October 11, 2007
As I walked down the street on the hot summer day, a cool breeze hit my face and cooled me for a short while. I came to a hill and walked up to avoid the puddles from last night’s thunderstorm. The overcast sky was as gloomy as a haunted house, and gave the day a sad mood. Once the hill ended, I passed my friends house who was away on vacation, so the empty driveway looked like a ghost town. As the walk continued the thick, humid air became a nuisance. The end of the street came and the house-owner was mowing his plush, green lawn with great pride. As I made my way back up the street, another breeze came which gave the day a blissful feeling, but once the short breeze ended the atmosphere was as murky as it has been all day. All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning flew across the sky it began to drizzle. I did not mind this, because it gave me a refreshing feeling. Then seconds later the sky broke open into a torrential down-pour. I sprinted carelessly and slipped on a wet leaf and hit the ground. My knee was scraped and bruised. As I got up and started my sprint again, but I couldn’t reach my house. As fast as I ran I still couldn’t reach it, and then my mom said “Wake up Mike time for school.”

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