My Evil Twin

March 18, 2011
By elliki12 BRONZE, Aztec, New Mexico
elliki12 BRONZE, Aztec, New Mexico
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I sat quietly as I waited to be interviewed. I have waited my whole life, for this moment to come. I twirled my long strawberry blonde hair into a loose bun and let it fall back to my shoulders.
“I need Megan please.” The secretary looked around, her blues eyes scanning the room, as if she knew what I looked like. Her long brunette ponytail waved in the breeze of the fan. I stood at the same time as another woman. I casually gazed at the secretary who looked at us like we were aliens. I looked over at “the other Megan”, and was surprised to see a tall, skinny figure that looked just like me. The only difference between us was her hair that stopped just above her ear, and was obviously flat ironed. My hair stopped half way down my back, and I let it curl and wave as it pleased. She had the same small nose; the same hazel eyes, and small lips.

Suddenly I had for gotten about the interview. I joined the secretary as we stared at one another. The woman, who looked like me, didn’t look the least bit surprised. The room was silent as the secretary recovered, and looked back down at her purple, plastic, clip board with papers on it at least an inch or two high.
“Mason” she added,
“I need Megan Mason.” That wasn’t my name, so I sat back down, still dazed. The little girl who sat next to me, and looked like she was five or six tried to start a conversation with me.
“That girl looks like you.” She said.
I nodded with my eyes wide.
“Is she your twin?”
I shook my head shook half paralyzed
Then she held up her hand with all five fingers extended.
“I’m this many!” she exclaimed. She was missing her front tooth. She was cute but right now she was really annoying me. I was trying to explain how this woman looks like me. A different secretary walked out, not happy at all. Her head whipped as she spoke.
“I need Megan Smith.” She said board. I stood and walked through the large glass doors. I looked into every door as I passed, and finally came to the office that Megan Mason was in, and stopped. The secretary clearly needed a break.
“Please don’t stop ma’am. I’m very busy.” Then she looked in.
“Oh, is your sister auditioning too?” She didn’t sound like she cared. Unlike the other secretary she had grey eyes and short black hair hung loose.
“I can honestly say I have NEVER seen that woman in my life!” I explained.
The interviewer looked up.
“SALLY!” he roared. “Get her out of here. All interviews are confidential. Not even siblings can know any thing about the interview.” Megan answered.
“She’s not my sister.” She said angrily.
“What ever.” The interviewer said, “Take her to her own interview.
“Yes sir” sally answered. Just two doors down was my interviewing room. She seated me and said, “Your interviewer will be Samantha Castle. If you need any thing just press this button.” She pointed to a blue button on the arm of the chair, which had a gold bell on it. “Thank you.” She sounded like she had been through this routine a hundred times today. She left fast. I sat up strait and brushed my dark brown skirt with my hands.
Samantha walked in with a large smile plastered against her pale face.
“Hi, Megan, I’m Samantha Castle” She stuck her small hand out as she sat in her Black, leather chair. I shook it and smiled nervously.
“Hello.” I said.
“So what can you do that you think will benefit this movie?”
I pulled a manila folder out of my purse and handed it to her.
“I attended four years of acting classed at Harvard, I’m a hard worker and I’m always open to new opportunities. In high school I took theater and was the best student in the class. In the folder I just gave you, it will list all of the extra curricular activities I did all through middle and high school; which includes choir, orchestra, soccer, basket ball, and etcetera. I’m low maintenance and almost never complain.” Samantha looked up from my folder.
“Impressive,” She looked genuinely impressed too.
“Do you have at least one scene memorized?”
“Yes ma’am. I have act II scene 4 memorized.” I put all my emotion behind the words I was saying, and she looked truly entertained, even though she had probably heard the words I was saying a million times before. When I was done, she clapped and said,
“You said earlier, that you were I Choir. Can you sing a solo for me?”
Of coarse the movie I was auditioning for was a musical so this was a dumb question.
“Yes ma’am, I have.” I sang the theme song for Samantha.
“Okay, thank you Ms. Smith. I will give you a call in about a week. It looks very promising. Have a good day.”
Sally came back in and escorted me out. I stopped at the glass doors and dug through my purse for my car keys when Megan walked out the same doors and did the same. We both looked up at the same time.
“Hi” I managed to squeak out. I smiled weekly.
“Hello, Megan. I have to talk to you.” She replied.
“You barley know me! What on earth could you possibly want to talk about?” I shot.
“Just come with me.” She grabbed my wrist and dragged me out to the parking lot. “So you think you’re an only Child, right?”
“Of course!” I said offended. My mom wasn’t a liar; and certainly wouldn’t lie about any thing this big.
“Well what your mom didn’t tell you is that you have a twin! My adopted mother told me that they gave me up for adoption, because they couldn’t handle more then one.”
“My mom would tell me that so I don’t believe it.”
“Fine you have a right not to believe, but if you don’t, well then how do you explain us?” I stomped off hurt. I finely found my keys and started my car. I couldn’t help it so I called my mom just to make sure.
“Mom is there any thing that you haven’t told me?”
“No sweet heart why? Did your audition go bad?”
“No it’s just some one I met at the audition.”
“No I didn’t meet a celebrity. I met a very interesting woman, who could be my twin.”
“Well this woman looks exactly like me, except for my hair.”
“Wow! I’d never think you’d-” I finished for her.
“Find out you gave my twin up for adoption?”
“What? No! I believe that every one has a perfect twin, that isn’t a blood relation, and you have found yours!”
“Okay…. Love you mom, I have to go.”
“Love you bye.” Then I heard a click. I pressed the end button. I drove to the hospital I was born at, and parked the car.
“Here goes nothing,” I mumbled to myself. I walked through the large sliding doors to the granite topped desk and asked the secretaries. This one had a thick blonde bun, and her face was heavily made-up.
“How may I help you” she said as she put the phone down. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me so I looked around.
“I need a birth certificate.”
“Okay” she handed me a clipboard with a paper on it. “Just fill this form out.”
“Thank you.” I left the front desk and sat down in the reception area. I filled out my name in the best print I could do, and instead of filling in Smith, I put Megan Mason. If she was my twin we would share the same birthday, Mother, and Father.
“Here you go.” She took the papers and walked into a room that was stacked high with papers. She walked back out.
“I’m sorry ma’am. We could not find the certificate.”
“It’s okay. Thank you anyways.” And I left.
Following me I found Megan.
“Decided to make sure for your self, huh?” she asked.
“Yes, but your certificate wasn’t there. I know for a fact that this hospital was were I was born. If you really were my twin, you would be born here, too.” She looked confused.
“Fine” she said. “I’m not your ‘twin’, but it is an odd coincidence, that we look so alike.”
“Fine, I have to go. DON’T FOLLOW ME THIS TIME!!!”
“Okay…. Gosh.”
I walked to my car again and remembered that my ex-boyfriend could help me! He was a genetics scientist! I dialed the number I had tried so many times to forget.
“Hello?” I said.
“Hello,” He said his voice annoyed.
“Sorry!! Gosh. Don’t be so irritable! I need help.”
“What do you want?” He asked.
“I found this woman who looks just like me, except as far as I know, she has no blood relationship to me as far as I know.”
“Well there could be a couple explanations, but I have a hypothesis.”
“You barely know any thing about it! How could you already have a hypothesis?”
“Just meat me at my house with that woman.”
“Okay, fine, what ever.” I hung up. I was about half way to my house when I noticed a blue Honda following me. I turned left four times, and it followed me all four times. I pulled over and looked back. It was Megan. I got out of my car and I walked to the Honda behind me.
“I told you NOT to follow me!” I yelled.
“Well I just found my perfect twin!!! Can you blame me?” she asked hurt.
“Yes!!! I can blame you! You’re creeping me out!” I yelled even louder even though she was closer than the last time.
“Gosh! Well I have this boyfriend of mine who is a genetics scientist; I think he might be able to help.” She said.
“No way!!!!!” I exclaimed.
“Well follow me Ryan’s house.” Ryan was the name of my ex-boyfriend!! I recognized the way. We stopped at the house that was the same house I had gone to so many times last summer. We knocked and he came to the door.
“Why hello ladies, just step into my lab.” I started to feel the sense that I had just stepped into something I didn’t want to be a part of. He gave Megan a kiss on the cheek and grabbed her hand to walk into his lab.
“Have a seat” he pointed to two chairs. I sat and in a blink I felt a dirty bandana was in my mouth and tied around the back of my head. And medal restrainers around my wrists and waist.
“What are you doing?” I tried to say, but it only came out as a muffled mess.
“Shut up. Here’s my hypothesis.” He said in an evil voice, I have never heard out of his mouth.
“I knew you were way too good for me and would eventually dump me. Just in case I took some of your DNA I got from you having dinner with me. I had invented cloning machine and decided to test it out. The first couple times I knew it wouldn’t work. When I finally got it perfect I hid the invention. The night you dumped me I got it out, and used it. I looked into all the auditions in the entire city, because you have always been into fine arts. Now that we’ve found you well,” he lifted a gun and gave it to the other Megan. She pulled the trigger, I heard a loud clap, and I felt a sharp pain go through my chest.
“Now we can be together forever, except you can never dump me, because I have full control over you.” The last image I saw were my ex-boyfriend and my clone making out, before the darkness enclosed my vision. I took my last breath as life slo

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on Mar. 24 2011 at 8:00 pm
kristen178 BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
1 article 0 photos 9 comments
This was really interesting! But unfortunately, it felt very rushed and jammed together. This could be a good novel like project, with a little more character detail and plot. I honestly think that you should edit and repost it, but adding some character details and slowing it down a little. Nice vocabulary though, and again it was very interesting!!! I hope to read more, and you can contact me if you ever want criticism.


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