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May 18, 2010
By WildFlOwEr1221 BRONZE, Walnut Cove, North Carolina
WildFlOwEr1221 BRONZE, Walnut Cove, North Carolina
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Chapter 1:
Lots of story’s starts out as once a pone a time, but mine don’t I’m Calie, I live in Tonks Virginia, a small quite town but trust me it ain’t quite any more, it started on a blazing hot summer day when a new couple moved into this town. They stayed in the old inn till they found a house. Their names were Chelae and Ryan, they looked like models, they had three kids. They would be coming next week and that week is where my story begins. The day the Smith kids came is the day my life changed. The first son was 17, his name is Will (William) he would be starting at our School. The 2nd son was 19, his name is Jake (Jacob) he had failed a grade or 2 so he’d be at the high school too. There younger sister was 10 her name is bonnie, she would attend high river elementary school. This started mine and the smith brother’s senior year.
My alarm went off to early so I was up a haft hour then I was so post to be with nothing to do. Finally it came time for me to head to school. I knew I would not have a moment to myself once I got to school, being the head cheerleader and most popular girl at school did have its downs sometimes. For the past mouth I’ve been in California with my older 27 year old brother Tyler. After our parents (attack/murder) we went to stay for the summer vacation, I’d missed my friends but I wish I was still on the sunny beach, where all my worries and sadness was washing away with the ocean. Today was a nice day so I decided to walk (big mistake). I got about a haft a mile from my house when out of no where I hear a growl behind me. I turned slowly to see a big bear; it was looking right at me. I just knew I was going to die, then I hear another growl, but this was a car growl. Just as I was about to run when a black frère with tined windows came sliding toward me only thing that did was make the bear madder. It just stood up on its hind legs when the car door opened and an unfamiliar voice called “hurry get in” I didn’t stall one minuet, I grabbed my bag and got in then as the car sped away toward high river high school I looked to see who my rescuer was. Then my breath caught I knew why the voice was unfamiliar, it was the youngest of the smith brothers will. Gosh he was handsome, I finally found my voice, thank you for saving me, he waited a minute the said no problem, his voice was strained but sweet. The car pulled into an empty space, the bell had just ringed. I hurried off to class with another “thank you” to Will. When I got to class every head turned to smile at me, I got to an empty seat at the back with my best friend Farah. She had medium bouncy curly dirty blonde hair. We’d been friends since dippers, finally the bell rang and Farah and I walked out into the crowed hall, I pulled her to the nearest bathroom to talk. A couple of freshmen were there but being we were seniors we had the authority so we kicked then out. Then I went into full details on what happen. When I finally finished Farah looked at me in total amazement, then she started her questions; how old is he, what’s his name, what’s his first class. I knew all but one, then the bell rang we hurried off the home eke. Surprisingly (not really) we had assign seats, since freshmen year we took home eke. I glanced down at the name tag of who my partner was to my amazement it read
“William Smith”
I turned around instantly to tell Farah, as I was saying his name her eyes got big I turned to see him sitting down. ‘well hi again” he said hi I replied. I turned back around to see the other Smith brother beside her Jake he looked almost like Will’s twin but there’s no way, Will’s 17 he’s 19. I laughed, what’s the joke Will asked me, oh I was thinking you and your brother look like twins, some short of emotion flickered across his face for a moment then he turned to look at his brother then said “oh great he’s in here too. You and your brother don’t get along, well let’s just say we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things but what I can say were still brothers and I can’t do anything about that. Then the bell rang.

Chapter 2 the get to knowing:
It was time for lunch and I wasn’t really hungry so me and Farah got a water and went outside, in stead of going to the empty table we headed for out best friend/my ex boyfriend truck to sit in the back. Kyle was talking to other people on the football team; we decided to go sit in the grass instead of being flirting with right now. We had gossiping to do; the main topic was of course Will. We stopped when the snobby ex friend Amy walked by with her friends, Amy and I had been best friends no Pratley sisters then I went out with her brother Kyle. I and Kyle was prefect until my life changed, we ended things at my parents funeral. Amy walked on by giggling with her friends but never breaking eye contact with me. One thing for sure is if Amy knew I wanted and liked Will smith a lot oh I liked him even though I only know 5 facts about him………………………………… The finale bell rang and I was so happy until I got outside, my perfect day to walk home turned out to be a wet, cold, rainy afternoon, luckily I always keep an umbrella in my locker. After putting my books in the big bag in my locker and grabbing my umbrella I was walking home. I really wished I’d had droved my car. I was a little in the lane when I heard a car coming so I moved more toward the woods then I heard breaks. At first I thought it was Kyle, because figuring its raining their practice got canceled. I turned slightly to see the same car as this morning, I stood in amazement, how had he known where I was when I took the longer way. The automatic window was rolled down, “hey need a ride”, his gorgeous voice said. “Umm”, I was playing hard to get, “oh come on you’ll get a cold”, he flirted right back (good sign). “Sure why not”, I walked over to the passenger side and opened the door and slide in, then I heard a quite little shy voice” hi I’m Bonnie, hi I’m Cali” you so cute, thank you, oh I turned to Will thanks for the 2nd ride of the day Will you saved me twice. Oh bonnie squalled my brother is a hero, he sure is I replied looking out the corner of my eye to see Will smile. I hadn’t noticed until now his sunglasses were off, he had the babiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen on a guy and a cute face to go with the sweet smile. When you turn here my house is the 5th to the left. “Well I guess were almost neighbors, if you go to the end and turn on the road then go to the big house on the end and that’s my house well our house he looked at Bonnie and winked. “Wow and oh thanks for the ride this morning and afternoon again ill find some way to repay you” I said as I got out……………………………………………………………………………………………
Dear diary,
IV never seen someone so fine, he’s like a model, but how did he know every time I was in trouble well I’m tired so I’m going to bed
I woke up this morning with only one thing in my mind, William Smith. I could not wait to get to school. I drove my dad’s truck that he gave me before he died today, I pulled up to my usual parking space, to be crowed by my friends but this time Farah pushed me to the passenger side and she hoped in the drivers side and took off out of the parking lot. “Where are we going” I said in shock to the hospital she replied why I shot out of my mouth. “Kyle’s there”. Their were more minuets then I could count before I spoke again “what happen is he all right Farah tell me” “he’s been attacked by some kind of animal, why’d didn’t you call me, well I tired but it keep ringing then I was walking by your locker when I called your cell and you had left it there oh and here, Farah handed me my phone. I must have left it in there when I went to get my umbrella, by this time we were walking up to the door.”Kyle Honeycutt’s room please, thank you Farah told the lady at the front desk. We went up to the 5th floor trauma room,”oh great the ice queen is hear” I would recognize that voice. Amy Kyle’s sister, “quite Amy her mother said “sorry Cali but Kyle wont see anyone but you” Mrs.Honeynutt said. May I go in, I asked the nurse, and yes you may. Kyle, oh my lord I caught my breath he had a bandage on his neck leg and head. Cali he barely whispered. Kyle what happen to you I went and sat down beside his bed in the arm chair. “Well I went out to see what was making all the noise in the woods (he had to stop to cough) then I get a good way from the house when someone came running at me, they jumped on my back and bit my neck then my leg hit something and maid it bleed , then it started biting my leg. I was barley awake when he whispered you name, calie he said your name, Kyle wait a minute just wait I thought they said it was an animal .Calie if I told them what I just told you they’d lock me in a mental hospital, heck you want to. Kyle are you sure that is what happen, yes Calie I didn’t completely get knocked out till after my mom and sister found me I can tell you what they did. My mom had a rang to my neck and told Amy to go call 911, please Calie tell me you believe me. Kyle I believe you, if you need me call my cell, where are you going? I’m going to try to find what tried to kill you and how it knows me.

Chapter 3 the unknown
I walked out the door with tears in my eyes; I went straight to the truck with Farah right behind me. I didn’t let go of the tears till we were riding down the road. Farah pulled over to the side of the road and hugged me till I stopped crying. Calie what happen? I sat there and told her everything, finally after a minute of silence she said “you can’t go after the thing I mean it look what it did to Kyle”. Yea your right, by time we went and got lunch then got signed in at school it was home economics, id get to see Will. He was there when I got in hey hi I replied I saw you and your friend zoom off this morning I hope everything is ok, yea it’s just our friend is in the hospital is he ok yea he is now he was attacked by an animal. That’s terrible. Some kind of emotion flickered across his face for the second time since I’ve met him, then he composed himself and put on a poker face, home eke went on. We had to bake a holiday cake; the bell rang when we put the last heart on our Valentines Day cake. Farah came up to me then, is you sure you don’t want to work on the v-day dance another time I mean the whole Kyle thing the news he gave you. Farah went on making accuses to why not we should work on the dance. Farah, Farah stop I NEED to work on the dance to get my mind off thing so please let’s goes get the decorations and get started. Oh ok we got about an hour into turning the gym red when Farah went to get us a bite to eat at the dairy shack up the street. I didn’t realize anyone was here till I heard a knock on the opened gym door, I looked up and for a second I thought it was will but it was his older brother Jake, unfortanly I was on a latter hanging hearts the nest thing I knew I had fallen and he ran at a weird very fast speed and caught me then every thing went black. It must have been forever till I opened my eyes I was laying on the gym floor with a cold rag over my forehead and a jacket balled up as a pillow and Farah saying why isn’t she awake yet then a sexy mysteries voice said she must have a lot of stress she’ll wake up soon let her mind protect itself. That was Jake it must be his jacket that I have as a pillow. Farah oh gosh she’s awake can someone help me up then cold strong hands were under me helping me up. I knew that wasn’t Farah, you scared me to death oh yea Calie Jake, Jake Calie. Hi and thanks for catching me no problem I laughed what? Jake asked well you and your brother are heroes what do you mean? He asked sounding a little confused, well your brother has saved me a couple of times 1st a bear attack then I was alone in the rain getting wet. Well what a good little cookie he is, then he smiled and laughed you better eat something he said while he went to walk out the door thanks again I yelled to him, anytime then before he disappeared he winked at me.
Chapter 4 the dance
The next day we got the rest decorated for the dance this was Tuesday and the dance was Friday………………..
Dear diary
Well where do I begin Kyle’s in the hospital someone attacked him and left him for dead and they said my name now how could I know a weirdo like that????? Something is very mysteries’ about Will and his brother, I was hanging hearts in the gym for the dance then I fell Jake caught me and I blacked out I’m such a cults well I have one thing left to do for the dance. Find a date and I know who I’m going to ask
That next morning I put my plan in motion I put a dance invite into the heart box for Will, at lunch everyone headed out to the football field to get our invited and accept. They started handing then out I had 15 Farah had 13 and I looked down Will had 2. Who could the other girl be? I asked the freshmen beside me to go peak around his shoulder to see who the other one is. Minutes later she was back its Amy, Amy Honeynutt. Oh my gosh Farah that’s why we don’t see Amy or Will at lunch. Ugh well I put no on all mine what about you Farah. I said yes one of mine who Farah Jake Smith. No way you know if I go to the dance with Will we’d have both brothers. Home ECT. And that’s when they decided to pass the invited out with the answers this would be so embarrassing if he put no and he’s sitting right beside me. They called my name I went up and got my invite and asked if I could go to the bathroom that I wasn’t feeling well. I went into a stall and opened the card yes was circled then he put pick you up at 8. I walked back into class with a smile on my face”Miss Shelton would you like to go to the nurse office” no thank you I feel much better. I went to my seat and turn to look at Will he turned at the same time and turned the smile I gave him, 8 o’clock sound good he asked sounds perfect. I turned to Farah and winked to let her know he said yes…….... We told Jake to pick Farah up at 7:30 at my house I wasn’t goanna let anyone see my dress before Will did. Once Farah walked down the steps in her blood shinnying red dress and left with Jake I put my low cut gorges rose pink dress on, I did a last minute touch up to my make up and hair then the door bell rang. I went to the door opened it, Will stood in an Italian black tux and holding a fierily red rose. For you and might I say you look beautiful, thank you might I say copying his words you very handsome, well thank you miss Shelton. He took me hand and lead me to his car, when we walked into the dance I couldn’t believe it , when Farah and I got done decorating it looked amazing but with people here the lights down words did not come to mind. Every head turned to stare at me and Will, I heard whistles and hollers I blushed but then I was spun out to the dance floor, well I didn’t know you could dance I told Will during a slow dance, there’s a lot you don’t know about me, cool ring is it real oh yea he went to pull his hand away but caught himself. Would you like some punch? Sure we walked over to the refreshment table and got a glass of punch; I started talking to Will and never took a slip. After about another hour of dancing I found Farah and we went to the bath room, Farah started laughing what’s so funny well about 30 minuets ago I saw Amy walk in with Matt on her arm and might I say she looked good. She spotted you in the arms of William Smith and ran out crying. Wow, I guess she didn’t know that Will said yes to me, the night was going great. I thought it was when we walked out everyone was screaming what happen. I ran into the crowd to late Kyle was so post to be at the hospital but he was here in the middle of the dance floor. Every wire still attached, I couldn’t keep my balance then Will was right beside me holding me up, I barely whispered “ what happen” the lights cut off then as soon as they came back on Kyle went flying through the doors hit the wall then rolled here. I asked him to walk me over to Kyle to see if he was still breathing. I got there and knelt down I put my fingers to his wrist because the wounds on his neck were reopened and bleeding, thank go he had a pulse I couldn’t believe it I started crying then everything went black again.

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its about humans vampires and witchs

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on May. 27 2010 at 8:36 pm
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There were a few grammar and spelling mistakes, but besides that I thougt that this was an awesome story so far. Can't wait for more! ^-^

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I love the way you wrote this article!  Can't wait til I read more!!! :)


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