from my face, I can here you talking about them, the time we all went fishing… I don’t remember this story. Mom why are you crying? Why don’t I remember this story? Mom? Mom?
A week? Mom I can do it in a week? My life ends in a week? A week? I still don’t know why this happened. I don’t know anything. A week. A week.
Mom, I love you. I’ll miss you. If I can’t come back and my dad and brother, your husband and son, don’t wake up or are …. I’m sorry.

The beeping it’s getting softer and softer in here its cold, I can’t move. The windows in this house are blocked by the faceless people.
I can see it the sky is dark we’re driving home in the green car I saw before, my car, were all driving together. Suddenly bright lights swerve into view next thing I know I’m flying glass piece trail me like star dust blood mixing with the glass making it sparkling in the moon light. I ground rushes up to meet me in a angry blood lusting swoop it covers me in blackness.
Mom it’s okay I’m ready to die.

The author's comments:
Here's a piece... kinda bad. I think it's okay. :D tell me what you think!

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