George The Monkey Goes To Canada

May 29, 2010
Once upon a time, there was a monkey named George.Normally, George had a good life and he was a very happy monkey. His best friend's name was Dr. Alexander, who was a doctor that was in charge of a mental hospital. All his mental patients were called "The Pink People".

George was climbing up his tree one day when he heard Dr. Alexander call him. George came running back down the tree and he saw Dr. Alexander, and he jumped on his shoulder.

Dr. Alexander said, "George, we have a problem."

"Meep Meep?" said George.

"George, The Pink People are getting very suspicious. I think that they can smell you around and on me! If they find you, they are going to try and eat you. You have to leave! Here," the doc pulled out an apple, "take this apple and go to Canada!"

George took the apple and jumped off Dr. Alexander's shoulder. He started hopping away.

"Bye, George!" he heard his best friend say as he ran far far away.

You see, The Pink People were very special mental patients. They weren't your average mental patients, because they have something called monkeyophobia, which is when you can't be around monkeys or you start to hyperventilate or possibly die from it.

The only thing that will help you when you see a monkey is if you eat the monkey, but The Pink People are strangly drawn to monkeys, so if any monkeys are around they will do whatever it takes to get to one.

The Pink People despise george because he is the only monkey who has ever escaped them.

The leader of The Pink People name is Ray Lindon. He is a pink patient himself, and he is the most experienced when it comes to finding monkeys, so they all go to him for advice.

One of The Pink People, Scott, was out of his room when he wasn't supposed to be and he heard Dr. Alexander talking to one of his workers about the fact that Dr. Alexander sent George off to Canada to protect him. Scott went back and told everyone, and they all started pounding on Ray's door. Ray called a meeting for all 167 Pink People in the meeting room. Ray and his 2 assistants, Percy and Gustav, told The Pink People to calm down and that they would get george.

They planned to find George in Canada, and all 167 of The Pink People set off on foot to Canada.

Once Dr. Alexander found out that The Pink People were missing, he freaked out and got on a flight to Canada.

Once he got to Canada, he called the police. He told them that his monkey was missing. At first, they laughed in his face, but then they heard that The Pink People were involved, and they sent four police cars to search for George, including the chief, Officer Greg. They roamed the streets of Canada together searching for George. Then they heard the noises.

Once George got into Canada, he met a hobo who was named Billy Bob Irish. Irish 'lived' in a box in an alley in canada that he had stolen from a different hobo that he claimed was dead, but was really just sleeping.

He had only lived there for about a week, ever since the love of his life, Hannah Kay, dissed him in front of everyone in a coffee shop, but that's a different story for a different time.

George and Irish became friends quickly. Irish let George live in the box with him.

The apple didn't last for too long after George got to Canada, and George and Irish lived on very little food for about 2 weeks until The Pink People arrived.

It all happened suddenly. Poor Irish didn't have any idea what was going on, having never heard about The Pink People before. George and Billy Irish were playing 'Go Fish' with some cards George found in a dumpster when they heard many screams and what sounded like thousands of people running. George instantly knew what was going on and he started 'meeping' like Billy Bob Irish had never heard before. Irish was really scared.

They saw all 167 Pink Patients turn the corner. They all looked crazy and some had torches in their hands. A few even had pitchforks. Then they heard a lot of sirens.

Suddenly, 3 police cars and a regular car turned around the corner. The Pink People are scared of bright lights and allergic to the Krypton and Neon that is in the lights, so when they saw the lights on the police car, they turned around, dropped their torches and pitchforks, and started running and screaming.

George got out of the box at the same time Dr. Alexander got out of his car and George ran up to Dr. Alexander and jumped on his shoulder. Officer Greg got out of his police car and congratulated George for coming out of this experience alive.

Dr. Alexander took George back home and they all lived happily ever after, safely away from The Pink People and their monkey eating ways.

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