The Young Bloods of the World (Part 1)

April 13, 2010
A woman wrapped in a black cloak wanders through the ruins of Great Brittan in the year of the WWII. Bodies upon bodies were scattered all around with their heads, legs, arms and even their hearts torn apart from their bodies. Blood covered the streets, cars, sidewalks and even the houses themselves. The woman was tall and slim with her hazel eyes lighting her way through the horrors of what had happen. Her golden wavy hair was covered by the cloak as she continues on her way through the dark narrow stone streets of this once great city. Her pale skin was covered by her dark clothes in rich fine silk along with a diamond necklace with her name carved into it “Tiphanny”. She moved with such grace and style with the moonlight shinning upon the ruins in the dark veil of the night covered in a sea of stars. Her shoes run on top of the stone streets with such lightness, she moved as if she was a ghost, not making the slightest bit of noise.
Passed the exploded cars and buildings, a small house stood beyond the ruins into the forest, surrounded by the great servants of the great mother earth, the trees that stood tall over head. Were the others waiting for her? She will soon find out as she approached closer in such speed. Before she even came close enough to reach the door, she felt their presence. There were about five in the house, one was very ancient while the others were just a few months younger than she was. All were her dearest friends, the ancient one was called “Stacy”, and the others were “Aneeka, Jarrisa, and Keanah.” But, there was another in the house in which she never met before. It was a male and very young, maybe created about six days ago before the attack on this city.
The door opened almost by itself if it wasn’t for Aneeka who was dressed in a fine set of clothes filled with colors such as purple, black and a small drop of sapphire blue. Her smile reveals a small part of her fangs silver as the moon as she stared at her fellow vampire friend who just arrived to the meeting. They embrace quickly before they went into the darkness of the room where the others were waiting for their fellow vampires to come and hear what the elder had to say. All Tiphanny could see was Aneeka’s jet black hair and the hallway filled with paintings of cities and humans, so clear that she thought she could really touch these things as if they were real. “Don’t get too distracted Dearth Vader” Aneeka said with a laugh afterwards. “Well by what is going on, I think I just arrived in time” she reply back with a smirk on her mouth.
They continued to the end of the hallway and went down the curved stairs to the cold, dark empty basement where the others awaited beyond the doors that blocked the basement from the rest of the house. Beyond the doors was a room with stone walls, lay a long strong oak table with five chairs made from the finest leather and lined with white silk. In the middle of the table stood three lit candles which by their appearance; seem to be lit about a few hours ago, during the attack on Brittan. At the head of the table, Jarrisa sat with her hands tied into each other as she watched Aneeka sitting Tiphanny to her sit before heading to hers by Keanah. Across from Tiphanny sat the eldest Stacy with her black hood covering her eyes and face from everyone. But, beyond her on the stone floor was the youngest vampire she ever set sights on.
He was about seventeen with amazing sapphire eyes that shine as if they were really jewels. His hair was strangely white as snow itself, though it was cut short and flatten straight. His skin was still human but, it was turning pale as his vampire nature was taking effect. His eyes were fixed on her and the others besides the eldest who still hid her face from the others. She could tell that he was amazed by her and her dear friends’ appearances. But, she could also tell that he was deeply afraid of them, that he could be killed just by the very thought of killing him. He sat on the icy cold floor silently as Jarrisa started to speak in a perfect voice.
“Well it’s about time you showed up, Tiphanny! We’ve been waiting for like what? For like five hundred years!” she teased at her. “Well it’s not my fault that I had to escape Germany then, run across the countries and the water! So shut up about that Jarrisa!” she replies back in laughter. “I was with skater boys until Aneeka dragged me here!” Keanah cries out in anger. “Girl, please! You were scaring the poor guys by your looks.” said Aneeka, having a good time teasing her friends. The girls bragged and teased with each other failing to realize that the eldest was silent while watching them under her hood.
Keanah was in bright colors: purple, green, black and blue mixed together on her shirt and jeans. Jarrisa had a short dark blue sweater on with light blue pants that covered the top part of her brown leather boots that were up to half way up under her knees. Keanah’s skin was faintly pale just like Jarrisa’s skin but, their eyes were different. Keanah had deep golden brown eyes while Jarrisa had deep brown eyes which seem to match the barks on the trees outside.
It was Keanah who noticed Stacy quiet and hiding her face. “Stacy, what’s wrong?” she said which made the others stop to look at her hood. But, she only shook her head and said softly “Nothing…..” which made the others wonder. The only one that knew what she was thinking was the young teen behind her which continued to be silent in fear. “C’mon Stacy……what’s wrong?” Jarrisa said in a sad tone. “Maybe she just tired from her trip. I know I was!” Aneeka said playfully. Soon the girls were off again on a different subject that wasn’t at all related to the pervious conversation. Softly she sighed and let the others continue their ‘talk’ until all was quiet again.
“The war….can we please focus on what we should do to regain peace among the countries?” Stacy said softly which seem to shock the others but, only for a moment. The others seem to be in deep thought, the war that Hitler had created on Jews and other cultures besides his own. The war that had gotten completely out of control, many had lost their lives by the “camps” and by the bloodshed battles; airplanes battle, tanks head-to-head, soldiers in combat with guns, knives and fists, ships on sea along with subs underwater. Stacy sent out visions of what she had seen during her journey to the house. Everyone was calm with sadness filling their eyes but, for the teen, he was shivering by fear and madness of the horrors she sent. He was filling with over-whelming madness and fear that caused him to wept crimson red tears that run down his dying human skin.
“Can’t we just kill them one by one like we used to do together?” Keanah said in a harsh tone. Tiphanny shook her head slightly “It will make others question his death and the war which could be risky.” Jarrisa said knowing what Tiphanny was thinking. “Stacy….didn’t you say that the Americans are getting involved?” Aneeka raised her eyebrow as she asked. “Yes, they are…. but they won’t hire women soldiers.” A sudden smirk came on her mouth just like Aneeka. “Women are nurses in the war…..but that doesn’t mean we can’t ‘help them’ in the battles like fighting….if you know what I mean.” Stacy laughed in a murder tone which seems to make the young vampire behind her shudder. “Nurses who kill are called ‘Angels of Death’ aren’t they?” Tiphanny asked knowing exactly what they mean by that.
Aneeka burst with laughter with Keanah joining her “The Young Bloods of the World! We should use it for our little group don’t you think?” All the girls nodded in agreement and laugh at the thought of ending an endless war without anyone knowing exactly how. Suddenly, the young male silently got up and ran out the doors to the upper level of the house to escape the madness that was being created in the basement.
Tiphanny had always wondered about him so she turned to the others and asked softly “Who is ‘he’ exactly, anyways?” The others seem to always wonder the same thing, all besides Stacy who still hid her face. Softly she said “Just one of my creation….he was made only six days ago in a town not so far from this house.” “What’s his story? Why did you create him? He isn’t going to be very useful in this war or in our little group.” Aneeka said. Keanah, Jarrisa and Tiphanny nodded in agreement then stared at Stacy, waiting for an answer to the questions that haven’t been spoken yet.

The Story Unfolds on the Boy and the Eldest

The seventeen-year-old had survived the explosion on his house were his father and mother had met their fate. He was wounded badly but managed to escape without being notice by the Nazis who were laughing with joy as they watch them burn into the ground. Hatred and pain was his only feelings as he made his way into the forest where no one will find him if they didn’t notice the blood trail he left behind. It seems hours before he finally collapsed to the ground against the rocks. His eyes were filling with tears as he lay motionless on the ground in unbelievable pain and suffering.
Suddenly, a woman appears in front of him with her back to him. All he could see through his tears was her black cloak that covered her hair and back but, he could see her jeans and her shoes that were also black. He called out “Please! Please can you help me!?” She turned around with her hood hiding most of her face; she wore a black sweater and a necklace with an emerald heart with a small diamond heart near the corner of it. Her skin was some what pale but still held a golden tan.
She walked towards him with graceful steps that seem inhuman yet, amazing. She kneels down beside him and examines his wounds by running her small fingers across them. “Explosion…..two died I’m guessing….your mother and father were attacked by Nazis, am I correct?” she said in a soft voice. He was stunned by her guess which made him shudder slightly for some strange reason. He nodded slowly and cried out in pain as she press some pressure on one of the wounds.

“You’re lucky to survive such an explosion and made it this far with these wounds. But, you won’t make it in time to find a nurse or doctor….I’m afraid that you will die before sunrise.” She got up and started walking away when he called out. “Wait! Can’t you do anything!? I mean don’t leave me alone to suffer!” She stopped and turned around to face him. She walked back towards him and said “There’s nothing I can do…..Death is better for a human.” He was confused by her words Death is better for a human.
“What do mean ‘death is better for a human’?” Suddenly, she smiled at him showing her silver fangs as sharp as swords covered in blood. He screamed and yelled at her “What in God’s name are you!? Demon!” She laughed at the thought of being a demon and she quickly pick his wounded body up with one hand without any effort at all. She grabbed his neck and sinks her fangs deep in his neck as he struggles with all the strength he had left. He gasps as she drained out his blood from what seem to be hours. He let out a long moan as he still hold on to the last bid of life he had left. Slowly he closed his eyes as she removed her fangs from his neck, leaving him completely drained of life.

When he woke, he was laying on the softest bed he ever felt in all his life. He sat up straight as he look around the room confused and healed. All of his wounds were gone, not even a mark was left on his legs, arms, chest and face! Quickly he ran his fingers across his neck where the hooded woman bitten him with fangs like a wolf. “Vampire…..” he whisper softly and suddenly, a thought came to him as if he was just shot by a bullet. Am I a vampire like that hooded woman?
The room was a normal cabin room filled with books, chairs, shelves and stuffed animals. The hooded woman was standing in the doorway staring straight at him in what seem to him, amazement. He could see the silver fangs that was now covered in his blood and the soft smile on her face. Her eyes were still hidden from him but, he could care less on her eyes or on her face. He yelled at her in anger “Answer me! What have you done!? What’s going to happen to me!?” But, she remained silent while her arm is covered in blood.
In a reaction he touched his face; cold, smooth and covered in blood, her blood! He opened his mouth and touched his fangs though they were not as sharp as hers. A burning feeling exploded in his throat, a burning he never felt in all his life. Suddenly, he felt the urge to lick the blood off his face and her arm. Slowly he licked the blood off his face, how sweet and tasting it was, cherry or strawberry or was it something else. In frenzy, he jumped off the bed and ran to her arm, trying to lick the blood off. But, she struck him with her right hand and led him outside where there was a Nazi soldier dying with his arms ripped off.
He dashed at the soldier and sank his fangs inside his neck, drinking every last drop of blood the soldier still had. The hooded woman just watched in silence still with a smile on her face. While he was drinking he heard the soldier’s heart beating against his own. When he let go of the body, he let out a long moaning sound and was burning for more blood. He licked the blood off his lips, arms and his fingers, drunk with blood.
The hooded woman walked off back on her journey to the house where others awaited her. In a trance, the boy followed her though he didn’t know why. All the time during the journey, he told her his name “Noah” and even told her everything about him. She remained silent time to time but, would sometimes answer back or ask questions. She never told him her name or even anything about herself.
She told him about her friends who were waiting for her in a small house in Great Brittan, deep in the forest. He knew their names instantly “Tiphanny, Keanah, Aneeka and finally Jarrisa.” She described them in such details as if he could really see them, standing in front of them. Keanah had a fun personality, she loved all sort of things from music to making fun of people. Tiphanny had the same personality but, usually stayed quiet reading books. Aneeka loved to make fun of people and gossip about all sort of things from who likes who to what is going on with a superstar. Jarrisa is a fast talker and isn’t afraid of asking tough questions, matter of fact she always questions things that didn’t make sense to her.
He wonder about her, the hooded woman. What was her personality like? What was her name to begin with? Since she never told him again, he sometimes called her “teacher” or “master”, something that he could call her until he found out her name. But, there was something else he knew for fact, he could read her mind and knew what she really felt of think about things. For instant, he could tell if she loved a flower or hated it, he could tell just by reading her eyes or by the tone of her voice or simply reading her mind.
For six days, they traveled from country to country that suffered at the hands of Hitler’s army as they slowly took over Europe. All around them were bodies that were shot, stabbed and even run over by vehicles such as trucks, cars and even tanks. The horrors would have driven anyone madly insane with anger and sadness. To the hooded woman, this was part of her daily life, she saw death everywhere she went but, for Noah it was different. For Noah, the sight of death or someone dying will drive him insane until finally on the fifth day he was used to it. People dying in the streets while others lay dead all over.
For time to time, they would stop to drink mostly upon Nazis or poor drunken men who happen to walk by them as they went across the countries to Great Brittan. At first, the hooded woman showed Noah how to take a soldier so gracefully and silently that no one would find out what exactly was going on. She taught him how to lure a soldier into a dark and empty area where he met his fate at her hands. Soon as he saw it, he could do it without flaw but, couldn’t control himself on how much he should take.
It took some time and some help to finally control his thirst. He even knows how to make the body’s death to look like it was a heart attack. All it took was just two drops of his blood onto each of the soldier’s wounds on the neck. Then, within seconds the wounds will close like nothing ever happen! This really amazement him but, for his teacher it was common and the usual trick she always had done.
On the sixth night, they reached the house, the small house deep within the forest. Only one presence was in the house and was a dear friend of his teacher. It was an old vampire but, was younger than his teacher. Her name was Jarrisa and she was standing outside waiting for her dear friend. The two shared a quick embrace before heading inside with Noah right behind.

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