January 19, 2010
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The course of true love is difficult in many ways, but also very rewarding. It has its ups and downs. I really don’t know anyone who has gone through the course of true love completely. We find in life that people go about trying to find that special someone. It then ends up that it doesn’t always work out. Love has its games and works in mysterious ways as most people say. It can totally change some people. Once you find the one person, you commit everything to them. Sometimes you don’t want to act like this, and you don’t always like it. It’s just the way love works; it does weird things to you. It may take total control, and you may not seem like the person you really are. It can change the way you think, feel and see everything. Love will affect everyone, but it will affect us all in our own ways. We don’t always see some of the aspects of love. It really takes some time to progress until you get that special bond with someone. I think one of the ways you know you’re in love, is when you can talk the person and say anything that would be awkward in any other situation, but yours; when you can text them for hours about the most pointless stuff, when it really means the world to you. Or when you can totally be yourself, without having to pretend about anything. When you get those special butterflies in your stomach every time they walk in a room, or when you hear their name. In love, things can go wrong and take a turn for the worst. But if it really is love, you’ll do anything you possibly can to get them back. Anything.

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