The Princess and the Dinosaur

December 17, 2009
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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was Mr. Sellers. She had long gold cascading hair. On the top of hear head laid a glittering tiara. She was far from sophmoric. She was very skilled in decoupage. She gets her ideas from hallucinations.
One day she was walking through the town and she heard a, "Rawr!" "Thump! Thump! Thump!" She turned around and saw something that looked demented and derange. She couldn't believe her eyes. Mr.Seller's eyes saw a Rara Avis. It was a big and green dinosaur. Around his neck, he wore a collar that read, "Hi! I'm Bob!" Bob looked at her like a piece of meat. There was dead silence between them. Bob finally spoken up. "You shall make a yummy cuisine, my litte kidnappee. I shall kidnap you and eat you, my little steak." Mr.Sellers eyes grew wide in horror. Then without hesitation, Bob picked her up with his mouth(without hurting her) and began to catapulting on the way to his home.
The princess was screaming the whole way there. With one more throw from Bob, Mr.Sellers letted out an enormous scream. As Mr.Sellers was asending, however, she looked over to ehr right. There, she saw a prism like house. "We are here, my delicious food." Right then, Bob swallowed Mr.Sellers plummeted down his throat. While the princess was being digested, Bob went to take a three day nap. When Bob woke up, he went to go potty. When he was done the princess p opped out of the pile of poop. Bob was shocked. "What are you doing, still alive?" he asked. "Well, you just swallow me. You didn't techinically eat me," Mr.Sellers replied. The dinosaur got quiet and finally asked, "Do you know why?" Mr.Sellers shook her head no. Bob then said, "It's because i love you. I loved you since the first day we met." Mr.Sellers couldn't believe it. When the wedding day came, everybody was excited. I mean to think, a dinosaur and a princess? Many people were curiosto see a princess and a dinosaur be wed for marriage. Finally, Mr.Sellers and Bob exhanged their vows. When the priestess told Bob he can kiss the bride. Mr.Sellers kissed back of course, however, something magical happened. Bob turned into a prince! He was the most hansome prince of them all. They left for the honeymoon, happy. About ten years later, Bob, Mr.Sellers, and their child, Marcho went to California. In California is a park called, "Neverland." This park was run by Michael Jackson until he died. When they went inside a building to a place respects where he was buried, Michael Jackson's ghost appeared. They all let out a scream. All lights went out but two. The "Thriller," song started to play. While marco was freaking out, someone tapped on his shoulder. Marco and his family spun around. Michael Jackson's dead body was staring right back at them. They all letted out another scream. The dead body was looking like it was dancing to Thriller. The family joined in the dancing. Everybody lived happily ever after. The End

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