Cannibal Island

November 23, 2011
By carlalee BRONZE, San Lorenzo, Other
carlalee BRONZE, San Lorenzo, Other
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- Ghandi

I slowly opened my eyes to realize that I am faced down on the floor. The hair smells of dirt and something metallic, maybe blood. When I tried to sit every bone in my body aches, especially my head when I touch my forehead I feel something liquid, I looked at it only to realize it is my blood. My hands start to shake, I always get dizzy when I see blood. I take a deep breath and finally take in my surroundings, everything is dark, there is a big opening where far away you can see the sun coming up, I came to realize that it was a cave. I tried to remember how I got here, but I couldn't’t remember.

I heard a sound from the inside of the cave when I turned around I saw dark figures, they looked human. When one of the figures stepped forward, a man in ripped clothing, he had no shoes, his eyes were wild. The people behind him stepped forward, women, children all looked the same wild, hungry.
“What happened to you? What happened to me? Where are we?” I asked quickly, I tried to get up but didn’t succeed.
“You don’t remember? You must have hit your head pretty badly. We were in a shipwreck, very few survived. I don’t know how you got here, but some of us swam to this island or used a boat, the boats shattered to pieces on the beach thanks to the rocks.” Said the skinny, wild looking man that had stepped forward first, apparently the leader of the group.
I felt numb I didn’t remember any shipwreck, coming to think of it I didn’t even remember my name. A little boy licked his lips at me, I didn’t know why but it sent chills down my spine.
“We have been here for about a week now.” The leader of the group said.
“What have you been eating?” I asked.
The little boy smiled at me. “People!” he said. The leader smiled at me.
“Please don’t eat me. I’m a smart person, I can help to get us out if this island or wherever we are.” I said nervously.
“Listen we found you just in time, its getting hard to choose who we are going to kill, we already ate the strongest and the weakest of the group. ” the leader said.
“I can help-”
“How can you help us, you can’t even remember your own name. Can you now? ” the leader interrupted me, he took a step forward, and I dragged myself farther away from him and try to get to the entrance of the cave. But out of nowhere a young man block my entrance. I couldn't’t breath.
“Please don’t, eating people is wrong! We feel pain!” I yelled, my eyes were starting to water.
“What is the difference with killing an animal and killing a human, they feel pain to if you didn’t know!” he was yelling now, his muddy face feel with anger, I could only see his eyes that looked hungry.

He started to come closer to me. The guy that was blocking the entrance of the cave, started to come closer to. The leader grabbed me by the legs and the young man that blocked the entrance grabbed my arms. I started to kick and scream, trying to break loose, but they were still stronger than me. The entire group made way to let me and my capturers pass, they were walking to the inside of the cave. I begged the people in the group to help me, but none of them even looked at me, except for the little boy, he was looking at me, smiling at my fear and pain, I had just came to notice that he looked like a little angel, blonde hair, cute smile, except his blue eyes looked evil.
Finally the threw me on the ground next to a fire, I turned around to find the group closing in on me, I started to scream and the darkness…

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