A Narrow Escape

October 14, 2009
By Lovebeingloved SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
Lovebeingloved SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
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I slipped out of my front door and tip-toed to the barn. Shadows loomed out from under the tall trees making the world seem hollow. Crickets whistled softly as the sun rose quietly.
Sunny, my mare, whinnied softly as I slipped the halter over her ebony black mane.
We flew through the pasture and out into the prairie. We strolled by the stream to listen to the melody of the water. The water sounded like hundreds of muttering whispers floating through the waves like salmon gliding upstream. We lay under a crisp willow tree to hear the hum of the honeybees.
At first, Sunny didn’t see the beautiful creature, but when she did, she bolted from under the tree and rose up like steam. She gave a piercing whine. I calmed her down and talked to her soothingly. I glanced at the large cat curiously. He didn’t seem to look harmful, but Sunny thought differently. She paced and called out rapidly. Then, the lion pounced from the tree and started toward us. The heavy clouds that had painted the sky let loose a tremendous rumble. It scared the cat away into the fields.
Sunny trotted over to me and nibbled at my damp hair. The warm, summer rain kissed my skin as I buried my face into Sunny’s soaked fur. I mounted her and we meandered through the open fields of yellow daisies, listening to the rain as it softly danced on our arms and legs. We stopped at our fence and looked at each other as if reading one another’s minds. Then we slipped out to the middle of the field and lie down. We lay against one another as we drifted off into a deep and tickled sleep.

The author's comments:
I never planned out any of my writings. I just sat down with my imagination, a pen and paper and let my mind pour out onto the blank sheeet. After a bit of editing, i was very pleased with what i had come up with.

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