Halloween History

September 1, 2007
By Hira Adhami, Mason, OH

No one knows what got into the Sevices. Maybe they just wanted some attention. People want to know the real story and no one has ever really got close to the actual history. As for me, I know everything.
The Sevices had a rather particular family. There was a father and a mother and two kids. Their son was really bad at making friends. He always wondered why people were so friendly and why they were so wrried if their friendships were at stake. He was ahy and really hated books.Some called him a nerd, but those who thought that never lived very long. You see, the Seveces son would always find out about those who made fun of him and he would take care of that very easily in a way in which you would not like to know. But what was most strange about him was that he had no name. So everyone just called him the sevec son. That seemed to work out for everyone and him.
Next in the family came Pauwau. Now, she was the one no body liked. Someone found out that her name meant witch in the native american language. The next day, everyone heard about it and she was hated beyond belief. That may not sound fair, but the things that she would do to hurt other people, physically and mentally, made it clear that she was no person to toggle with. She was the exact oposite of her brother. She was never shy, she always had to bud into conversations and turn everyone against each other, and the fact that she ahd a name was different too. She made her brother look like the god of kindess! But one thing they had in common was that they were both evil in a way, a torturing, endless possibility where sadness and depression meant nothing and you were thrown into a world of complete and utter darkness and hatred, and you could never get out, not ever.
The legends and myths these Seveces made up! It is incomprehensible! They made up bloody mary, a girl being in a graveyard at night and found dead the next morning in a graveyard statues arms, a hitchhiker being seen multiple times that is actually dead,a movie about witches three children taped that eventually disappeared, a dream somehow keeping a woman from a crash, and much more. And somehow, those myths and rumors turned out to happen.... Nothing seems to explain any of it.
Then one day, the girl and boy disappeared. The parents didn't really seem too shocked or worried about it, like they sort of knew what happened to them. A few thought the parents killed them or put them under a spell or sent them away forever while others say the parents were just cruel and they really didn't care about the two children. Th queer thing is that whoever gossiped about how terrible they were all got kidnapped and were found dead within a 2 mile radius of the Seveces' house. Some were even found dead on the house porch! No one thinks the Seveces are all bad, because those who think badly of them are dead.
I, however, have finally found the answer, after years and years of research,that I am not so lucky. My family was cursed by the Seveces, and not one of my family members has ever told me, but it's true. The Seveces were mortal enemies with my family and they put the dreaded curse on us, that all out children will disappear when they turn either the girl's or the boy's age of the time they disappeared. So I say that the Seveces parents did care that their children disappeared, but they just never let themselves show their emotions.How am I still living, you ask? Well, all the generations before me have followed this curse, as they were forced to.
When a child turns the girl's or boy's age, they disappear from their parents to a place the parents would never look, and start a family there, only for their children to have the same fate. It is almost a rule we must follow. Our minds force us to runaway at the certain ages and start over by ourselves, as the Seveces children must have done. So I guess my fate is to disappear and never see my parents or family ever again. Quite sad really. The boy and girl were only 3 years apart, and I have recently turned 2 years older than the boy, so I have 1 year until I turn the girl's age. In one year, I will no longer be known, so I wrote this paper as a good-bye to all. I bvid you a farewell and the answer to the Seveces is in your hands.


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