The Lost Perspective

August 22, 2011
By ramsox BRONZE, Morrisonville, New York
ramsox BRONZE, Morrisonville, New York
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I sat completely still, curiosity burning though my young soul. Why was it so dark? Why was I there? Where was there exactly? Most importantly, who was I? I remained motionless in what to me was like a jail cell, but also the only home I have ever known. Cold, dark, uninhabited, but still a home. As what I believed to be my coffin, and final resting place slowly opened, I was unwrapped and the first rays of light shined through. Ironically my life began.

I am moved for the first time, not understanding what was going on. I was soon placed on a creature that I have never seen before. Everything at that exact moment just felt right. No one else could possibly understand the feelings of joy that overcame me. I finally found out my purpose in life: to provide comfort and support to this foreign creature’s walking needs. This foreign creature would very soon be my best friend, my only friend.

I seemed to go about the remainder of my life on a fairly routine basis. Every morning this creature would slip me on and every night he would take me off and discard me in the same dark, smelly place. This may sound very monotonous to say the least, but what occurred between day and night made everything more then okay, it made life worth living. My life was no longer pointless. I got to travel at very fast speeds, jump high into the air, get dirty, and just have fun.

As the years went by, my colors wore away, my traction lessened, but none of this ever seemed to faze me until I realized that I was being used less and less. I caught glimpses of my creature, my best friend, clad in vibrant, newer versions of what I used to be. I only seemed to come out when work had to be done, when a sweat had to be worked up, when my purpose was to get dirty. This new, unfair role angered me, and the lack of attention fueled my jealousy.

As the visits decreased, I waited and waited for the next time my best friend would search through his mess to find me so I could aid him with all the love and hard work I had to offer, but I realized this day wasn’t going to come again. My life was over and I now had absolutely nothing else to live for. I died a lonely, forgotten, smelly piece of material. Used and abused through the years and never once appreciated.

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