War Awareness

January 21, 2011
By Kenneth Ching BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Kenneth Ching BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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As I lie there in the barren battlefield watching the vultures eat the dead, the sun slowly sets and my body aches with pain. I soon see a movement out of the corner of my eyes. As I look carefully, I slowly realize it was an enemy. I look into the chamber of my Anaconda and found only three bullets left. Knowing that there is no mercy for the enemy, I groggily got to my feet as I begin to pursue my enemy slowly line up the barrel towards him. I witness an explosion in front of me. Confused, I took into account of my surroundings and notice that the enemy’s body scatter. I soon realize that the enemy had stepped on a land mine. Tired, hungry, out of breathe; I fall to the ground with a smirk on my face. As my eye lids begin to close, I hear a screech of vultures nearby. As if it were mocking me, I use the last bits of strength that I had yelling “Go to Hell” as my voice slowing fail.

Several hours later, I wake at the dead of night, feeling the cold crisp air upon my skin. Shivering, I look around and see dark figures moving upon the rotten corpse of the dead. Quietly crawling to the tree, gun in hand, ready to defend myself need be. Realizing safeness of the surrounding, I trudge toward the south in blistering cold, in hope of finding some sorts of civilization. Luckily I see a village nearby and approach with caution. Approaching to a poor quality shelter make me think I need to be aware this is enemy’s territory. I proceed to knock with my right hand on my Anaconda. Minutes pass without a response, I shoot down the handle and quickly enter. Looking around, a table full of bread and fruit catches my attention. My ravenous stomach forcefully make me took all the food on the table, glutton myself.

Suddenly out of nowhere a sound was coming underneath the floorboard. As I search desperately through the floorboards, I find a latch which opened a secret passage. Walking into the dark make me well aware this must be a trap. Descending down the stairs and going through the tunnel, at the end of it is a steel door. My instincts tell me not to open it, but my reasons and ambition tell me to open it. Grabbing the handle of the steel door, cautiously opening it, letting a peep for me to see what is going on inside. Wine barrel, food crate, medical kit lure me in this dangerous room I am not aware. “Click” as I hear entering the room. Scanning around the room where that “click” noise come from, my hungry eyes spot the clock just ticking down to my death. “How did I activated it?”, then in the line of vision, a wire from the clock toward the door. Finally the clock tick down 3...2...1...

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