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May 20, 2011
Rabbits are sociable creatures. In fact any respectable rabbit would rather not be alone. Without company one loses the jauntiness of one’s ears and the spring in one’s step. It is best to be in groups if one can, for one never knows the sort of trouble being alone could cause. Wily McDaniel was the sort of rabbit who often got into mischief. This was as his sisters stated solely because Wily chose to go off on his own into the big bright world. Wily often played by himself in the woods, he rarely joined the other young bunnies in the clover. His parents worried, his sisters speculated, but no one knew why Wily preferred to be alone.
“He’s got some terrible secret,” cried one of his sister’s classmates, “some terrible trick that makes him unrespectable, for every respectable rabbit prefers company.”
“He isn’t a rabbit at all,” cried another,” he’s really a kitten that your parents adopted.”
So they agreed Wily was not a rabbit at all he was a kitten. For kittens grow to be cats, and cats are always lonely creatures. But Wily was not a cat; Wily was a rabbit, a rabbit with a secret. Not some terrible secret that made him unrespectable. A normal secret he just did not want to share. For when Wily was alone he never really was. Wily had one secret friend that he visited every evening. Her name was Saka. Saka was a very pretty bunny who lived in the moon. She would talk to Wily every night and would listen to his problems and laugh with him. Wily never knew it but he saved Saka from loneliness. For the moon is very lonely with nothing but craters. Wily never minded what the other rabbits thought of him. He was just happy having one true friend. His friend in the moon.

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