The Painter

November 10, 2011
By Kathy Kang BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Kathy Kang BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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There was once a man who tried to make a painting out of every color in the world. He used things like sapphire, violet, topaz, emerald, gold, indigo, amber, teal, and periwinkle. However there was one kind of color he never used. So he could never finish his masterpiece. The color he could never use was red. It seemed that painting red would destroy it. Over time he still could not finish his masterpiece. Then a woman came to him and told him that she could help him finish his painting. With the desperation he pleads that he would do anything. Then in an instant she vanished. Afterwards he went to where his unfinished painting was and sat. He stared at his unfinished masterpiece. Suddenly a voice whispered in his head, “You must use red.” The voice laughed and he suddenly moved against his will. He started splashing colors of scarlet, Ruby, Harlot, and burgundy on his painting. The voice the women he met whispered the only color left is blood. He slit his wrist and slashed his blood on top of his painting and died. A painting with every color in the world marred with death.

The author's comments:
It was an assignment writing about colors.

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