Mustard Museum Word: Shakafury

May 27, 2010
By Jessica Hitz GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jessica Hitz GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Shakafury (Shock-uh-fear-e) n. A condition in which a person has a sudden burst of anger, followed by a craving for mustard. Annie developed shockafury when she found out her best friend, Jill, had been telling others her secrets.
1702 was a life changing time for dozens of people around the world who suffered from what is now known as Shockafury.
The word was discovered by the sudden burst of anger that shocked people. Like a Shock of Fury, giving it the name Shockafury. Scientist Thomas Hitgenz came up with the name and posted it on a medical website. The more people that went to the site to find out what was wrong with them the more the name became known around the world.
Before mustard was invented, people who suffered from shakafury would have a sudden burst of anger followed by an unknown craving. This unknown craving would make people go crazy. They would become so crazy that they’d die of anxiety attacks. The worst side affect of shockafury is once it’s developed, it doesn’t go away.
Luckily, scientist discovered that mustard was the ultimate cure of shakafury. The oils produced from the mustard plant calms the gene that causes shockafury. People with this condition can live normal lives again if they have two tablespoons of mustard three times a day for one month. Shockafury can be genetic, but hopefully will be distinct by the year 2256.

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