The Flames of War

December 17, 2010
By Zanyac SILVER, Billerica, Massachusetts
Zanyac SILVER, Billerica, Massachusetts
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When I close my eyes, I can feel that icy breath of Death raises the hair on my neck. It’s a feeling I know well. We must keep moving, pushing through the exhaustion, hopelessness, and fear. But… what should I fear? Death moves as I alone command it. If only Death did not pain my heart so. These lands, littered with the bodies and souls of enemies and allies alike, serve as an everlasting example of what has been sacrificed for this. Necromancy can only bring back the empty shells of my friends. The enemy pierces our hearts not with swords, arrows, or knives, but with abysmal fear, anguish, and sorrow. To those who have given so much for our divine and noble cause: I will NOT let those lives be lost in vain. We will prevail. We must prevail. We SHALL prevail. I will take my revenge on the wretches who robbed us of our lives and families.
My knights stalk these lands, and the blood hounds sniff out the fear and sweat of my enemies. I can still hear their pleas of mercy… and their screams are still ringing in my ears. They didn’t deserve any mercy. With but a bite and a tear, the sound of their pleas and screaming ceased to reach my ears, but they still carried on in my ears. *pause*. The silence could be cut with a knife. Every order I tried to give was soon crushed by that silence. My thoughts were drowned out by those screams and shrieks! *pause* It’s for these acts of justice that my name sends shivers trembling through mortal bodies and souls. The people of this world have been tricked. They worship blindly, having no idea what it is they praise! To these people, I am but a murderer, evil and wicked. They have been blinded by the light of hope. They have not the will to see the truth. HERE lies that truth.
Long ago, when I was reborn, his deceptive “light” turned the entire world against me. HE was the deciding factor that sent me, banished from these lands, to live on my own for twenty years! Oh, no, I am anything but angry – for in my exile, I found something. Something that engraved the same smile I had when laughing in the face of Death and Silence in my face. That realization has made me who I am; it gave me the power to come back. They have yet to know that they initiated their own destruction! When I reclaim what is mine from that pest, the “light” of this mortal world will begin to fade, and I will show him who is God. They said I was dangerous. They said I had a God Complex. Well, as they will soon find out, I AM God!

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