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January 18, 2011
The morning started with the smell of sweetness! Which I knew was the smell of my grandpa’s fluffy pancakes. The thought went through my head yes pig out time then crap I cant today is my first race of the summer. BUMMER. Just to let you in on something on why I was so excited for my grandpas pancakes. Well he doesn’t really make them often, actually about once a year. I know right that pathetic. You can go to any restraunt you want. I don’t care if it’s a 5 star restraunt, they can’t make then better than my grandpa.
The thoughts started to kick in after I started riding my bike to my friend’s josh and jay’s house. These kids are gonna smoke me, I bet they are going to leave me in the dust. Josh and jay came peeling down the street like street racer going MOC 10. Josh stops with a slide, saying “Yo, Yo you ready to dominate that track.”
“Yeah right, I’m going to get smoked.” I said.
“Dude, no worries, you’ve rode your bike long enough to pedal really fast.” Jay tried explaining.
“I bet I get creamed and made into looking like I suck.” I explained in defense.
“Dude, cry me a freaken river quit complaining!” said josh.
“FINE” I said.

After packing all the gear up, but the ride was still going to take an hour to get to Burlington, which means and hour of sitting there with anticipation. Arriving was a rude awakening by my head bouncing against the window like a basketball “Wake up sunshine” is all I hear. The track was sweet nice and big with not that many people so that was a big burden of my shoulders.

Seeing the track I thought crap its go time those jumps were huge. We arrived an hour early to get some practice runs in, which believe me it was a big need I’m happy we came early. Hittin the jumps was good I felt strong, but my palms were sweaty no matter how many times I tried whipping them off on my pants. The section that I was the most worried about the jumps right before the second berm. It didn’t allow me to hit the where I wanted to and the way I wanted to with the most speed as possible.

“Everyone come to the starting gate.” The announcer said abruptly. I know it was go time. My insides sunk to the ground like a sack of potatoes, my knees where quivering. My age was the first race, I stretched, prayed then I lined up with the worst knot in my stomach. I sit ready the BAM the gate drops I dropped out of the gate a little shakey now that berm part was just ahead of the rythem section which I hit perfectly! The worst part was over and that was the berm that I happened to hit perfectly. I’m neck and neck with the kid in second but at the end he pulls away and I ended the race in 3rd not bad for my fist race.

Now I cherish all my trophies, I didn’t get to race as many times as I wanted this summer I was extremely busy. I ended the season with 3 third place trophies, 1 forth place and a second place. Not to shabby.

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