COLD chapter 3

December 21, 2009
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Linkin Park's song Bleed it out bursted from the speakers of my car as I pulled up to Sampson High School of Hell. I looked in my mirror, to check my make up. My ice blue eyes stood out against my heavy black eyeliner as I checked my black ocean of curls that fell over my shoulders. I climbed out of my car and walked towards the school that gave me hell, bracing myself for another day.
I still felt that icy cold chill as I walked into my first period. The image of that instant in my room where who or whatever that was just stared at me as if he was scared, but not for him. I had a feeling his fear was for me.
“ Okay class, time to start a new day and be happy about it,” said Mrs. Boham sarcastically She's the type of the teacher that loves sarcasm about as much as I do and she doesn't care what others think. She is the only teacher I actually like in this whole school. Today, she wore dark blue ultra flare jeans with a black tube top and a blood red jacket to cover the fact that she was breaking the school dress code. Her platinum blonde hair was pulled in a side pony with a black and silver scrunchy, but despite that she looked amazing as usual she looked depressed.
“ I can see, Shyne, that you're staring can you tell me why??” she asked tersely. Yup she's depressed, I thought.
“ You just look depressed that's all. I mean normally your a happy cruel sarcastic person,but today your sad, yet still cruel and sarcastic. I'm not saying that there's not a reason to suddenly be upset...did you finally realize that this school is a **** hole worse than hell itself?” I quizzed. I realized that last part a LONG time ago. Mrs. Boham couldn't help but crack a smile at my dark sadistic humor.
“ Trust me, I realized that a long time ago. And you're right I am depressed, but that's not really a student's business now is it, Ms. Cod.”
“ Of course, but that doesn't mean we can't make be my business,” I sighed, “ You know me well enough to know that you can't get out of it.”
“ This time I am, now shut up and open to page sixty-seven in your work book.”
“ Whatever you say Mrs. B,” I laughed. Opening up my book, I noticed something in the middle of my page.
The same necklace from my dream sat on page sixty-seven of my history book.

“Omigod,” I whispered. I flipped the book shut as quick as I could then re-opened it to make sure I wasn't going crazy, and there it was taunting me.
“Put it on....” the deep strong voice from my dream crooned in my ear. It sounded like he was right there so close, yet so far away. I felt a cold chill brush against my cheek that was so freezing cold it made me yelp.
“ Is everything okay?” Mrs. B asked raising her eyes above her glasses to look at me from her novel.
“ Yeah, I just stubbed my toe on the desk,” I lied. Wow that was easy, I thought, I usually can't lie, it just flew out on its own.
I picked up the necklace and stuffed it in my pocket so quick I almost missed.
That chill followed me to the next class and the class after that. I was walking to my last class of the day, just shoving people out of my way as I walked. Big mistake. Not really caring who I shoved myself into, I didn't pay much attention. Huge mistake. Shoving Keely Kilos Colossal mistake. You see, Keely is the school **** which makes her-ironically enough-the most popular girl at school. And the one person you don't want to start anything with, not even by accident.
Here's what happens: As soon as my shoulder bumped her into the locker next to her here is what comes out of her mouth (which I found hilarious)
“ Likeeee did yoo just likee shove me cuz that likee really hurrt,”. I really hope she isn't this stupid naturally.
“ Like yeah!” I mocked twirling a strand of my black curly hair around my finger and rolling my eyes as I did so.
“ Are you like mocking me?” she asked stupidly. I swear her stupidity is cranked to the max at least I hope so. Her baby blue eyes suddenly started to flare wildly as she figured it out oh so slowly. “ You are mocking me, bitch!”.
I started to walk away not wanting to draw attention to whatever her craziness. Even I'm not that cruel.
But its too little too late.
She totally overreacts as she lashes her hand and grabs me by the hair and swings me around. She may be a ditz, but she does have big brothers who love to fight. My green eyes flashed a fiery red, because now I'm really truly pissed off.
“ Did ya seriously just do that?” I said through gritted teeth
“ Uhhhhhhh I think I just did,” She replied like she was really thinking about it.
“ Well guess what?” I asked her, “ You're most likely the dumbest **** ever, and I don't think that's” And as I said that she suddenly began to shake at first I thought she was just plain out being a spaz but then strangest thing happened. She came about a foot off the ground and flew into the crowed of people who were watching hoping for a fight.
“ What the hell was that!!??” I gasped in disbelief. Because right before she went soaring I had imagined her flying through the window behind the crowed. Wow..... was all I could think

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