June 4, 2011
In the year of 3000, war and disputes around the world run amuck. Everywhere people are being killed because of the intolerance of others. From America to China and England to Africa, even Antarctica. Every army no matter how small is, it is engulfed in WWV. In schools they teach kids to hate everyone that is different, even each other. But there is one village, called Shou (that means soar or fly), that lived in peace. They all love; they were untouched by war and hate. In their village was their hero Yasu (that means peaceful). She would tell everyone about how people's differences are what make them great. Everyone loved her. One day a girl from the village named Laruen said that everyone here loved her, but they already knew what she had to say. She needed to go and fix the war in the world, make everyone else loving and happy. With that Yasu sent out around the world to each village and town to spread her word. She had a magical power that made her mission possible. She had magical charisma that put everyone under a spell. Some towns and villages were hard to persuade because they would not listen, but as soon as they did, there was peace and love. Yasu got down to the last village, named Sodom. Once she stepped up onto the stage, the whole town there to watch, there was a loud sharp bang, and Yasu falls. All the news reporter go crazy reporting this and the news even reaches Shou. Everyone in Shou went into mourning; but Laruen thought maybe she could do something. Laruen ventured to Sodom and got up on the stage where her hero fell. She did not have the same power as her hero Yasu, but she still tried to talk them into what Yasu was spreading, love, peace, understanding. She talked to the village for hours and hours and days and days. When hope seemed to almost be gone, people started to understand. They all loved and cared, and thought, this is better. When Laruen realized people started to understand steady streams of tears ran down her face, and she dropped to her knees and looked up to the heavens and said "You did it Yasu-sama! You changed the world!"

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