Snow Day

September 27, 2007
By Justin Lindsay, Matthews, NC

One morning when I woke up I turned on my TV to the news. I saw that most of Matthews was white on the news map and the weather man said that we will have heavy snowstorms for the next three days. I opened my window to find clear snow crystals falling on my face and a chilly breeze rushing over me. “Yes”, I yelled at the top of my lungs, I ran down stairs to ask my mom if school canceled. When I asked, she said “no”, with a sigh and told me that Creatable was the only school up and running.

At 7:37 when I arrived at school it was snowing so bad that I could barley see were I was going. I had a hard time thinking at school that day other than the fact that the school had the cold air condition on high. My head hurt because while the other kids were playing outside in the snow I was trapped doing school work inside Creatable.

When I was working I kept hearing Justin, Justin off the side of my ear. I opened my eyes and I realized that it was all a dream. I looked outside and it was actually snowing. I asked my mom if I had school and she said, yes and to go get dressed right away. “OH NO”! I yelled, not again.

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