March 17, 2011
By NeishaIsMagical PLATINUM, Burlington, Vermont
NeishaIsMagical PLATINUM, Burlington, Vermont
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I could feel the heat of embarrassment rising to my cheeks as they started to turn this pinkish red color that I always hated. I hope my cheeks aren't as red as my lipstick, that would truly top of the embarrassment of tonight. I can barely stand still, its as if the room is spinning around me and it isn't the alcohol that is making me feel this way. Everyone stares at me with blank party faces, it as if the question that they hold on the tip of their tongue is planted across their forehead "What happened?"
This is my big night, my first opening, MY celebration. This can not be happening. The photographs I have taken hang carefully on the wall. I feel as though their blank stares are mocking me. I want to scream "STOP LOOKING AT ME". But instead I just close my eyes for a quick second and count to ten , trying to compose myself. I take steady strides towards the patio door just several yards in front of me. I put a cool, collected smile on my face and nod to people that stare for a tad to long as to say "Nothing happened, Everything is fine." Everyone goes back to there drinking and mingling just as easily as before, crisis averted...for now. As soon as I reach the patio doors I realized I've been holding my breath the entire time. I need to breath, No what I really need is a cigarette. I close and open the door quickly, and take a step outside into the not-so-fresh city air. I rummage through my purse for a cigarette, quickly light it and inhale deeply. Ah, sweet nicotine. I feel as though slowly, everything is falling back in order, my thoughts falling back into place. I take a long drag, and close my eyes to the warm breeze kissing my face. I hear the click of the screen door and rhythmic tap of her stilettos as she walks towards me. I feel the chill of her tiny ivory hands pulling back my brown ringlets and warm sensation of her kiss against the back of my neck. Her finger tips drift across my shoulder and down my arms before she backs away so I can turn and see her face.
"I saw what happened." She said. Her voice like honey dripping down the back of my throat.
"And still no one has a clue" I reply
A slight smile curling at the tip of my lipstick red lips.
No one knows the truth of why he was fighting with me, breaking up with me actually. I don't expect anyone to find out either unless he decides to run his mouth. Which is doubtful, because the scandal will surely shatter his ego.
A sudden warm breeze drifts across the patio, playing with the stray strands of strawberry blond hair hanging out of her bun. I step closer to her and she lifts her bright pink colored lips closer to me, as if daring me, tempting me to do what we do not dare in public. I yearn to close that tiny inch of space between us, take her face in my hands and kiss those perfect plump pink lips. I wish to feel her hands in my hair and my mouth against the hollow of her slender pale neck. But no one knows about me, about her, about us and I plan to keep it that way. I back away, take her beauty in like big gulps of fresh country side air. Her petite pale body perfectly fitted in a curve hugging black dress. My eyes are immediately drawn to the deep curve of her hips and perky full breasts. My eyes drift up her neck to her sharp featured face and those stunning aqua blue eyes. A smile more brilliant then any star in the sky tonight spreads across her dimpled blushing cheeks.
I snap back to reality as she plucks my half smoked cigarette out of my hand.
"You really should stop smoking." She says before walking back inside, my eyes trailing after her every step of the way.
As I watch her step back into the sea of people now crowding the party. I gather my thoughts back up, god that girl always leaves my head spinning in a mess. I pull my purse closer to me and follow after her. When I enter the now full filled room, people raise their glasses and cheer.
She sidles up next to me. Her voice sweet and clear, talking towards the many people pushed together in the room.
"Congratulations to our cities finest Photographer Lilith Heart!"
The entire room roars in drunken cheers and loud shouts of congratulations. She takes my arm and leads me through the sea of people, well mostly old friends, new friends and the important people you need to know to make it in the industry. She shows me off to everyone and makes sure I meet everyone I need to meet just like Ash was suppose to do tonight before we got into that big fight. But I'd much rather have Adryanne lead me around then him. Her touch is light against my arm, and I can feel her eyes watching my every move intently.
Usually I am shy and awkward, not knowing how to approach people but she makes me blossom and open my arms to people with a large smile and warm tight hugs. Once I say hello to everyone in the room, I walk over to the bar and grab the bottle of Jack Daniels. Prepared to skip out onto the patio again to take two large very unladylike swigs from the bottle. All this mingling is nerve racking. I barely make it to the patio before Adryanne catches my loose hand off guard.
"Where do you think your going?" she asks a coy smile playing across her face
"I am going to take drink my mind into a semi oblivion." I reply
She holds out her hands for the bottle.
"Give it to me because your not going to drink. Your going to come home with me instead unless you'd rather drink that sad looking bottle of J.D."
I hand her the bottle shamefully and she sets it aside on a glass table. She motions me to follow, so I do. Right out of the party and towards her black mustang.
"Your cars already back at your place, if you were wondering." She says as we slide next to each other in her car.
I don't even ask, I just slide in next to her, a tiny smiled planted on my face.
We drive to her apartment, windows down and her hand settled right between my thighs. I feel some sort of sense of relief as I realize I won't have to lie to Ash anymore. I can go to Adryanne's apartment as often as I want for as long as I want, no questions asked and She can come to mine whenever she wants without having to worry about Ash barging in unannounced.
We step through the doors of her apartment. I set my purse on the small wooden desk next to the door and slip off my high heels. I just realized how much my shoes hurt and how tired I had become. Soon enough none of that matters as she sidles up to me. Her hands taking my face and her lips pressing hard against mine. I melt under her touch.
My body shivers as her hands reach through my hair and pulls, her teeth catching my bottom lip as I gasp. I pull out the pins holding up her strawberry blond hair and watch it as it cascades down her shoulders and across her back. Clothes slip off as easily as our hands run up each others thighs, slipping inside the warm wetness between our legs. I raise her breasts to my mouth and run my finger tips up her inner thigh. Our moans echo our pleasure and after my legs feel like jelly and my brain feels fuzzy. The bedroom smells like us and I can't help but ponder that thought happily as I drift to sleep, her lips pressed up against my forehead.

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