My first time in a tornado

October 11, 2010
My fist time of me getting struck by a tornado was not very pretty. I was about three years old and my parents were inside watching the news. I suddenly started hearing these loud tornado horns going on. My mom was inside making dinner when suddenly the sky went green. My mom rushes for me but suddenly rushed back in and they left me outside with the door locked. I run for cover and by the time I was half way across the Parking lot of the apartments.

Kaboom, the trees collapsed and there I was facing the tornado. It was about a mile away. Suddenly I was being pulled away from my apartments and I was sucked into the tornado. I could barely breath inside. I saw the apartments getting ripped up. I finally noticed something white with two people lying on it. It was my mom and my dad. They started trying to reach for me but my dad was in more physical shape then my mom was. He finally was able to grab my hand and pulled me onto the mattress. I almost passed out in the tornado, but my biological parents and me survived the tornado.

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