My Meeting in Heaven

December 14, 2009
By Alison Olsen BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
Alison Olsen BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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I find myself walking into a kitchen I have never seen before, but for some reason it looks extremely familiar. I start looking around for something I recognize. The cabinets, made of light brown oak, look brand new, and everything inside them neatly lined up. Everything in the kitchen looks organized and clean like somebody just spent hours cleaning. Walking to the refrigerator, a baby picture catches my eye. The baby’s light blue eyes shine bright, and her fuzzy peach colored hair lightly covered her small head. I turned the picture over and read the handwritten note on the back.

“Dear Grandma,” I read out loud, “Although you only got to hold me a couple of times, I know that one day we will meet again in heaven. Until then please watch over me and I will grow up to make you proud. I love you, Alison.”

“Your mother put that in my hands in my hands when I died,” said a voice behind me. I turned around and saw an older looking woman sitting on a stool next to the breakfast bar. She had short, black, and curly hair and wore a white sweatshirt with black dress pants. I remember this woman from a picture my mother always used to show me.

“Grandma?” I asked.

“Yes dear. It is so nice to see you all grown up! You look just like your mother, but I’m sure you hear that all the time.”

“Oh I hear it quite a bit.”

“Well it’s true. I remember when you were first born. I wish I could have spent more time with you, but I guess God had a plan for me.”

“My mom always tells me stories about you. She says that if you were still alive I would be spoiled rotten.”

“Well when you were first born, I flew in to help your mother take care of you. I wanted to be there when you were born, but unfortunately your mother wouldn’t listen to me.”

“What?” I asked

“I told your mom that you were going to be a Friday the 13th baby, but she told me the due date wasn’t til March 27th. I was positive that you would be born on that Friday, but she wouldn’t fly me out til the next week. Oh but did I prove her wrong.”

“How did you know I was going to be born on that date?”

“Just a gut feeling I guess, but when I heard she went into labor, I changed my flight to the soonest time possible. I wanted to take care of my granddaughter.”

“Can I ask where we are right now? This place looks familiar, but I just can’t remember it.”

“This is your old house in Chicago. You lived here until your were two. I always loved being here and taking care of my family, so I decided to stay here.”

“It seems like you did a lot of me. I really appreciate it now.”

“It was nothing for me. I enjoyed helping your mother out.”

“My mom always tells me funny stories about when you were here. Like the time you accidentally used apple juice instead of vinegar to wash my clothes.”

“It wasn’t my fault your mom didn’t have the bottles mark! I knew what I was doing, but your mother thought I was alittle bit crazy.”

“Well I think my mom is crazy a lot of times.”

“It may seem that way to you right now, but she does know what’s best for you.”

“Ya she tells me that a lot, but I feel she just puts more pressure on me than I need. I’m going through a lot with school and college and friends. I feel like she is just putting added stress on me.”

“She might be putting stress on you, but she is only looking out for your best interest.”

“Sometimes it just feels like she is nagging me and it gets really annoying.”

“You’re lucky your mother is around. I regret not being there when she was growing up. I missed her basketball games and gymnastics meets. She did not have a parent there to support her.”

“I guess she does come to all of my games and meets.”

“Oh yes she does. She just wants to be there for you no matter what. Maybe you can do a little bit more to help her out. She gets stressed too.”

“I know it must to hard trying to support me and not having a steady job.”

“She worries more than you think.”

“Well grandma what do you think I should do? I mean I can’t get a job to help her out and I’m always busy.”

“Maybe you can try spending more time with her. Stay in one night or watch a movie with her. If you go off to college next year, then you only have less than a year with her.”

“She is always sad when I leave.”

“It’s because she doesn’t want you to. She is your mother and she will always love you no matter what.”

“Thanks Grandma,” I said while turning around to place my baby picture back on the refrigerator. “I really appreciate it.”

When I turned back around, nobody was there.

The author's comments:
We wrote a paper about a person we would like to meet in heaven. I do not remember meeting my grandma, but I know she is watching over me in everything I do.

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