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I Found It

September 6, 2011
By 1TomBoy SILVER, City, Other
1TomBoy SILVER, City, Other
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I have a brilliant idea!

I’ve been told that we all have that one gift; that one gift meant to save the world from itself. That gift that God gave us to change the world into a world that we all can love and learn from God to live life the best we can.
I can draw
But for some reason the picture wouldn’t come to my mind on how it can changed the world; also I second guess myself on how to draw a picture to inspire. I try to use that gift for God and his purpose but, the picture would come.
I can write
But for some reason the words would come to me. I couldn’t think of a way to write the words to teach others how great God is and how he has changed my heart. My hand doesn’t recognized the words and I keep feeling like I would word everything wrong making it sound stiff and old; the same stuff you hear from everyone else even if it’s true
I can sing
Words can’t flow onto paper, nor can it flow out of my mouth. I love singing a beautiful song of God’s love that people have written about. The way they describe the tune and words in the song will make anyone want to just want to jump up and call out his name in glory. I couldn’t do it well enough in my view. I can hear the tune in my head; the wonderful tune of God’s words flowing in and out of my lungs. But the song can’t make it to the throat or out my mouth the way I wanted it to.
I found a way that was perfect for my fingers, my voice, my head, and the words in my heart. A guitar can be all those things combined. The art of the strings, the writing in the sound, the singing in my beat, the words still don’t come out my drawings or mouth or lungs. The strings do that for me. Inspiration in something made of wood and made of hope. Not only to inspire others but, to inspire me that if something isn’t come out write find another way to get it out to the world. The world needs God and now I’m learning my gift to let people know.
Find it, Use it, and Love it

The author's comments:
God may have a different and better plan for you

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