Heavenly Food

December 6, 2009
Miles away from Earth, a young man sat in absolute bliss. A smile reached from one ear to the other, his body positioned in a meditative state. His anger and frustration lay in an evaporating puddle beneath him as the warmth of peace tingled through his body. He hadn’t been here in a long time and it felt great to be back. For some, this was an easier spot to get to than for others. He had always found it challenging making his way. He had tried different techniques and strategies but they had all failed him. Until today. If his fear was still present, he would have worried that the more often he was here, the dimmer it would become. His mind was on a movie replay and kept sending the same senses through his body. The fresh turkey with a tomato bursting with flavor shot through his body. Mixed with this was the crunch of crisp lettuce and the soft, bittersweet taste of the Swiss. It was all wrapped up in an airy white bread which had sent him over the edge. A strong advocate of organic food, he had never had such a sandwich before. Stuck in the middle of a godforsaken county, he had taken the plunge and bought this sandwich. Convincing himself to take a bite was tricky considering what he saw when he looked at it. Instead of seeing the delicious blend of textures and flavors he now knew it to be, he saw processed grease and trans fats, obese Americans and the inside of a dirty car. His stomach had demanded nourishment however, so the disgusting so called “food” had actually made it into the haven he called his body. He was now a changed man. When the sandwich was gone he gently drifted back to the bench in a dirty shop. He glanced up with a satisfied glaze over his face and walked on the few remaining clouds until he was back on the deserted street. What a trip!

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