The Christmas Couple

December 21, 2010
By LoverOfKnowledge SILVER, Columbia, South Carolina
LoverOfKnowledge SILVER, Columbia, South Carolina
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Santa was only about eight-teen and just started the Christmas business. He only had two reindeer, dasher and dancer, a small sleigh and his “factory” was in his mother’s garage. He didn’t have a big enough crew to make presents for the whole world so he had to stick to only giving presents the North Pole and Canada. He didn’t get paid but he didn’t care. To think of the faces of the little boys and girls when they received their presents was pay enough. His mother said that she was fine with him living in her garage without rent, but she wasn’t going to feed him to so he sent out a letter to all the boys and girls saying that he would love it if they would leave some milk and cookies by their tree so that he didn’t go hungry. He lived off of those cookies all year (and people wonder how he got fat).
Santa was a pretty attractive guy so all of the girls went gaga over him. They would leave love letters in his mail box and would always try to get under the mistletoe with him, but Santa just wasn’t interested. He was too involved in his work to get involved in a relationship right then. But there was a particular young lady that interested him. She was as gorgeous as a Christmas tree on Christmas day, but he didn’t know her very well and was afraid that she would let him down. What he didn’t know was that she liked him too. She was also afraid that he was going to let her down like he did to all the other girls that had a crush on him.
Finally, one day she decided she was going to get to know him better. One of her girl friends told her that he is usually over at the toy store looking at all the different toys and asking the manager how they were made. She walked over to the toy store named Rudolf, whatever that is, and scanned the isles for Santa. She finally got to isle ten and saw him looking at the trains. She walked very calmly down the isle pretending to look at all the toys until she “accidently” bumped into Santa.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. Hey your names Santa right?” she said.

“Yeah, what’s your name?”
“That’s beautiful. So Velvet, Why are you here?”
“Well, it depends, why are you here?”
“If I tell you do you promise you won’t tell anyone?”
“I wouldn’t tell a soul.”
“How toys are made interests me. I like to look at them and try and guess how their made.”
This really excited the girl for she too loved toys. They stood and talked for hours in that little isle of trains until the manager kicked them out for not buying anything. It started to get chilly so Santa offered to put his red coat over her as they waited for the bus. The bus finally came so they exchanged phone numbers and they were both on their way. When Velvet was almost home, she noticed she was still wearing his coat, she must have forgotten to give it back to him.
Velvet dreamed about Santa every second of the day and wore his coat everywhere. One day when she was walking home from her job she noticed a mailbox that had Claus written across its side. “This must be Santa’s house.” she thought. The house was brick and very big. In the yard was a large ever-green tree. It had lights strung on it and big glass balls hung from its branches. The front door was red and on it there was a big reef.
She walked up to the front of the door. Nervously, she knocked on the door of the house. A short young man answered the door. He was dressed in all green with a stripped hat. He must have been only three feet tall. She apologized to the short guy and told him that she must be at the wrong house, for she was looking for the house of Santa Clause. As she was walking away the guy stopped her. He explained to her that this was Santa’s house and that he was really busy at work.
“I have his coat and was wondering if I could give it to him” she said.
“He’s not taking visitors right now.” He said as he was about to slam the door in her face. A hand slipped into the door before it closed and pulled it back open. Standing there was Santa in his messy work clothes.
“It’s okay. Come on in velvet” Santa said.
The short man whispered a couple things to Santa then marched down a hall into what was the Garage. Santa ignored what he said and went and got some eggnog and some cookies and the Velvet and him sat on the coach and talked. They talked for a long time about everything, but then again nothing. Until a there was a large thunk inside the garage and a man’s voice yelled “Santa”. Santa quickly got up and told Velvet that he would be right back. He rushed down the hallway and into the Garage. Velvet patiently waited for him to return. She soon got bored and walked around the living room looking at all the pictures of Santa and his parents. She heard more rustling in the garage and became curious. She slowly walked down the hall, somewhat feeling like a burglar sneaking around the house.
At the end of the hallway there was a red door. Its doorknob was golden. It looked as if it were magical. Velvet placed her hand on it. It was warm and sent a feeling into her that behind this door lies her life. She had never been here before but it felt like home. Slowly she cracked the door open, inside were about a dozen or so of those short men and woman. They didn’t seem rushed. Some were lifting hammers and screwing wheels onto trains. Off in the corner there was a fire place and a short man threw some wood into it. A couple of the people sat and put their hands over the fire to warm up. Three of them were drinking some hot coco in very large mugs. Santa was walking around telling some to start working and complimenting others on how well they were doing. He looked very official.
Velvet noticed something she never noticed before. She didn’t just have a crush on that man, she loved him. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her about this wonderful place.
“Wow!” she whispered. All of the elves heads turned towards her. “This is amazing! Why didn’t you tell me you had your own little factory?”
All the short people stared a little longer then turned towards Santa.
“Look what’s you’ve done” a short man said. He looked like a mini Santa and wore Red instead of green like all the other people. “She’s going to tell everyone! You better fix this.”
“If this is a secret I won’t tell anyone.” Velvet said.
Santa pulled her away. He had to explain it to her. He really liked her and didn’t want to lie so he told her everything from how he sneaks into people’s houses from their chimney and leaves present under their tree and in their socks to how he has two magical reindeer that can fly hundreds of miles in minutes and how the short people that are in his garage are called elves. They come from an island in the South Pole that outlawed toys. They loved toys so much that they left the island to find a place where toys were accepted and apprenticed. Santa and them met one day and soon after decided that they were going to go into the toy making business. She listened quietly till he was finished and then placed her hand on his.
“That’s amazing. Is there any way I can help?” she asked
He was shocked “You don’t think I’m a freak?”
“Of course not. May I ask how you get all these presents to people’s houses?”
He explained to her how it was not easy and how he can hardly fit all of the presents in his sleigh. They then went on to talking all about his adventures like how one time when he was going down the chimney someone forgot to blow out the fire and how another time an old lady saw him and started hitting him with a broom. Velvet became tired and decided it was time for her to go.
When she got home and was laying in bed a thought hit her. She was going to make a bag so when that Santa could bring all the presents to people’s houses and still have room in his slay. She stood up all night knitting. She didn’t know how to knit so it took her a long time to get started. Every day after work she would go over to Santa’s house and talk. Then she would go home and work on the bag. Her fingers would always hurt but she didn’t really care. She knew this would win over Santa’s heart. After almost a year the bag was complete, and just in time for Christmas. It was red and had golden strings.
She wrapped it up in red and green paper and brought it to Santa’s house on the night before Christmas Eve. They didn’t have the dinner on Christmas Eve because Santa would be to busy delivering presents. The two of them had planned to have dinner together with all the elves and the reindeer. They all eat a wonderful meal prepared by the elves. The meal tasted as if it were prepared by a five-star chef. The table was ten feet long. Every elf sat up right. They were laughing and giggling. Food was being passed from one side of the table to the next. This celebration was always huge. Santa and the elves worked hard all year to prepare for the coming up day.
Santa went over to Velvet and spoke into her ear. He asked if she wanted to step outside real quick. Velvet and stepped outside. They sat on the two seated rocker and watched the snowflakes fall from the sky. Velvet loved the flakes. She loved how each one was unique and how they were so small and fragile. She turned to look at Santa and saw that he was admiring the snow too. Santa turned and looked at Velvet. They both stared into each other’s eyes. They both knew that they would be together forever.
Santa got down on his knees. He reached inside his big red coat and pulled out a box. The box was small and velvet inside laid a peppermint ring. The red stripes were made of real rubies and the white strips were sparkling diamonds. Santa made many more toys then planned this year so he sold all his extras to be able to pay for it. He gave up buying a larger bag to pay for it.
“Dear Velvet, I love you. Will you marry me?”
“If it is the last thing I will ever do.”
She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his rosy red cheeks. Velvet gave Santa his Christmas present. He slowly opened it and when it was completely unwrapped his smile grew even large. He got exactly what he wanted that day, a new magical bag and an amazing wife. In the matter of one month they married and Velvet’s new name was Ms. Clause. She never knew that hundreds of years later she would still be alive and helping her husband put smiles on faces of boys and girls everywhere.

The author's comments:
This short story is dedicated to my mother, Brenda Sue Thompson.

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