June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

am the night time. When people first meet me I am a little odd and unbelievable but just like when they walk into the night they just need to let their eyes adjust. Just like the darkness of night many people cannot ignore me, I’ll always come back, and have some sort of impact on their life. I can be mean, secretive and possibly scary, just like the darkness of night. Similar to the night I have my moments, moments when my stars shine bright and I am beautiful, happy and open. I keep things about myself hidden, pieces of me that are always there but seldom seen; kind of like how the darkness of night hides the creatures that roam its existence. The night time is controlling; it enjoys blinding the people and animals around it, as do I. There’s just something about the world at rest that makes people wonder what’s inside it. Similar to how people want to know more about me but somehow they just can’t seem to get the courage to try to figure me out. Like the night I am secretive and beautiful, and I am just searching for my chance to shine.

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