The Adventures of Minty I

October 19, 2011
By Fluffles SILVER, Winters, California
Fluffles SILVER, Winters, California
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once upon a tI'me, there was a piece of mint gum. his name was minty. one day, Minty went for a walk in the park. it was the only thing he could think to do since he was flat broke and his cinnamama wasn't going to give hI'm anymore money for the rest of the week. he was walking through the park when he noticed a sign. "need flexible workers." Minty was very flexible, being a piece of gum, so he pulled out his gummyphone and dialed the symbols on the sign. "hello?" was the answer on the other line. "hello. my name is Minty and i saw your sign in the park. id like to be one of your workers if it pays well." minty said as he sat down on a nearby marshmellow stump. "how old are you?" said the voice on the phone. "old enough." said Minty. "alrighty then. your hired. go to the chocolog river tomorrow morning when the marshmellow peeps crow. don't be late." click. so that was that. Minty got hI'mself a job and he could finally get some money on his own. he was so excited that he ran all the way home and went straight to bed so he wouldnt be late for his first day of work. when the sun came up, Minty got ready and left his gingerbread house. he ran all the way to the chocolog river. he got there right when the marshmellow peeps began to sing they're annoying song. Minty looked around and saw a candy cane standing a ways off. "hello. are you the man i spoke with yesterday? my name is Minty." Minty said to the stripped cane. "yes minty. I'm glad you could make it. once the job is over you will get a very large sum of money." said the candy cane. "by the way. my name is Joseph. Joseph Cane. but you can call me Joe." alright Joe. so what do you-" Minty began but was soon cut off "ah i remember being your age. that was before i got this here hook. i got this hook back in the vegcane battle of 89. ah those were the days. fightin off carrots and peas." Joe began to talk about his days in the war when Minty broke in "Joe. id LOVE to hear your story but er... what was the job you needed me to do?" Joe scratched his head and thought for a second. "hmm... oh yes that's right. over there." he said pointing to a pile of chocolate logs "i dropped my candycard in there and I'm not flexible enough to get it out. do ya think you can wriggle your way in there and get it for me?" Minty looked at hI'm puzzled and then walked over to the pile of logs and leaned into them and found the card. he retrieved it and took it back to Joe."here you go" said Minty handing it back to Joe. "well thanks young man!!! heres your pay" he handed Minty a large stack of money and turned and walked away whistling some old war tune. Minty looked at the money in his hand, smiled and ran all the way home to start hiding it around his room before going to the store.
the end.

The author's comments:
my friend inspired me to write this :D

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