December 15, 2007
"F**k man, what are we going to do?" Sam asked frantically, his mousy nature taking hold of him
"Calm down, its simple, we keep moving" I said, my own animalistic nature taking over, in this case, my panther associations. It has been a long road, this war. But it was just about over. All me and sam had to do was get over the mountains, through the bog, and we would arrive at base camp. But it would take work. Sam was a nerd, no offence, but he was. He could hack into anything. He was also fantastic and fashining upgrades and diffrent weapons out of his surrounding nature. But he wasnt too strong. Nope the lean grey mouse would have to stand by and let me do the heavy stuff. But atleast he could shoot. Thank god for that. And he was tall, seven foot. A real advantage in any enviroment. Me on the other hand, I was the perfect comando. My black fur hid me well at night, and I was a crack shot. What took snipers a few seconds to line up with a scome, I could do in half the time by eye. I was also muscular, meaning any thing that needed muscle, I did. I was tall, six feet, but obviously shorter then my friend. But how we wound up in on this mission, only god knows. We had been sent out to the former deserts of Nevada, and I say former because now its a jungle, ever since the damn russians launched their bio weapons, every enviroment on the world has changed, making it hard to survive. Well in this thriving jungle, the last leader of the United Soviet Salvation Force, USSF (how original), was supposed to be in hiding. He was sent here to convert the masses to joining the russians in their new Hybrid government. It combined the good parts of Communism and Capatalism, kinda what the chinese had in the 21st century. Well we were to take him out. We started with ten men. Eight survived the jump, two survived the ground battle. Getting here had not been easy, but we werent going to waste it. We headed sout towards Las Vegas, now named %u043A%u0440%u0435%u043F%u043E%u0441%u04 42%u044C or Fortress. Sounds easy to get in dont it? Well we set off and it wasnt long before we hit our first snag. Outposts surrounded the city, and you could see the Thermal sensors from a mile away, even in the dense foilage. Sam got out his labtop and hacked the network, setting off the alarms, but opposite us. When the guards were gone, he made us invisble in the sensors eyes and we were off again, reaching the city in a matter of minutes. The gates were open for the intruder alert so we went in, taking out the auxillary guard left behind. The place had changed so much. Every casino was changed into a war facotry, every hotel into barracks, every sleezy bar... well actually those were the same but still. It was a fortress, and it was up to two furs to bring it down. Well might as well try. So we took to the allys, hiding in the shadows as guards or various people walked by. Soon we mounted the roofs and jumped, building to building, both of us suited to the job. But something was wrong, this was to damn easy. We lose most of our force just getting into the jungle at the entry point, yet two furs manage to bypass security and enter one of the largest and strongest military strongholds ever created on earth? But what could you do? We were in, trap or no. We had to make it to the hotel once known as Circus Circus, its amusment park now a military training zone and the rooms themselves, home to the man we were looking for. We saw the hilton hotel in the distance, its former star trek exibit now used for flight simulation, but we continued on. That feeling of unease came about me once more, so I signaled a halt while we were on the roof of a restaurant whose name I forgot to read, we were right across from Circus Circus though.
"Sam, I have a real bad feeling about this"
"Yeah Jake? You too? Thought it was just me"
"Think we should abort?"
"We're in the city, we cant now, no matter what"
"Truer words have never been spoken. Right, so what do you think we should do?"
"Do you have the codes?"
"For the Sat-Lazer? Yeah, but we cant use it unless we are about to fail"
"Why dont you give them to me? If you die and I am about to fail, we got to use it"
"You can just hack it"
"Brass told me not to, Sat will self destruct"
"Well then I guess if I die your screwed" I said, smiling a bit despite my suspicions, where only a few moments ago in the jungle I thanked God that he was here and that he could shoot, I now was growing even more uneasy about this situation.
"Give them to me" He said, his manner changing
"No, I was trusted with them, I will die with them"
"Your choice" He said, reaching to grab his side arm, but I was faster. I tackled him and ripped the gun from his holster, aiming it at him I looked into his eyes.
"Come on Jack, aint you gunna kill me?"
"I would, but" I flipped the pistol in my paw, grabbing it by the muzzle, I pistol whiped him into unconciousness, "I got work to do, and a gunshot would give me away" And with that, I turned away and stalked to the hotel, my mission, and it would seem some awnsers awaited me.

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