The Puppy Reevolution

November 5, 2011
By chinnychilla12 SILVER, Providence, Rhode Island
chinnychilla12 SILVER, Providence, Rhode Island
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Chapter Two

Sasha and Malia Obama are the two adorable (as stated by everyone) daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama. Ever since Barack became president, I thought it’d be cute to create animal personas of the family and add them to my huge collection of characters. They’re not exactly like the Obamas because I thought that’d be pretty boring, so I decided to make them a bit cuter and funnier for entertainment.
Anyway, Malia is Phillip’s on -and -off puppy girlfriend who nags him and is downright gullible, whereas Sasha is kinder and wants to be just like her big sister. Even Bo has a role as the talking pet fuzzle. (A fuzzle is a talking furry dog-like creature with no visible ears or nose.)
The story they’re about to be featured in is based off a comic I’ve made a couple years ago. The plot is a reference to fact that Michelle is probably the only wealthy person who will pick up after herself.

It was a dull Friday afternoon. Malia, Sasha, and their pet fuzzle, Bo were lazily lying on the White House lawn, not doing much today, with the gentle breeze blowing though their fur.
“I’m sooo bored” Sasha mumbled.
“It’s ironic that there’s like, a million things to do here and yet nothing to do at all.” Malia grumbled. “How’s about we look at clouds?” Bo suggested. “It’s not the country, Bo, we’re in the city.” Malia said sarcastically, pulling blades of grass.
The three of them lay there, complaining a bit more as they stared into the sky. It was a bright blue; until it suddenly turned dark brown. It was their mother, Michelle, literally overshadowing them. “All right kids. You’ve had your fun, but now, it’s time to go inside and clean up your rooms.” she ordered. “But mom, we’re busy enjoying nothing!” Sasha mumbled out again. “Well then, consider yourselves not going to Switzerland with me tomorrow”. She stormed off.
Malia couldn’t stand it any longer “You know what?” she barked “I am so tired of mom telling to do our own chores! I mean, come on! We have servants! Jeez!” “I don’t know Malia.” Sasha pointed out. “I think mom’s just showing us how other kids have to do their own chores.” Malia and Bo exchanged blank looks. “Yeah I’m with Malia. I’m tired of all this. We should teach mom a lesson!” Bo shouted out.

“I’ll be right back Jill. I’m going to check on the kids.” Michelle got up from her teatime with Dr. Jillaroo “Jill” Biden and started down the hallway. She thought she’d check Malia’s room first.
Michelle approached her room and knocked, but no one answered. That’s strange. She thought. Michelle opened the door and peeked. The room wasn’t tidy, and Malia, Sasha and Bo were nowhere to be seen. She was starting to get irritated. “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU KIDS TO CL—” her words got cut short when a large blue sheet suddenly draped over her. “AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!” The frightened spaniel shrieked. “Someone shut her up!” Malia commanded. Bo struck the squirming mass with a lamp and the screaming fell silent.
The three of them tied the ends of the blanket and then heaved it out an open window. They stood there, with proud smirks upon their faces. “A job well done” Malia merrily said. “I guess…” Sasha still wasn’t too thrilled about what they had accomplished.
The puppy sisters and joyful fuzzle marched out the bedroom for a celebration smoothie when they heard a familiar voice. “WHAT HAVE YOU KIDS DONE?!” Barack couldn’t believe his eyes. His wife was falling to her death by the paws of his own children (and pet) thinking fast, he dashed to the window, and hopped out after her.
“This is your fault Malia! Now we’re as dead as mom!” Sasha cried out. “Hey, I did what I believed in; you didn’t have to follow me” Sasha turned bright red.

“EEEELLLLLEEEE!!!!” Barack screamed at the top of his lungs as he fell faster and faster. He plunged in a thick bush below. The traumatized Chihuahua arose from the bush, covered in bruises and leaves and saw a baffling sight. “What?” Michelle walked up to her husband, not a scratch on her at all! It was as if she had just walked out the White House doors.

“You have to be the most evil dog in the world to have thrown your own mother out the window!” Phyllis said in a stunned voice. “Yeah, we didn’t actually do all that…” Malia said stupidly. “We thought it’d be better if we just cleaned our rooms.”

The author's comments:
i also like to turn celebrities into characters of mine as well.

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