Fallen Angel {Intro}

January 10, 2011
By Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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It was a cold dark night in New York; the city was restless and shined with lights all around. The night sky was pitch black with only the souls of the stars shining along with the white-suited man in the sky, shining his mighty soul on this restless city. It was perfectly clear night sky with no cloud in sight, as far as your eyes can see. Tall building stood lifeless as the streets below explode with such life in many colors, sounds and movement. Cars stuck behind each other, bumper hitting bumper, horns honking loudly while people crowded the streets, bumping into each other like bumper cars at a park. Everything was moving constantly over and over as the hours pass by fast. Not far from this chaos of life, a construction site stood lifeless; below it at its feet are a group of black figures. Five black figures stood outside, listening to the burst of life in this amazing city, the middle one laughed sweetly to this. The other four turn to the fifth one, a woman about only 20-25years old. Her black sweater hoodie covered everything just above her nose. She wore a black sweater, long black baggy-pant, black Converse shoes that looked worn out. She was just 5 feet and 3 inches tall yet, her laughter sounded so sweet like angels. Her smile was sweet and soft, her lips were soft as feathers from an angel’s wing. She was the leader of this group; the others were her faithful servants that will follow her every word. They were all males with different color eyes and rankings. The two males by her left and right sides were her favorite servants. Both had green eyes that shine like jewels, dark long yet, short black hair. Both were like twins, wearing the same clothes but, they were completely different inside. The one on her left side was “Drake” who was her dearest friend and had a sharp temper. On her right side, Chris stood silent as always. He never talks to anyone besides her; he was always gentle and willing to make her twisted dreams come true. Besides her favorite servants, there was a hidden favorite that the others didn’t know. It was a mortal named “Tobi” who was miles and miles away in L.A. A high-school sports guy who never talks to anyone, not even his friends about the leader. Such a sweet and gentle creature he is compared to this cold-hearted killer. The other 2 servants just had the honor to even see her in person, let alone to follow her orders. Snapping her fingers, the 2 servants ran off into this wonderful city, leaving Drake and Chris alone with her. Both males got closer to her, Chris bare his fangs at him, wanting him to back off. Drake put his hands up, saying he will get a car from downtown. Kissing her icy cold cheek, he gave her a soft smile, whispering “I’ll be back as soon as possible…” He winked at her then, burst into a sprint, running down the street at full speed. As soon as he was out of sight, Chris pulled her into a tight embrace. Running his fingers through her hair under her hoodie, her hoodie came out as he does so. Black hair as dark as the night itself, fell down to her waist, he brush away the long bangs away from her eyes. Two glass grey eyes were staring at him, sending a shiver through his body. So focus on her eyes, he failed to realized a man was watching them. He was busy whispering sweet things into her ear as she lean forward. Kissing his neck, breathing in his scent deeply, making her 2 sharp silver daggers pop out from her gums. Biting down fast, these daggers sink into his skin, drawing blood as it runs down his neck, causing him to moan. Drinking fast in large amounts, she wrapped her arms around his body tightly. The man behind Chris was amazed by this, taking out his camera and took many pictures without the flash on. The leader drank more as Chris moaned in such pleasure, rubbing her back slowly. Drake pulled over a black Trail Blazer with tinted windows, next to them, blocking the man’s view. As the Blazer drove off at a fast speed, the two figures were gone but, the man already got his photos.

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